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Air Pump for Tires

In this post you will find my top 3 versions of an air pump for tires that will keep your car tires at the correct pressure all year round. The 3 models featured in this review are the Viair 00073 70P, the Slime 40022 and the Kensun 12v Air Pump. All of these models have

Battery Operated Portable Heater

Although the battery operated portable heater that many folk seek out might disappoint, there are options that will do the job intended very well. For example there are outdoor types using hand and body heaters and are very happy how they perform at keeping them nice and warm. Even battery powered coffee heaters can be great

Best Portable Car Heater

Funny how you just take things for granted. This is what I found while researching for what the best portable car heater was. My friend had asked me the question and I thought, no problem I will have the answer in a day or so. I had never thought how difficult it would be to attempt

Snow Shovel for Car

Without doubt, a snow shovel for car driving in wintery conditions simply makes sense. Having it tucked away in the trunk for an unforeseen emergency such as being stuck in heavy snow will prove a blessing. Nowadays we can find versions that are compact and collapsible although care must be taken when buying to ensure that

Coast HP21 LED Torch Light Review

A Led torch light will have come to the rescue of many who have found themselves in an unplanned tricky situation. Whether it is having had all the electric power cut of through a storm, or as can also happen, when the car decides to breakdown in some dark out of town area. The Coast HP21