Toddler Helmet and Pads

Toddler Helmet and PadsWe use the term “Prevention is better than cure” often during our everyday conversation. The old proverb still stands true today and by providing toddler helmet and pads for our kids is putting the proverb into action.

Kid’s when learning childhood activities such as riding bikes, scooters and skating are at their most vulnerable regarding scrapes and bruises. Wearing this type of protection especially during this period can save a lot of unnecessary pain.

As we know part of learning is of course falling and getting back up and doing it all over again, although its best that we don’t allow the kids to cause any serious injury in the process. Times have changed over the years and there are protective items available today that do a good job of eliminating head and big bone injuries.

Just as you would pick the best bike for your toddler so to would you provide protection to ensure that they ride the bike safely.

I have already made a post on the site about kids bike helmets but I never really touched on pads to protect the elbows and knees.  These areas are in a prone position when falling from a bike, or falling from anything else for that matter.

What I have noticed when browsing for toddler helmet and pads is a shortage in the selection and especially so with matching sets. It would seem that themed sets similar to the Hello Kittybike accessories are the name of the game here and this is what I have come up with.

The first 3 are sets with helmet and pads, the other 2 are pads only which might suit those who have a helmet at the moment. You will notice the age figures I have added to the selected titles below.

These are what I have determined from customers who have purchased the items, as most of the suppliers are notorious for not providing this information. Also see the link above to see my post about kids helmets where I go into the topic in more detail.

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Top 5 Toddler Helmet and Pads

1) Dora Elbow Pads and Bike Helmets for Girls – around 2 to 4 year olds

2) Diego Boys Bike Helmets and Pads – 1 to 2 years

3) Spiderman Toddler Helmet and Pad Set – 3 years and up

4) Bell Pads Bike Set for Girls – 3 to 5 years

5) Strider Toddler Knee Pads and Elbow Pads – 2 to 5 years

Dora Elbow Pads and Bike Helmets for Girls

bike helmets for girlsThe Dora bike helmets for girls has been themed around “Dora the Explorer” a favorite among a lot of young ones. In fact some users have commented that this was the only reason they could get them to wear the toddler helmet and pads set.

The front and top of the helmet has vent holes to keep the airflow cool and webbing straps are used for fitting adjustments.

The description on the product page states that it includes a pad set for elbows which is the case. Seemingly the listing was misleading previously and buyers of the Dora set thought that they were receiving pads for the knees as well. All is well now since the description was amended.

Reading through the reviews and the Customer Questions & Answers section we discover that this elbow and bike helmets set for girls suits ages of 2 to 4 year olds.

Reviews from the 27 users who left a review are pretty mixed although it does get rated at 4.2 from the 5 stars maximum. Find more details here

Diego Boys Bike Helmets and Pads

boys bike helmets and padsThe Diego Micro is very similar to the previous version the Dora, except this is a boys bike helmets and pads for elbows or knees set. Diego the 8 year old animal rescuer and champion of course is a spin off from the Dora character.

As with many of these products the description is sparse or even non-existent, as is the case here with the bike helmet and pads set.

From what I read it would seem that at some point sizes or kids age specifications were added to the description and have now been taken off. What I can gather is that this would suit toddlers of ages 1 to 2 years possibly 3 for certain kids at a push.

Reviews are almost 50/50, with users who dislike it and users who are satisfied with it. I think most of the complaints are regarding sizes.

Reviewed by 34 people who rated it 3.4 from 5 stars.

Not Available.

Spiderman Toddler Helmet and Pad Set

Toddler Helmet and Pad SetAgain very much the same situation applies to the Spiderman toddler helmet and pad set regarding the absence of information about what child age group the product would suit. In saying that, it seems buyers have been happy with their purchase with ratings of 4.3 from 5 stars left by 130 users.

Were they just lucky? Maybe not if their kid was the right size to fit into the toddler helmet and pad set. Again reading through the Customer Questions & Answers I see that ages of 3 to 5 would be the ideal situation, have a look yourself.

Spiderman of course is always a popular character and with this toddler helmet and pads set you get the helmet, elbow and the knee pads. Popular yes but comes at a price which is a fair bit dearer than the previous 2 versions, why is that?. See here for yourself

Currently unavailable.

Bell Pads Bike Set for Girls

Bell Pads Bike Set for GirlsAs I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I have included 2 items without helmets for anyone who just want to have the pads. If that’s you then we have a pleasant surprise in store for you if the Bell pads bike set for girls interests you.

The image in the listing only shows pads but in actual fact you also get a pair of gloves along with the knees and elbow pads.

Rated at 4.7 from 5 stars given by the 10 users who rated it is the highest score from any of the products on my short list and bear in mind that these are the best rated that I could find.

The age group that the bike set for girls would suit is approx 3 to 6 years and possibly 2 year olds, again this is just my opinion from reading what other users have provided. Read more

Strider Toddler Knee Pads and Elbow Pads

Toddler Knee Pads and Elbow PadsThe second in my choice of pads only section is the Strider toddler knee pads and elbow pads. The elbow as well the knee pads use straps made from Velcro as attachment devices.

The listing recommends to be used by ages of 2 to 5 years which is backed up with the user views and even younger have been recommended.

Perhaps this bike pad set would suit the young boys with the color being black. It at least provides an option from the pink colored set featured above.

The ratings for this set of toddler bike pads is 4.4 from 5 stars which although slightly lower average than the previous set the (Bell Pads) there are more reviewer which number 79 in total. Get all the details here.

Perhaps you now have a better idea of which bike protection set would suit your kid best from my list above. At least there are options for boys and girls, alternatives without helmets and even tips on better prices.

There are lots of kids bike accessories available these days, much of which we have tried to cover on this site like our latest post on doll carrier for bike attachments. You can read more at those two links.

If you’re still unsure about what toddler helmet and pads set you should buy then why not click here to see more choices.

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