Akdy Range Hood Review – 30″ Wall Mount

When starting to put the Akdy range hood review together I was surprised to see the amount of choice available, especially when researching the 30 inch Akdy range hood category.

akdy range hood reviewFor that reason I have added a comparison table at the foot of this page which will help you to compare my top 6 of the 30″ Akdy wall mounted range hoods. These models have made it on to the comparison table due mainly to the fact they have some history.

By history I mean, that they have the most reviews left by users who have actually purchased them and taken the time and trouble to leave a product report of their experiences when the stove range hood has been installed.

I personally think that these reviews at least give some method of gauging the performance of a product rather than a product without any reviews. When I am buying online, I always do a search for reviews first to help me make the right choices. You’ll find more information on this at the foot of the page beside the comparison chart.

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Akdy Range Hood Reviews for My Top 6

With a modern layout and ultra-quiet operation the 30 inch Akdy range hood comes in a variety of styles and finishes. You can choose from the European style, stainless steel and black nickel finish.

I have compiled a short list of the top 6 Akdy range hoods all of which are wall mount and another which is an under cabinet range hood. These are quality range hoods that will look wonderful in any kitchen. They have received decent positive reviews from consumers and we’ll have a look at some of the great features below.

Models Chosen to Make up the Comparison Table

These links take you to the top six models found for the 30 inch versions in the AKDY range of wall mounted range hoods. You’ll find more images and further information for each one there. Then view the comparison table further down the page to view them side by side.

Other range hood reviews by other makers can also be found here.

AKDY European Style Wall Mount Range HoodAKDY New 30″ European Style
Wall Mount Stainless Steel and Glass Range Hood Range Hood Vent Touch Control AZ-688/CS14 30

Air Flow: 760 CFM


AKDY AZ63175S 30 inch Range HoodAKDY 30″ Kitchen Wall Mount Stainless Steel Touch Panel Control Range Hood AZ63175S Stove Vents

Air Flow:760 CFM


AKDY New 30 inch Euro Style AZ-SG-10B7-30 Wall Mount Range HoodAKDY New 30″ Euro Style
AZ-SG-10B7-30 Wall Mount Range Hood Stove Vent Unique Black Nickel Finish Stainless Steel/W Full Front Blk Tempered Glass Touch Panel Remote Control

Air Flow: 870 CFM


AKDY 30 inch Stainless Steel Az668a75 Wall Mount Range HoodAKDY 30″ Stainless Steel Az668a75 Wall Mount Range Hood

Air Flow: 860 CFM



AKDY 30 inch Stainless Steel Az668s3-75 Wall Mount Range HoodAKDY 30″ Stainless Steel Az668s3-75 Wall Mount With Remote Control

Air Flow: 760 CFM



AKDY 30 inch AZ-1802SF Under Cabinet Range HoodAKDY 30″ AZ-1802SF Under Cabinet Stainless Steel Range Hood Touch Panel Control

Air Flow: 870 CFM

Ensuring a Strong Enough Air Flow

When cooking, lots of steam, smoke, smells, heat, not to mention the greasy vapor, has to go somewhere and if you want to avoid it sticking to your ceiling and walls a strong fan is needed to draw these odors etc away.

The question then arises what size of fan would be required to give the proper kitchen ventilation? To find the answer to that question we need something to measure the fan drawing power and the term we use to measure this is cubic feet per minute or CFM for short.

Without going into too much detail here and to keep this Akdy range hood review short and to the point a figure of around 600 CFM would provide enough kitchen ventilation for a 30 inch hood. Obviously the height that the range hood is above the cooking range will affect the drawing power of the fan, the higher up it is, the less effective it will be. That being said, it must still be high enough to avoid continually banging your head on it.

The air flow for each range hood model has been added below each model in the list above for quick reference. The figures for these range hoods show a strong air flow of between 760 CFM and 870 CFM. More information on each of the versions such as noise levels can be found by clicking the links in the comparison table.

The AKDY range hoods are pretty easy to install and come with everything you need to do the installation up to the ceiling.

The stainless-steel filters are easy to remove and are dishwasher friendly.

Reviews Left by Users for the Wall Mount AKDY Range Hoods

The AKDY range hoods have in most cases received very positive reviews and get a star rating of 4 plus from 5 stars on Amazon. What customers really love are the design and finish of these range hoods. They really do stand out and make your kitchen look stylish. They also love the powerful motor that can really get the air moving without being too loud.

All-in-all the AKDY New wall mount range hoods are excellent and worth considering if you are looking for a new kitchen range hood.


AKDY Range Hood Comparison Table

Something you may have noticed and will be excused for not immediately fully understanding, is the similarity in the AKDY 30″ Stainless Steel Az668s3-75 and the AKDY 30″ Stainless Steel Az668a75.

I have been doing a bit of digging around to find the differences in these two similar looking models. It looks like the AKDY 30″Az668s3-75 has a remote control and a 1 year parts warranty, whereas the AKDY 30″ Az668a75 has a 3 year parts warranty and no mention of a remote control. Hope that helps clear up that point, enjoy the AKDY range hood review.

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