Red Artificial Christmas Tree

artificial red fir christmas treeI think those among us who choose to have a red artificial Christmas tree rather than a normal green tree are certainly looking for something that little bit different.

For that reason I have decided to not only feature red Christmas trees but have included some of the more unusual types that are available to us.

Think about a red and black feather tree, a whimsical red spruce tree, a red mini tree and an instant pop-up tree and you begin to get some idea of what’s available out there. Oh and if a pink artificial Christmas tree interests you, see them on our other page.

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Small Red Artificial Christmas Tree With Feathers

Small Red Artificial Christmas TreeThe idea of Christmas trees being made from feathers can be traced back to Germany as being the originator before being used in the USA for tree making. Goose feathers were dyed and used as the branches. Man made red berries was also added to the ends of the branches to facilitate candles.

As you would imagine, care had to be taken with lit candles and feathers or you could possibly end up with a tree looking like the plucked Goose waiting to be cooked.

This feathered version of a small red artificial Christmas tree comes in set of 3 graduated sizes of:

Small: 17 inches high x 6 inches wide x 6 inches deep

Medium: 24 inches high x 6 inches wide x 6 inches deep

Large: 30 inches high x 7 inches wide x 7 inches deep

They are constructed from cardboard shapes with the red and black feathers glued on to them. Red beads have been added to simulate cones growing on the trees.

They certainly will be a bit different from the norm although it might be a good idea to anchor them in some way as they may keep blowing down due to them being so light. That being said, provided they were weighted down well they would create a realistic scene when swaying in a light breeze. See the feather trees here.

Whimsical Red Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree

Red Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas TreeAs the description states, “its fun tottering shape” and so it is. This tree looks like something you would pass by when travelling through some of the coniferous wooded areas. There is always the odd shaped specimen standing alongside those regimented ones.

This is a 5 foot red artificial Christmas tree which is pre-lit with 100 red bulbs. The lights add a sparkle to tinsel tips to give it an overall red glow.

A nice feature is if any one of these lights burn out all the others will still work alright and comes with 30 inches of matching red cord.

Branches are hinged and can be set to your personal taste. Setting up the tree is quick and simple with the 2 piece construction and then slipped into the 2 foot metal base. This comes complete with spare bulbs and fuses.

Often when decorating a Christmas tree people miss the great opportunity to add a winter scene around the base. Today we can create fiber optic Christmas village scenes caught in a timeless winter landscape.

The fiber optics provides the warm glow from windows and doorways welcoming viewers in. To add depth and make these little gems more realistic often Christmas village display platforms are used to give the mountain hamlet look.

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red artificial christmas tree

Mini Artificial Christmas Tree With Red Lights

Mini Artificial Christmas Tree With Red LightsThis mini red artificial Christmas tree set is comprised of a set of 3 trees that would make a perfect addition to a Christmas scene such as a fiber optic Christmas village etc. Even placed in the window it would look great.

Those who hate assembling purchases, they will be glad to know that there is no need to build anything up here. The dimensions are a good 24 inches high x 10.75 inches wide x 4 inches deep and ready to display.

A bit of whimsy can be added to your festive decoration layout with this artificial Christmas tree with red lights numbering around 72 mini LED teardrops adorning red and gold glitter.

The display is meant to be used indoors and comes complete with an AC adapter and 60 inches of white cord. Read more.

Artificial Christmas Trees with Red Berries

Artificial Christmas Trees with Red BerriesCertainly a bit different is this truly winter scene of a true denuded of its leaves and bearing its summer fruits of berries. This tree has black branches loaded with glittering red beads and berries.

What an opportunity to add some snowflake Christmas lights that would then add further to this winter scene.

Produced by Allstate Floral & Craft and is numbered XBZ727-RE, it’s made from paper mache and plastic.

The branches are detachable from the tree trunk for cleaning purposes if required and the tree stands in a square base.

These artificial Christmas trees with red berries are unlit. The twinkle is supplied via the home lights shining on the gold glitter applied to the adorning beads and berries.

More gold Christmas tree lights could enhance the scene further if you wished by adding more strings. Another traditional addition could be to finish the tree base of with a white Christmas tree skirt that would complement the red of the tree.

The sizes are, 44 inches high with the base of the tree measuring 20 inches.

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Instant Pop up Red Artificial Christmas Tree

Instant Pop up Red Artificial Christmas TreeNow you can’t get anything any easier to install than an instant Christmas tree. Don’t let me hear you say you don’t have time to put a tree up this year. This version takes seconds.

No need to string lights and no need to add tinsel. This tree is pre-lit, tinsel decorated and just pops up in a matter of seconds. Voila!!!

The only thing missing is a crystal Christmas tree topper which would give it that finished look.

There are 20 cool white led lights adorning the tree which are powered by 3 “AA” size batteries which as you might guess are not included.

As you would imagine packing the tree away again will be just as quick due to the collapsible construction. To keep everything together, intact, clean and ready to store away use these Christmas tree bags for storage to keep things safe.

Sizes are: 33inches in height (calculated from the base of the stand to the top of the tree) and 9 inches base diameter (calculated at the widest point)

There is a timer function available and the on/off switch is located on the battery pack. Check out the instant pop up tree here.


As I mentioned when opening up this post, I would be presenting a few red artificial Xmas trees that would be a bit different from the norm. I hope you agree and find something that will be a talking point when family and friends visit at Christmas.

To welcome them to the door when they do visit, using the vast array of Christmas decorations and battery operated outdoor lights will help brighten up the house and also light the way.

Hopefully you have found the red artificial Christmas tree that fits your needs or at the very least has given you some good ideas. If not, then click here to see more choices.

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