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The garden is where we can relax after coming home from work. Or spend long summer days and evenings just enjoying the ambience.

The garden has many other uses including, being the canvas to fulfill a hobby, take us to another place apart from work and provide fresh air and exercise.

Weber One Touch Charcoal Grill Comparison

We depend on advice and recommendations from our friend on many occasions and outdoor living and preparing for the BBQ season is no exception. Advice about which outdoor grill we should buy is always welcome but often the advice isn’t…

Early Spring Lawn Care For Everyone

spring lawn care

Early spring lawn care is essential if you want to have a decent looking lawn and one that will be able to survive the hot summer months ahead.

Tasks will include, repairing worn out patches with either new turf or by reseeding these areas. Clearing the lawn of weeds will help the grass from competing for nutrients and light.

Weber Performer Charcoal Grill

weber performer gold charcoal grill

The Weber Performer charcoal grill has grown in stature and with little wonder. This grill takes outdoor cooking to a whole new level as many of the users have testified.

They have taken the tried and tested Sputnik shaped grill and placed it on a cart for easy transport to any area of the yard. Not only that, but they have given their fans a choice of three of these top class grills to choose from.

They start with the Silver, through to Gold and up to Platinum. This page not only gives a review of all three but also has a comparison table to make choosing easier.

Stainless Steel Grill Set

weber grill tool set

Stainless steel has got to be the only material worth considering when it comes to buying a grill set. The material lends itself so well for the task of outdoor cooking.

Practically indestructible stainless components such as spatulas, tongs, tines and brushes will last a lifetime of BBQ events if the proper quality has been purchased in the first place.

This post has covered all the tools you require when cooking up some tasty snacks for all the gang.

Stout Backsaver Grip Attachment

We are all looking for something or other that will make our lives that bit easier and the Stout Backsaver grip attachment is just such an object.

Although we might enjoy gardening, there are times when we could be doing with a bit of a hand. Very often because we are starting to find our backs getting a bit painful.

The Stout Backsaver comes to the rescue by providing an attachable handle that we can use on any long handled tool to make gardening much more pleasurable.

How to Start Your First Garden

When creating a garden there are certain steps you need to have in place before starting out.

Plants require certain conditions to thrive well such as light, moisture and the right soil. Knowing what to plant where and what not to plant will improve your success rate tenfold.

Not all plants enjoy lots of heat just as there are those that don’t enjoy lots of rain. Positioning the plants in a sheltered area of the garden could avoid many of these problems.

Fire Pit Coffee Table

Natural Gas Fire Pit Table

Find advice about what to consider when buying your first fire pit coffee table and reviews about the HOT models that we recommend. Makes and models such as the Outdoor Greatroom Montego and Naples to the Strathwood ST. Thomas and Strathwood Whidbey.

These models would make great starters for anyone thinking about creating their fire pit chat set for those relaxing evenings in the garden.

Whether you plan on using propane, natural gas or wood as examples, there are fire pits that will handle all these fuels.