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In the range hood reviews you’ll find a good selection of many of the favorite models made by a number of manufacturers. Makes and models such as the Akdy range hoods, Z Line, Golden Vantage and the Air King range hood will be reviewed to assist those in the market make better decisions. Most of these will be the 30 inch versions as this would be appear to be the most common size required for home use. Wall mounted also seems to be the most common area where these range hoods are being installed, so again we will concentrate on these at least initially. The advantages of having kitchen ventilation systems in place are many. Apart from creating a friendlier workplace for the keen cooking and baking enthusiast it also keeps the kitchen area free from odors and grease build up.

Golden Vantage GVBI-36S Review of Wall Mount Range Hood

golden vantage gvbi-36s range hood review

In the Golden Vantage GVBI-36S review you will discover a wall mount hood 36 inches in length fitted with 3 baffles.

Made of easy to clean and hygienic stainless steel the GVBI-36S has an air flow of 760 CFM Max with noise ratings of less than 65 decibels.

Has 3 speed controls and a telescopic chimney to help fit most home kitchen situations. The non-return air flaps act to save heat when the hood is not being used.

20 Inch Range Hood for the Small Kitchen Review

20 inch range hood

A 20 inch range hood will come in handy fot those of us with a small kitchen or there may be other situations where a larger size simply wouldn’t fit.

Also the fact that it is an under cabinet range hood can utilize the existing space so much better.

A basic model with the choice of 2 fan speeds and lighting control. Read more of the Summit H1620W review.

Why Install a Range Hood and How to Choose It

how to choose range hood

The decision to install a range hood can save on decorating costs while at the same time improve greatly the kitchen environment for all the family.

The improved ventilation is well worth the time and expense occurred with the installation. This article goes into some detail and points to help anyone about to install a hood.

Z Line Range Hood Review

z line range hood

The 30 inch wide Z Line range hood is a stainless steel version and has received a good few positive reviews. This version the ZLKB30 has dishwasher safe filters.

Other features include directional lighting to provide bright work areas and a four speed fan.

Golden Vantage Range Hood Review

wall mount range hood

Made from stainless steel the Golden Vantage range hood is a 30 inch wide model. Model, number GV-R01-75 is an under cabinet range hood and is rated highly among range hoods at the Amazon shopping site.

Being a wall mount range hood it will make a good fit for many kitchens and in particular for those who like the modern European styling.

Read more of the Golden Vantage GV-R01-75 review.

DS1303 Air King Range Hoods Review

air king range hoods

The Air King range hoods number DS1303 are contemporary models. the DS1303 is an under cabinet hood that has a powerful motor which is well priced.

It’s from the Designer Series and is one of their most popular range hoods that are currently for sale. Read the review for a more in depth report.