Step N Tilt Lawn Plug Aerator Review

lawn plug aeratorIn the Step ‘N Tilt lawn plug aerator review we look at a true lawn plug aerator which is not to be confused with the spike version of aerators. If you have real lawn compaction problems then you need a lawn plug aerator rather than one of those spike versions.

OK, it’s a lot more work but the spike aerator will only provide you with a short fix and will need to be redone again in a short period afterwards.

The manual lawn aerator will definitely require more effort and will take longer to perform as opposed to the mechanical Agri-Fab 45-0299 which is towed behind a lawn tractor. But if you only have a smaller lawn or a small area of lawn that needs attention then the Step ‘N Tilt lawn core aerator 2 will probably be all that you need.

Anyone who already uses a lawn tractor will obviously have a large lawn and should really aim for the Agri-Fab aerator.

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Using The Lawn Plug Aerator

Step 'N Tilt Lawn Core AeratorThe Step ‘N Tilt as the name implies is operated by placing your foot on the foot plate to dig it into the lawn and then tilting the handle backwards to draw out the plug. This is designed to make it easier and cause less stress to the joints as well as the back muscles bearing in mind that this is a repetitive movement.

You can use this lawn plug aerator right up close to lawn edges and boundary walls if needed due the shape and operation method used and provide an all-over better look to the lawn.

The option is available with the 2013 model to either use it with all 4 tines or to use only two. A very good idea where the ground is heavily compacted as you would really struggle to drive the tine into very hard bare earth.

Using this plug removal type of aeration makes the ideal time to do some re-seeding as new grass seed will be washed into the newly formed holes to add new young shoots to replenish the older growth. You could choose to either brush in new compost or let the broken down cores refill naturally with the aid of rain or by manually watering.

As if all this wasn’t enough this lawn plug aerator also doubles up as a truck to carry around the bags of seed and/or compost to top dress your lawn afterwards.

To provide their customers with piece of mind Step ‘N Tilt gives owners 120 day money back guarantee as well as a one-year warranty, which is really fair and gives users a good chance to give it a try. Personally I love this option as it speaks volumes about these types of companies. That coupled with the fact they are a “Better Business Bureau Accredited Business” tell me they are aiming for customer satisfaction.

Read more about this lawn aerator and the reviews.

The last time I looked this item was out of stock. If that is the situation when you view this page see more versions here.

Step N Tilt Lawn Plug Aerator Review By Users

The Step ‘N Tilt lawn core aerator 2 has a very high rating of 4.4 from 5 stars rating and coming from the 37 users who have left a review so far. Below is a short list of the pros and cons taken from the user comments.


Free from clogging problems experienced with other models
Assembly of this product was easy
Very sturdy and well made
Easily the best manual aerator you can buy
Something that actually works the way it’s advertised


I wish they had a pin built into the unit to secure the cleaning tool


lawn core aeratorIf you read the reviews yourself I’m sure that you’ll agree that people are more than happy with their purchase. And for this reason plus the policy that this company has regarding ensuring customer satisfaction, I highly recommend you give the Step ‘N Tilt lawn core aerator 2 a try.

A couple of points that you should know about before buying might be, be prepared to do some manual work. It is not an automated system the same as the Agri Fab 45 0299 tow behind aerator and spreading the work out over a few days would be a good idea especially for anyone less fit.

Also, when assembling the Step ‘N Tilt lawn core aerator 2 it’s a good idea to keep all the nuts a bit slack and make sure you have correctly assembled the unit. The reason being that, these nylon threaded type of nuts are used and they work best if tightened fully just the one time.

You will find it easier to use the lawn plug aerator after a wet spell or as an alternative you could also water well before using it if the ground was very dry and hard. Get more information here. Go here to see more versions here.

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