Battery Operated Portable Heater

When it comes to expectations from a battery operated portable heater results can be disappointing in many occasions. This is not to say that you shouldn’t consider any of the options available but by being realistic in your expectations on what amount of power to
expect from a battery should be understood.

battery operated portable heaterWhen it comes to space heaters the only types that will provide at least some heat are those used in car situations whilst pulling power from the 12 volt car battery if it is running. Having the portable heater on without the engine running would soon flatten the battery and often these heaters will have a trip switch to avoid this situation.

Reports on these heaters vary and it would seem that when we want the most heat from them, is more often than not when the weather is at its coldest.

Read more about it in this post about portable car heaters. Heating up seat pads and travel blankets through the cars cigarette lighter is possibly the best method where the 12 volt battery can be utilized for providing heat. These items along with a portable car heater for food can be found at the link above.

The best option that I have found to provide enough power from a battery is the Xantrex 802-1500 XPower Portable Powerpack of 1,500 Watts. Creating heat from any battery pack will drain it so quick and although you can run a heater from the Xantrex for some time its better used for other purposes.

Heat generated from a battery can work very well when it is used to heat our body and hands and last for a fairly long time. Those involved in many outdoor sports and other outdoor activities have been enjoying these devices for years. The enjoyment of their activities can be continued for longer periods without too much discomfort during colder spells of weather. Being used to using these types of products they don’t expect too much from them and understand their limitations.

Often you might come across space heaters where the boast is that they can be used in places where mains electric is not available. That’s not to say that the power comes from the battery. These normally use propane gas to create the heat, be it air or water and the battery simply is used to ignite the gas, drive a fan or pump water.

Battery Operated Space Heater for Camping – XPower Powerpack 1500

Battery Operated Space Heater for CampingThe XPower Powerpack 1500 is not the heater but is the method of powering a portable heater or other portable electric product that requires power without relying on a home electric power supply.

Apart from coming in handy during an electric outage it can be used for working with power tools without the need for trailing power cables around. Camping and many other outdoor pursuits can be made that bit more comfortable with the battery pack.

Built to be carted around by the rubber wheels and the removable handle make it very portable for use in any area of the home and garden you would wish. With the handle removed it makes for easier storing and can be lifted by the 2 handles on either side.

The electronics system will convert the battery packs 12 volt power into a dual AC outlet for household power plus the option to use it for running any products using the 12 volts system. Read more about it here.

Charging up the Xantrex 802-1500 XPower unit can be performed using home mains power which would take around 25 hours or if you choose to recharge from your car it takes around 6 to 8 hours.

The sizes of the powerpack unit are – 14.8 inches high x 15.6 inches wide x 12.3 inches deep and is 60 pounds in weight.

Reviews left for the XPower Powerpack 1500 are sort of middle of the road with some who love it and those who have experienced problems with it. The ratings work out at 3.5 from 5 stars left by 84 users.

Obviously when using it as a battery operated space heater for camping or in the home during a power outage the battery won’t last as long as just using it for lighting and other less watt pulling items.

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Battery Operated Portable Heater for Hands – EnergyFlux 4400mAh

Battery Operated Hand HeaterBelow is one example of the hand heaters I mentioned at the beginning of this post. This particular model is the EnergyFlux 4400mAh hand warmer which works on both sides. Wrapping your hand around it will heat up both the fingers and the palm.

It uses a rechargeable 4400mAh lithium-ion battery which can be re-charged between 4 to 6 hours via an AC adapter or using a USB.

There are 2 choices of positions to set the temperature at, 109F which will last approximately 5 hours and 120F which will last approximately 4 hours. These figures are determined when using in room temperatures so for colder conditions expect less times for each use. Using gloves will help the battery last longer.

A further use for the EnergyFlux 4400mAh is as a backup battery unit. You can use it to charge up other digital products you have that have depleted their power during trips away from home as an example.

Reviews for this battery operated portable heater are very good with some really appreciative comments regarding how well this hand heater performs for those suffering from Reynaud’s syndrome. You can read the full review here.

Rated at 4.5 from 5 stars from a goodly number of users, which was 298 at the last count.

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Battery Powered Portable Heater for Coffee

Battery Powered Portable Heater for CoffeeThis item is really meant for those on the road who would like to have the facility to make a cup of coffee whenever and whenever they like. The battery powered portable heater for coffee making can be plugged into the cigarette lighter socket to power the heating element.

Probably this item would complement the car cigarette lighter heater for food mentioned at the introduction of this post. Or just used for a coffee or tea break in a journey to some of your favorite beauty spots.

Included with the kettle are 2 cups that can be stored inside the kettle to keep down the amount of wasted space and keep things compact as well as easily found.

A nice feature is the fact that fear of boiling the kettle dry and destroying the element can be eliminated as there is a safety fuse fitted that will automatically shut down the power to the kettle.

The size of this battery powered portable heater for coffee and tea is – 6 3/4 inches high 5 3/4 inches wide which includes the handle. Check it out.

If you need further information about another battery operated portable heater that is not found on this page, Click Here to See More Choices.

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