20 Inch Range Hood for the Small Kitchen Review

20 inch range hoodThe Summit H1620W 20 inch range hood is an under cabinet range hood that will be most suitable for the owners of a small kitchen.

This 20 inch version is a more basic range hood which comes with a 2-speed fan control and lighting.

The Summit H1620W is able to move 180 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) of air. It’s a basic unit and it does the job well although the downside is that it is a little noisier than other models.

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Summit Range Hood Perfect for the Small Kitchen

Not everyone has the luxury of a large kitchen area to do all the necessary chores attached with preparing and cooking their meals. Some smaller dwellings only have a kitchen proportionate in size to the rest of the property and every inch of space does count.

People living alone don’t have the same space requirements as a family of five or even a couple, so the smaller property suits their needs fine.

In a smaller kitchen where space is limited you’ll often find an array of the smaller appliances, such as fridge/freezer, stoves and washers etc.

A smaller 20 inch range hood will be more in keeping with the rest of the appliances and other items in the kitchen and won’t dominate the whole appearance. Learn more about the 20 inch range hood here.

Under cabinet hoods further help in utilising the allocated space better, being tucked under existing cupboard fittings.

For a wider range of reviews  such as the Akdy 30 inch and Golden Vantage 30 inch on this site, visit this page.

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20 Inch Range Hood Reviews and Features

In general, customers say the Summit H1620W 20 inch unit meets their expectations and fits perfectly over their stove. The Summit range hood is a little smaller than other models. At a width of 20 inches it should work well in small kitchens.

  • Affordable range hood with a 20 inch width,  16 inch depth and 5 inch height
  • Can move 180 CFM, cubic feet per minute, of air
  • Convert it to your choice of recirculating operation
  • Comes with 2-speed fan control
  • Fits well in smaller kitchens

Learn more about the Summit H1620W here.


Summary for the under Cabinet Range Hood Summit H1620W

You choose whether to use this vent as a ducted model or save on the installation by using it as a ductless version.

The Summit H1620W 20 inch range hood is a good seller on Amazon and has a star rating of 3.9 from the 5 stars possible. Customers say they didn’t have any problems installing it and it does the job satisfactory.

Some User Comments Left

“Perfect for my application, replaced range in our old rv, rewired it, fit perfect in original position, outlet also fit perfect did not have to cut any, great, a lot quieter than original.”

“Fits over the 20″ stove perfectly. Thank heaven for online ordering options if you need a 20 inch hood! Brilliant solution and a cute hood.”

If you’re looking for a basic and affordable under cabinet range hood then try the Summit H1620W 20 inch range hood with 180 CFM and Internal Blower.

Read the full Summit H1620W review here.

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