Fiber Optic Christmas Village

In the fiber optic Christmas village review you will find a selection of 4 from the totall range of 11 that are available.

Add them to your existing Christmas village collection or have place them under the tree or on a window sill.

Versions we have looked at are the Christmas Village Houses, Toy Store, Village with River and the Log Cabin.

Battery Operated Outdoor Lights

There is a great selection of battery operated outdoor lights available to choose from. With the new technology available its now safe to have battery operated led string lights installed just about anywhere you choose.

The led strip can be formed into patterns or laid over bushes, shrubs doorways to create many attractive patterns to brighten up the home and surrounding area.

Even security lighting need not be as expensive as it used to be due to new LED lights and the better batteries available today. Having to bring in a specialist company or qualified electrician is no longer essential.

Golden Vantage GVBI-36S Review of Wall Mount Range Hood

golden vantage gvbi-36s range hood review

In the Golden Vantage GVBI-36S review you will discover a wall mount hood 36 inches in length fitted with 3 baffles.

Made of easy to clean and hygienic stainless steel the GVBI-36S has an air flow of 760 CFM Max with noise ratings of less than 65 decibels.

Has 3 speed controls and a telescopic chimney to help fit most home kitchen situations. The non-return air flaps act to save heat when the hood is not being used.

Husqvarna HD725E Review of Self Propelled lawn Mower

husqvarna hd725e review

Suitable for the medium sized lawn is the Husqvarna HD725E which has many excellent features to make the chore of lawn mowing a whole lot easier.

This self propelled model has an electric start apart from the usual rope pull starter plus an easy method for keeping the under deck clean for improved mowing.

Gas powered by a 175cc Briggs and Stratton engine which will allow it to be used in any area of the yard. The review explains in more detail.

Agri-Fab 45-0299 Tow Behind Aerator Review

tow behind aerator

As far as owning a tow behind aerator is concerned, the owners of the Agri-Fab 45-0299 lawn plug removal trailer are happy operators. Lots of glowing reports left here from the users happy with both the aerators operation as well as the price.

Adding weights to the tray provided and the pneumatic tires also help greatly in the operation of this unit.

Uses towed behind your lawn tractor in the spring or fall when soil conditions are most suitable and will make aeration easier.

Step N Tilt Lawn Plug Aerator Review

lawn plug aerator

This page covers a review for the manual lawn plug aerator model, the Step ‘N Tilt lawn core aerator 2. From those available today, this hand and foot operated lawn aerator is the best that is available.

Designed in such a way as to make the chore less heavy on your back muscles and your joints the Step ‘N Tilt comes into its own.

Forget about spike type aerators as they don’t do the same job and need to be repeated at closer intervals.

Great Garden Plants – Choosing and Planting

great garden plants

By planting only great garden plants that meet everything you require from a plant will ensure you have a stunning display for most of the year, or possibly all year long depending on your local climate.

Creating and drawing a sketch of all your plant sellection and placing them in your sketch will give you a better idea how everything will look before you set out to buy them.

Learn all about choosing and planting