Complete Christmas Village Sets

Complete Christmas Village SetsYou may have been out doing a bit of Christmas shopping and stood in amazement at some of those attractive complete Christmas village sets. Or you may have visited friends and found your eyes glued to these little Xmas scenes.

Its little wonder as they do make a fantastic traditional Christmas display. The thing is that many of the owners of these displays may have built them up gradually over the years, as they may have explained to you.

You may have felt deflated with hearing such statements and never got round to starting to build up your own Christmas village display. Especially when you heard the cost of creating the full village show. Well, thankfully there is a compromise!

It is possible to have your very own complete Christmas village sets at a very realistic price. Perhaps it may not be equal to those super displays that have taken years to add piece by piece including the display platforms, it will at least provide you with a display this year, not next.

You could have a complete set for what a couple of these fiber optic village buildings would cost and below we will delve in deeper to what these Christmas village sets consist of.

Complete Christmas Village Sets by Cobblestone Corners

Complete Christmas Village Sets ProductWhat you get with this instant Christmas village set consists of a total of 62 pieces. If you haven’t yet looked at the cost of single items to build a set of these up from scratch, then now would be a good time. They are of varying quality which is portrayed in their prices and sizes.

With 62 pieces to plan and build up into your preferred snow covered village scene may take a bit of input from other members of the family which should provide some fun I would imagine. If there are any youngsters in the family, you can bet that they will have some Christmas village ideas to contribute.

The main components in the set consist of 11 Christmas village buildings made from porcelain and are between 4 and 5 inches tall.

To mount the buildings on there are 11 Resin/Porcelain bases with people in varying scenes. See the other pictures.

The 11 buildings are: The Flower Shop, The Pet Store, The Town Hall, The Candy Shop, The House, The Book Store, The Restaurant, The Clock Shop, The School and 2 Churches. Get further details here.

A Christmas Village Scene Needs Activity to Be Complete

That’s the truth of the matter. Without activity a village is dead but not so with these other items which will make your village come to life.

A carousel, nativity scene and the couple snuggling up to one another on a bench are just for starters. How’s about a horse drawn sleigh, the snowman building scene or the tree being decorated by the villagers. Add the town square gazebo, the kids skating on an icy pond, then mount a bridge for folk to cross over the river for even more active pursuits.

Can you picture what scenes can be created with all those activity items and Figurines?

Other accessories include: Packs of various trees, a selection of people and many other accessories right down to the bench, lamp posts and a water hydrant.

To light up your display there is a light complete with an On/Off switch, a 4 foot cord and a 5 watt bulb. People have their own favorite area to place their village but a great area is around the foot of a Christmas tree.

Whether that be a traditional Christma tree or one of these fiber optic trees, it doesn’t matter as it also makes a great place to strategically place another light shining down on your village display.

If you think that complete Christmas village sets would fit in with your festive decoration plans this year and not yet found anything suitable, Click Here to See More Choices.

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