Golden Vantage Range Hood Review

The Golden Vantage range hood review features a 30 inch model and made of stainless steel. This particular model, the GV-R01-75 is an under cabinet range hood and is among the highest rated range hoods on the Amazon shopping website.

golden vantage range hoodIf your taste is for the modern European style of design then this contemporary range hood may be worth a more serious look. Although you might at first glance get the impression that this stainless steel range hood is meant for the professional use, don’t be fooled.

Due to the elegant design and use of the stainless steel body and baffle filters, yes you can be forgiven for that first impression, but this unit is meant for home use only.

This unit will look gorgeous and perform well in any kitchen. Some range hoods don’t have the power to effectively ventilate your kitchen while you’re cooking. No such problems can be expected with this under cabinet range hood.

With the Golden Vantage 30 inch range hood there’s no need to worry about inadvertently triggering the fire alarm. Let’s have a look at some of the great features of this hood below.

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Golden Vantage Range Hood Features

The GV-R01-75 range hood has a 4-speed fan with controls that can be utilized either by touch display or remote control. Not only is it ultra powerful but it operates in an ultra-quiet mode too.

This unit has a 900 CFM ventilation system with dual motors that operate below 65 decibels, or as quiet as normal dialogue.

wall mount range hoodIt features a gas sensor that will instantly turn on the fan if it senses gas or smoke. The fan will auto shut-off once the smoke has dissipated.

Being made from stainless steel eliminates any corrosion problems often associated with other types of finish. The easy clean benefits of this material plus the easy to remove and rinse baffle filters makes life that much easier.

Golden Vantage GV-R01-75 Features

  • Impressive 900CFM dual motor
  • Four speed fan with touch and remote control
  • Contains a gas and smoke sensor
  • Delightful stainless steel design that looks good in any kitchen
  • Dimensions of 30” wide by 18.9” deep

What’s the Price for This Wall Mount Range Hood?

It’s fair to say that the price of the Golden Vantage range hood is a fair bit higher than some other hoods available on the market. And perhaps for that reason it’s not for everyone. But the higher price ticket certainly won’t put off those who have done their homework and know exactly what they are looking for.

Price is always an important factor to us as consumers in our search for the items we desire. At the end of the day we only pay what we can afford. But quality of build, styling, being fit for purpose etc all need to be taken into account as well when making any purchase decision. Find the discounted price details for the kitchen range hood here.

It might be argued that installing this particular wall mount range hood in a lower budget type kitchen may be a bit of overkill. Then again it could also be argued that adding the Golden Vantage hood, provides the main benefits the kitchen planner requires and is prepared to spend less on other items.

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Golden Vantage Range Hood Review Video

The Golden Vantage range hood review video below explains some of the features of this wall mount contemporary range hood from Golden Vantage.


Under Cabinet Stainless Steel Range Hood Overview

The 30 inch Golden Vantage stainless steel range hood has exceptionally high customer reviews and an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. So why is it that this range hood is so well liked?

Customers think it is great value for money. They say it is very well made, is easy to install and looks breathtaking in their kitchen. It works well, is powerful and operates discreetly.

Other Pros

review plus point symbol Some other points that users liked about the Golden VantageGV-R01-75:


review plus point symbol Sensor detects heat and blower starts automatically and generally increases the speed.


review plus point symbol  Nuisance fire alarms eliminated.


review plus point symbolFlexible connections make easy install.


review plus point symbol  Heavy duty construction.


review plus point symbol  Quiet running.



review minus points symbol  62lbs is a bit heavy and if installing yourself.


review minus points symbolNo backdraft damper supplied. (8″duct)


Summing Up

Below are the final thoughts rejating to the Golden Vantage range hood review.

It may well depend on what your personal taste is, what your preferences of design are, or even what design of kitchen this range hood was planned to be installed in.

It won’t tick the boxes for everyone but at the same time it certainly will tick all the boxes for others.

If you’re looking for a super efficient and powerful range hood with a bit of style, then look no further than the Golden Vantage range hood.


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