how to start your first garden

When creating a garden there are certain steps you need to have in place before starting out.

Plants require certain conditions to thrive well such as light, moisture and the right soil. Knowing what to plant where and what not to plant will improve your success rate tenfold.

Not all plants enjoy lots of heat just as there are those that don’t enjoy lots of rain. Positioning the plants in a sheltered area of the garden could avoid many of these problems.

great garden plants

By planting only great garden plants that meet everything you require from a plant will ensure you have a stunning display for most of the year, or possibly all year long depending on your local climate.

Creating and drawing a sketch of all your plant sellection and placing them in your sketch will give you a better idea how everything will look before you set out to buy them.

Learn all about choosing and planting

how to choose range hood

The decision to install a range hood can save on decorating costs while at the same time improve greatly the kitchen environment for all the family.

The improved ventilation is well worth the time and expense occurred with the installation. This article goes into some detail and points to help anyone about to install a hood.