Black and White Towels

Black and White TowelsYou probably know the feeling when your racking your brain about what to buy someone as little minding present. Fine if you know their interests, likes and dislikes. Fortunately for me knowing what to buy my friends a few weeks back wasn’t the problem.

I knew that some new black and white towels would be exactly what they would appreciate.

After quite a bit of browsing around on my favorite shopping site at Amazon and searching for these towels, my short list was at last complete.

I don’t know whether it’s the old story we keep hearing that is applying here “They don’t make them like they used to” or not, but on the surface it certainly seemed like it. Digging out the good from the bad was not as easy I had anticipated.

My Short List of Black and White Towels

My task was to research and find the best black and white Egyptian cotton bath towels as I know they provide value, some black and white kitchen towels and black and white hand towels suitable for my friend’s children. Listed below are the best that I could find in each of these categories.

The list may be of some use to anyone else looking for these same types of towels, so here are my findings and you’re welcome. When I do research for any products one point I always take into account is the feedback from users, as you will see when reading any of the other products I have reviewed.

As you will see with the Mickey Mouse embroidered black and white towels I sort of broke that rule of only considering the products that only had a good high percentage in the rating reviews. There was a reason which you can read about further down.

Black and White Egyptian Cotton Bath Towels

egyptian cotton bath towelsIf you’re looking for bath towels at bargain prices then Egyptian cotton towels should certainly be considered. Not cheap useless towels, but good quality towels at good prices.

These particular towels are rated at 900 GSM (grams per square meter) which refers to the density of the towels.

900 GSM is as good as it gets as these figures are associated with luxury or premium quality.

Each bath towel measures 30 inches x 55 inches and made in two-ply Terry Cloth and of course comes in many other colors apart from black and white versions.

Black and White Egyptian Cotton Bath TowelsYou can read more about these black and white versions of Egyptian cotton bath towels at the link below.

Or if you would like to see their 6-piece set, take a look here. The set consists of:

Two Bath Towels (30 inches x 55 inches each)
Two Hand Towels (20 inches x 30 inches each)
Two Face Towels (13 inches x 13 inches each)

They have a very good deal on the 6 piece set at the moment which may be worth taking advantage of. Again both black and white towels are available to mix and match and obtain the desired look.

Go to this link to Read more about this set.

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Black and White Kitchen Towels – By Cotton Craft

Black and White Kitchen TowelsMy next category I have researched is the black and white kitchen towels and the ones that came out tops were these ones made by Cotton Craft. After looking through a good many in this section, many that looked OK initially, but when digging deeper I soon discover that the quality wasn’t there.

These 4 packs from Cotton Craft kitchen towels are made of 2 ply Terry Waffle Weave which don’t leave lint on dishes and glasses while at the same time have good absorbent qualities.

I know my friends will love these as I have often heard comments criticizing some black and white towels they purchased for the kitchen previously.

Having a set of 4 in the black color and another in white will match the color scheme of their kitchen very well when hanging one of each color from their chrome towel rack. Another excellent use will be when hung on the ends of their kitchen cart making them easy to find when needed.

Some of the black kitchen towels would be ideal to use when sitting out by the fire pit coffee table or in the barbecue area. I find these towels handy to have to hand when using our karcher window washer, just in case any drips need drying up.

Of course there are other colors available that would co-ordinate with a good many kitchens. While at the same time be long lasting, with good drying qualities and at a very reasonable price. There is a good discount of $15 (60%) at the time of writing this page. See them for yourself at the link below.

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Black and White Hand Towels – Mickey Mouse Embroidered

Black and White Hand TowelsYou may remember what I mentioned at the introduction of this post about my rule of only considering products that have plenty of good reviews from those who have purchased the products.

With my choice of black and white hand towels I have thrown my own criteria out of the window and for one very good reason.

It would seem that most if not all of the complaints about these towels is about  the confusion regarding the expected quantity of towels being purchased. Many people here have given the product very poor ratings because they only received 1 towel in the package and expected either 2 or 4. Some buyers have paid as much as $11 for one read the full review here, now selling at under $8.

Well as for myself this was not a problem. I personally think that at $7.43 a pop, these are very good value and I know for a fact that anyone interested in Mickey Mouse as my friends kids are will be delighted with them.

The problem is not with the quality of the product, but a misunderstanding about numbers. If the product vender had an image of just one towel instead of 2 and 4, they could have saved themselves the negative reviews.

The black and white towels feature a stylized silhouette of the world famed Mickey Mouse character and edged with a striped black and white pattern.

Read more here.

Summing Up

So the lesson for us all in the product above is to dig a bit deeper when searching for good products and just brushing past reviews too quickly could be misleading.

The three products I have featured above are the best in each category that I have found. But why not take a look at some black and white towels  for yourself, you just never know? Click Here to See More Choices

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