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Magic Kits for KidsDo you still remember the fun you had when young either while performing magic tricks or sitting in awe when others were performing.I’m certain you must have such memories although the magic kits for kids we had back then are pretty tame compared with what’s available to youngsters today.

Don’t get me wrong what we had back then was great in my mind and they did entertain. However be prepared for what’s to follow because it’s simply MAGIC.

Our young kids of today have grown up in a fast moving world with all the marvels that technology brings. Whether you think that it’s all that marvelous or not may not matter as the kids just seem to take it all in their stride. They see a different world from us, be it through TV, play or whatever and their level of expectations are greater.

What we would have accepted with the disappearing penny trick might not entertain them unless of course there was a brand new angle to the trick. Apart from all the new ideas the manufacturers keep coming up with, they are making these old tricks a lot more sophisticated.

Easy Card Tricks for Kids

Kids love to perform magic. They play out the role of their heroes and strive to leave us, supposedly more clever adults, staring in disbelief at the disappearance of the cat for example. Although we might still hear the cries of the cat coming from somewhere the young magician probably doesn’t.

They love to watch even a simple card trick every chance they get at this young age, wishing all the time that they could do that to. The magician performing to them could be, on TV, a parent, uncle or aunt, grandparents or family friends.

Nowadays they can choose to read books about easy card tricks for kids or watch a DVD to obtain the expertise. One product I know of has training for 25 card tricks alone. Kids can start at any age to learn card tricks although their reading skills would need to be at a high enough level if the instructions were in text.

This situation provides an excellent opportunity for parents to get involved if junior has an interest in performing magic. The parent could read through the book, teach the child how to perform the trick and join in the fun when performing in front of an audience.

Another product I know about is teaching easy card tricks for kids which is aimed at youngsters of 9 to 12. So there will be plenty of new card tricks to learn before they move on to the art of levitating!!! Which will really take the feet from you.

Magic Set for 5 Year Old Kids

Yes even 5 year olds are catered for in the real world of magic. You know what they say about “starting them early”. The magic learned may or may not turn into a career but the skills would certainly prove beneficial to any kid in their journey through life.

A certain young man from England comes to mind named Dynamo who found magic coming to his aid when he was young. He was a bit smaller than most of the other kids around him due to having Crohn’s disease which resulted in him being bullied.

I believe that it was on a Television show where he was interviewed while performing his magic early on in his career that I first heard about him. He spoke about how his grandfather gave him some magical advice.

His grandfather was not a magician, although he did teach him a good few tricks which was obviously enough to ignite an interest in the topic. That interest has resulted in him stopping pedestrians in their tracks as he walked across the river Thames in London. See video below.

I don’t know for sure but I bet he gained more than a few friends when young and performing his magic tricks learned from grandpa. We all admire and appreciate the skills of a magician whether they be 5 or 55 years of age.

Magic Sets for Kids Young and Old

If you started reading this post with the intention of finding out more about magic kits for kids that might suit your young one. Let me ask you. Have you become more than a little bit interested in learning the art of magic yourself?

Don’t worry about it as it’s quite common for an interest you might have had when young to resurface when delving into the topic again in later years.

There are plenty of magic sets available that cater for all age groups as well as skill levels. Supple young fingers may be an asset although it’s more likely to be dedicated practice that could be the biggest asset.

Remember you can always start off with using the kids magic kits until you get a better hang of things. To get some idea what is available read more about the topic.

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