Husqvarna HD725E Review of Self Propelled lawn Mower

husqvarna hd725e reviewI suppose the very first point anyone looking to buy a lawn mower needs to take into account is the type and how much grass cutting will need to be carried out. In the Husqvarna HD725E review we will be looking at the self propelled lawn mower suitable for the medium sized lawns.

As a rule of thumb the small lawn could easily be run over fairly quickly with a push lawn mower depending on the person’s fitness. The medium sized lawn with a self propelled model such as the HD725E and the larger areas possibly with a lawn tractor.

Grass height that will be tackled should also be taken into account as the longer grass will need more power to mow it into shape and even more so, if you needed to cut while wet.

The Husqvarna HD725E is a self propelled lawn mower which has an electric start feature and is the latest edition to the Husqvarna range of mowers. It will provide a 22 inch cut with each pass made on the lawn. The deck is made of heavy duty steel and is gasoline powered.

It allows the choice of whether the user wishes to bag the cuttings or to mulch. The variable drive speed feature allows the proper speed to be chosen where lawn conditions vary.

A water hose connection feature allows for washing the underside of the housing of the lawn mower before storing away. The cutting height can be quickly changed to provide the lawn height finish required.

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Husqvarna HD725E Review of Features

As we mentioned earlier, if the area of grass needed to be mowed is not all that small then this is where the self propelled lawn mower should be the obvious choice. It will save a lot of hard work pushing it back and forth for long periods.

After all gardening is meant to be fun, not hard work. You probably have done your share of that just performing your day job. Chores such as mowing the lawn are normally tasks we like to get out of the way as quickly as possible. Which leaves us extra time for the more pleasant aspects of gardening.

The HD725E is powered by a 175cc Briggs and Stratton gas engine, which as you will imagine will be that bit heavier than a manual push mower or even electric mowers. Which is another reason to consider treating yourself to a self propelled version.

The engine features overhead Valve design which creates less vibration for the user and greater fuel economy. That coupled with the fact that the fuel tank holds a full 1.8 litres of gas means less stopping to top up with fuel.

With the automatic choke installed on this motor there is no need to prime or ensure the choke was set at the on position before starting up the engine. Starting is as simple as holding the control bar against the handle and switch on using the key.

Being gas powered offers the added benefit of using the mower anywhere around the yard without the need for a power outlet or the power batteries running down.

The deck is a one piece construction made from heavy duty steel. The sturdy build will ensure long life use and the one piece mold construction means less chance of mowed grass building up on the underside of the deck.

With a cutting blade diameter of 22 inches it more or less comes under the mid range of cutting breadth size and is well suitable for most medium lawn sizes.


Operating the Husqvarna Self Propelled Lawn Mower

With the 6 variable height adjustment it makes it possible to operate the mower in most conditions. Low settings can be used for normal mowing jobs and the higher settings when the grass is a bit longer or wet. These adjustments can be achieved using one single lever.

As can often happen due to many situations, lawns can become overgrown very quickly if not given a regular trim. Being able to take the top growth off in one pass and then lowering the blades on subsequent passes makes the task so much easier.

Another nice feature especially for those who dislike pulling on a starter rope is the electric start option. The lawn mower still has the more conventional rope pull starter system which could be used if the battery were to become discharger for example.

The handle is adjustable meaning most members of the home can use it with comfort and more importantly being in full control of what is after all a very powerful machine. Speed control can be varied through using the dual trigger handles attached to the main adjustable handle. You choose which hand to control the speed you want.

The Husqvarna HD725E self propelled mower offers 2 types of grass cutting. The mulching method whereby the grass gets chopped up into lots of very small pieces and left on the lawn surface, or bag collected for disposal.

Most people have their own preferences as some see an advantage of the mulch rotting down and acting as feedi for the lawn. Others prefer to bag and add to other garden/household waste and create their own compost.

Cleaning the HD725E after Use

Keeping the underside of the cutting deck as clean as possible can improve the
performance of any rotary type mower. Allowing cut grass to build up in this area will cause grass collection to suffer, meaning having to go over areas again simply to pick up un-collected cuttings. Quite a bit of thought has gone into the design of these machines and how the air flow/draft sucks up the clippings into the bag.

washing a lawn mowerHaving a good clean underside deck is certainly important, therefore the water washing feature helps in this department. After finishing with the mowing procedure and with the mower situated on a hard surface or cut lawn area, simply attach a hose to the fitting located on top of the mower deck.

Once attached turn on the water, start the engine and let it run for a period of time till all debris has been removed from the deck.

On a hard surface it’s easier to tell when this done by watching and noting if the debris being washed out has ceased.

Never wash down the top area of a powered lawn mower with such things as a hose without first of all covering the air filter, carburetor, muffler and the electrics. Water can do a lot of damage meaning costly repairs. A cloth and brush are really all you need to keep the top area of a mower clean without using water.


Husqvarna give a 3 year warranty for their walk behind lawn mowers and a 1 year pro-rated warranty for the battery. The engine will be covered by the engine manufacturers warranty. These refer to home consumer use only and if planning to use the mower for commercial use or to hire out, you need to look closer into the warranty.


Dimensions and Weight Information

Length = 20 inches

Height = 38.5 and adjustable

Width = 26 inches

Weight 96 pounds


Electric starting option

No pushing required

Go anywhere mower

Deck washing port

Adjustable handle

Good choice of blade height adjustment


Adjustable handle needs bolts to be relocated. Would have preferred quicker system although in saying that, not at the expense of a flimsy fitting that would make the handle break to easy.


In the Husqvarna HD725E self propelled lawn mower review we have uncovered a mower that will be easy to use and suit anyone who for whatever reason dislikes pulling on starter ropes.

Having a 22 inch blade and being a gas powered self propelled mower it makes it suitable for medium sized lawns and will work away for long periods of time with no problems.

After reading the Husqvarna HD725E review we hope it has enlightened the reader and helped them to make the right choice of lawn mower for their garden type. Get more details here

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