White Christmas Tree Skirt

White Christmas Tree SkirtIn only a few weeks time, once more we will be bringing out the Christmas decorations, the tree if artificial and of course the white Christmas tree skirt that I love so much but really needs to be replaced.

I have been promising myself to get a new tree skirt but I am torn between memories and the pleasure of having a brand new flawless one. Not so this year and with the encouragement of the family we have decided this is the year to take the plunge.

When browsing to see what Christmas tree skirts were available it actually surprised me to find the variety available today. The choice of colors and styles is huge but I kept going back to the white versions, call me old fashioned and set in my ways!

Well perhaps not as old fashioned as going back to having real candles on the tree, with the tree skirt catching the candle grease, sap and needles as it was originally intended.

No, I just like the contrasting clean white against the Christmas tree as though it were growing from a snowy ground.

Of course everyone has their own ideas and that’s great as it would be dull with everything looking the same. Just as nowadays we have choices such as having a red artificial Christmas tree or even a pink artificial tree there are new ideas coming out all the time.

But if anyone else is considering having a white Christmas tree skirt and possibly with a small element of other color added in, then this is my short list.

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Small White Christmas Tree Skirt With Silver Glitter Dots

Small White Christmas Tree SkirtAlthough this is a small white Christmas tree skirt I have added it to this list because of quite a few factors. While searching for tree skirts this one caught my eye and when visiting the webpage to read more, it had so much going for it.

It only measures 20 inches across but the design is something that I like, with the white and silver glitter, it reminds me of snow glittering with frost, you know the look.

On top of that, the reviews are very good and looks like folk are mostly very pleased with their purchase, except one who admits that they never took the size into consideration. It

has been rated at 4.0 from 5 stars by the 11 users who have left a review which is little wonder when you consider the low cost of this particular white mini Christmas tree skirt.

At the time of writing it costs just a little over $10 which means you can’t go wrong as long as you take the size into account. Get more details here

White Lace Christmas Tree Skirt

White Lace Christmas Tree SkirtWell they don’t come any whiter than white lace. This white lace Christmas tree skirt comes in a larger size of 36 inches round, which is the shape. The item is indeed 36 inches in length, check it out here.

Very nice looking tree skirt. A Christmas village ornament lit up using fiber optics with nice warm glow shinning through the windows, would compliment the white lace beautifully.

One point that it has got going for it and something you might find out yourself when looking for a Christmas tree skirt is that this one is machine washable.

So many I have looked at are not machine washable tree skirts which can be a problem if they do get dirty. Although this one won’t cost the earth there are plenty of others out there which are a lot more expensive that are not machine washable either. Just something else you might want to take into account. If you think it won’t get to dirty then there isn’t a problems.

White Velvet Christmas Tree Skirt with Red Detail – 48″ Diameter

White Velvet Christmas Tree SkirtI do like the look of this white velvet Christmas tree skirt with the red Cardinals motif.

Just enough color for me and still looks clean. The red would fit in well with a lot of other Xmas color items I own. My gold Christmas tree lights mixed with the red and white I think would create a royal feel.

The size is clearly stated as 48 inches diameter which would also suit, so it has a lot going for it. The downside is that it is a good bit more expensive than the others we have looked at, but its Christmas and if it lasts anything like the one I use at present then that’s not a problem.

Kurt Adler is the supplier of this skirt and looking at their other items that they sell I can see that a big majority of them have been well rated by the end users.

In fact the ratings for this Christmas tree skirt isn’t too shabby with a 100% rated 5.0 from 5 stars given by all 8 users which gives it another plus point.

[azdf asin=”B007Q0HYJ2″]

Red and White Christmas Tree Skirt

Red and White Christmas Tree SkirtIn traditional Xmas colors and features a snowman in the middle of Christmas trees with snow falling in the background.

Made of felt and measures 30 inches in diameter.

It may be a bit small for those with a larger tree although you may want to put up with that in order to have such a nice tree skirt.

There are 4.4 from 5 stars coming from 44 customer reviews who have used this red and white Christmas tree skirt.

Chosen Your Christmas Tree Skirt Yet

So there you have it, just my take on what would make a good white Christmas tree skirt to add the finishing touch to my tree decoration. The selection would suit a lot of situations for folk, from small Christmas trees to the larger ones.

Some questions need to be asked yes, regarding the correct dimensions of some of the tree skirts, but at least I have now weeded it down to a few favorites, have you?

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