Z Line Range Hood Review

z line range hoodThe Z Line range hood model ZLKB30 is a 30 inch wall mount version produced by Z Line Kitchens. It’s a quality hood with top notch ratings from a large majority of customers who have left reviews.

Customer ratings are 4.3 from 5 stars by 60 users who have left a review and who are pleased with how it looks and stated the directional lights are really bright.

The Z Line hood is made in of stainless steel and has a four speed motor fitted with an automated shut off timer. The filters are safe to clean in the dishwasher. Directional lighting is included which is very useful when preparing food.

Measurements of the Z Line ZLKB30 are 30 inches wide x 17.7 inches deep x 10.5 inches high. It has a venting system that can transfer 760 cubic feet per minute (CFM). Don’t confuse this hood with less expensive models as the CFM figure is what determines how efficient these range hoods work. This is one of the more potent hoods and far superior to budget versions.

Being wall mounted the range hood is ideal to be vented through the roof or an outside wall. With extensions the hood will suit kitchen ceilings of anything up to 12 feet in height. The Safety Approvals are in place for the US as well as for Canada.

Z Line Range Hood Operation

Some quick bullet points for this wall mounted range hood.

  • High quality range hood
  • ¬†Easy maintained stainless steel
  • Filters dishwasher safe
  • 760CFM ventilation
  • Powerful 4 speed fan
  • Includes range directional lighting
  • Extendable up to 12 feet high


Wall Mount Range Hood Installation

wall mount range hood installationThe product description on the site states that, “The installation of this product is one of the easiest in the industry”. When reading through the z line range hoods reviews and comments left by purchasers we find that this is more or less the case.

Just one point to bear in mind if you’re building the kitchen to suit this wall mount range hood. Although the breadth measurements states 30 inches, it is in fact 29 1/2 inches.

This leaves a clearance of 1/4 each side to make the installation easier. See the dimensions image guide opposite for more fitting details.

Z Line Range Hood Review Summary

The z line hoods receives in the main part some very good user reviews who state how pleased they are with the styling and ability to blend in well with their existing kitchens. Although it is more expensive, better specs will ensure good functionality of this range hood of higher quality.

As with most reviews there are always the negative experiences that users have had and these comments should also be read, albeit there are only a few left for the Z line zlkb30.

The range hood is not hard to install and really should provide sufficient ventilation for a large range of kitchens.

For anyone wanting to purchase a 30 inch hood that provides good styling as well as do the job that it is meant to do then the Z line range hood model zlkb30 is worth looking into. Find out more here.

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