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Fiber Optic Christmas Trees

It’s little wonder that fiber optic Christmas trees have become so popular. Not everyone has the time these days or indeed has the nimble fingers to set up a tree at Christmas. We have given 3 great examples of these trees on this page which would look well in most situations. The 4 ft pre

Complete Christmas Sets

For everything that you would need to create complete Christmas village sets can be found on this post. It can take years and a lot of money building up these little Christmas scenes. With these 62 components it is possible to have your scene set up in a short period of time especially with the help

Christmas Village Display Ideas

If you're looking for some Christmas village display ideas then take a look at the 5 listed here which will get you started with these colorful Christmas displays. From a Christmas village winter wonderland centerpiece to an ice skating pond display with people happily skating and having fun. Choose Christmas village backgrounds to enhance the scene with

White Christmas Tree Skirt

I have decided to treat our Xmas tree with a Christmas present this year and that is a new white Christmas tree skirt. My old I have been keeping for sentimental reasons, but this year we are treating ourselves. There are plenty to choose from although not that many in white and the right size. I

Snowflake Christmas Lights

In this post we have featured a wide selection of snowflake Christmas lights. From Christmas snowflake yard lights to snowflake curtain Christmas lights. Or if you want to find out more about blinking and flashing LED snowflake Christmas lights in colors of blue and white, you'll find them here.

Crystal Christmas Tree Topper

The top of the Xmas tree will certainly look bare without the usual crystal Christmas tree topper. Do you have your favorite type? Perhaps a fairy or maybe you prefer a Swarovski crystal star. This type of star can be expensive and not everyone is lucky enough to buy one, or even find one to buy.

Gold Christmas Tree Lights

For those looking for gold Christmas tree lights, the following post will serve up some excellent examples to brighten up Xmas with a warm golden glow. Covered here is a selection of candle shaped bulbs both mini and the larger sized. The choice of 100 bulbs or 50 bulbs can be found in the mini version