easy card tricks for kids

You know how it is when children get an idea into their heads. They come out with statements like, “I want to be a magician” and think that it should happen immediately. The good thing is, there are plenty of easy card tricks for kids to cut their teeth on first and build up their…

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magic kits for kids

Do you still remember the fun you had when young either while performing magic tricks or sitting in awe when others were performing.I’m certain you must have such memories although the magic kits for kids we had back then are pretty tame compared with what’s available to youngsters today. Don’t get me wrong what we…

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Bicycle Deals Online on Cyber Monday

Following Black Friday the next great shopping spree takes place on Cyber Monday. For anyone interested in picking up a cheap bike or two, read our post about how to pick up the best Cyber Monday bicycle deals.

In 7 easy steps you will be able to save yourself quite a bit of money by purchasing your cycles for the family on this special day.

Read on to discover all about mountain bikes, road bikes, and tandems, folding bicycles and unicycles.

Dolly Come Ride with Me Seat

Sticking with the kid’s bike attachment theme once again here with this post and looking at doll carrier for bike attachments. Only two models were found and not a lot of difference was seen in one from another.

They are the “Dolly Come Ride with Me Seat” and the “Ride Along Dolly” which look quite similar although they do have different fitting characteristics. Something which you will need to look into if you’re interested in purchasing a baby doll bike seat.

kids bike accessories

We have compiled the top 6 bike accessories for kids compiled together in this one post with something to suit kid’s of most ages.

If you’re on the lookout for information about things like bicycle handlebar streamers, the best bike bell, flashing safety lights you’ll find them on this page. Along with bike spoke lights the Turbospoke bicycle exhaust system and even a wireless bike computer.

Hello Kitty Helmet

For those who want to add Hello Kitty bike accessories to their kid’s bike the following article might be worth a read.

In it we cover what are probably the most saught after items such as, the Hello Kitty bike basket, the Hello Kitty helmet, Hello Kitty bike bell and the Hello Kitty water bottle.

They will give great gift ideas for parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles for any little girls in their family.

bike helmets for girls

Watching the kid’s learning to ride their new bike can be entertaining if all is going well. Watching them fall and hurt themselves isn’t so good unless you have protected them in some way from these falls.

Steadying the bike until they get the hang of is OK, but impossible to carry out all the time. At some point they will be on their own. This is where my top 5 toddler helmet and pads suggestions come in.

They include makers such as Strider and Bell plus themes from Dora as well as Diego and the Spiderman Toddler Helmet and Pad Set. Read about them all here.

Giro Me2 Toddler Bike Helmet

If you have gone ahead and purchased a bike for your young one, hopefully you have also provided some safe protection for the kid in the event of a fall. This post features my best 5 bike helmets for kids that should help you choose a helmet in case you haven’t purchased one yet.

I have included a link to a helmet sizing guide as it seems parents are struggling to find good information regarding kid’s helmet size charts.

My recommended bike helmets for kids are, the JOOVY Noodle Kids Bike Helmet, Giro Me2 Toddler Bike Helmet, Razor v17 Child Helmet, Giro Rascal Bike Helmet and Bell Fraction multi-sport helmet

Balance Bikes for 2 Year Old

When it comes to choosing the best bike for 2 year old members of the family can be confusing due mainly to the vast amount of choices available.

We have taken a look at what’s available and condensed them into a short list of the top 5 which will provide not only the best value but will also give more years of use.

Included in the short list are a Radio Flyer pink tricycle, a collapsible bike, Radio Flyer toddler bike, the Fisher-Price rock, roll, ‘n ride trike and the Strider ST-4 balance bike.