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Black and White Towels

Whether they are for yourself or to give as gifts my selection of black and white towels will surely help you in your decision making, choose the version to suit. Starting with the Egyptian cotton bath towels that are of very good quality and matching price tag. Even consider looking at their set of six for

Karcher WV50 PowerSqueegee Window Washer Review

Many people have welcomed the arrival of the Karcher WV50 PowerSqueegee window washer which makes cleaning the shower and window glass that much easier. I have included links to this product for both the UK as well as the USA due to the popularity of it in both countries

Cool 2 Blade Ceiling Fan Review

View a selection of 3 reviews of the 2 blade ceiling fan complete with a comparison chart with all the relevant information and itemized side by side. Not sure how to install a fan? No problem. Video goes into every detail in well explained stages.