Snowflake Curtain Christmas Lights White

In this post we have featured a wide selection of snowflake Christmas lights. From Christmas snowflake yard lights to snowflake curtain Christmas lights.

Or if you want to find out more about blinking and flashing LED snowflake Christmas lights in colors of blue and white, you’ll find them here.

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Swarovski Crystal Christmas Tree Topper

The top of the Xmas tree will certainly look bare without the usual crystal Christmas tree topper. Do you have your favorite type? Perhaps a fairy or maybe you prefer a Swarovski crystal star.

This type of star can be expensive and not everyone is lucky enough to buy one, or even find one to buy. Not to be disillusioned as there are many imitation Xmas tree stars available.

This page provides examples of Swarovski crystal versions and other less expensive types to suit everyone.

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Gold Mini Christmas Tree Lights

For those looking for gold Christmas tree lights, the following post will serve up some excellent examples to brighten up Xmas with a warm golden glow.

Covered here is a selection of candle shaped bulbs both mini and the larger sized. The choice of 100 bulbs or 50 bulbs can be found in the mini version and strings of 13 for the larger ones.

String or rope lights have also been featured and a few ideas of how these could be used.

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Lemax Christmas Village Display Platforms

To get the best out of your miniature Xmas village ornaments these Christmas village display platforms cant be beaten. They can provide elevated positioning of your ornaments and make the best use of the space you have.

They can even be cut which will allow them to be placed into tight spots if you should run into a problem.

We have reviewed 3 platforms in particular that we recommend would fit the bill for small village ornaments.

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Christmas tree bags for storage

Christmas tree bags for storage provide a quick method to dismantle and store all the components of an artificial Christmas tree away till the following Xmas.

In this post we look at the various types available to us that will cover most types of trees and storage situations.

Very often the best bag can be the ones with wheels which make moving them around so much easier or the large vertical storage type that will hold a 9 foot tree without having to dismantle it.

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Artificial Christmas Trees with Red Berries

Those who have decided to have a red artificial Christmas tree over the holiday period can look forward to some very unusual versions that have come out this year.

In this post you’ll find a few of these more unusual types such as small tree With red feathers, red whimsical trees, trees with red lights, trees with red berries and even quick pop up trees.

Discover the latest fashion in red on this post.

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Artificial Christmas Tree With Lights

What type of pink artificial Christmas tree have you decided on? Will it be a small tree, a tree with lights? Or a tree with no lights and how easy will it be to setup?

Whether you have already had a pink artificial Christmas tree or looking for your first, this post will provide you with some ideas to help make your decision easier.

If it’s an artificial Christmas tree with lights or one without lights you’ll discover both that come lit and unlit.

The last thing we need is a complicated assembly process once we take delivery of a Christmas tree, so all models featured are easy to setup versions.

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Fiber Optic Log Cabin Christmas Village

In the fiber optic Christmas village review you will find a selection of 4 from the totall range of 11 that are available.

Add them to your existing Christmas village collection or have place them under the tree or on a window sill.

Versions we have looked at are the Christmas Village Houses, Toy Store, Village with River and the Log Cabin.

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Battery Operated Outdoor Starry Lights Mini

There is a great selection of battery operated outdoor lights available to choose from. With the new technology available its now safe to have battery operated led string lights installed just about anywhere you choose.

The led strip can be formed into patterns or laid over bushes, shrubs doorways to create many attractive patterns to brighten up the home and surrounding area.

Even security lighting need not be as expensive as it used to be due to new LED lights and the better batteries available today. Having to bring in a specialist company or qualified electrician is no longer essential.

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golden vantage gvbi-36s range hood review

In the Golden Vantage GVBI-36S review you will discover a wall mount hood 36 inches in length fitted with 3 baffles.

Made of easy to clean and hygienic stainless steel the GVBI-36S has an air flow of 760 CFM Max with noise ratings of less than 65 decibels.

Has 3 speed controls and a telescopic chimney to help fit most home kitchen situations. The non-return air flaps act to save heat when the hood is not being used.

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