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mini food processor reviewsIn this post I have provided a selection of 5 mini food processor reviews. Hopefully they will help to inform anyone interested in buying one and lead them to the right choice of processor that suit them.

When searching for a mini food processor you’ll immediately notice that the term food chopper also keeps coming up.

Ok the chopper will do exactly what the name implies but the food processor will do so much more.

Further down you will find the reviews along with a videos which show what they can do in a bit more detail.

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Check Out The 5 Mini Food Processor Reviews

There is a good selection of brands from which to choose a mini food processors although going through a lot of them I have stuck with 2 from Cuisinart. This is a company with a good reputation in kitchen accessories so they are tried and tested over the years.

Another 2 models are from Ninja who have been building up a great reputaion as you will see with the review figures for the 2 models I have added. There is also one from Kidco Babysteps which does merit a place on the list, see the list below. The models on this list are all electric powered, visit this link if you want  to see examples of the small hand crank food processor versions.

1) Cuisinart DLC-2ABC Mini Food Processor
2) Cuisinart SG-10 Mini Processor Spice-and-Nut Grinder
3) Kidco Babysteps Mini Processors
4) Ninja Express Chop Mini Food Processor
5) Ninja Master Prep Food Processor (QB900B)

All of the 5 mini food processor reviews you can read below and are listed in the same order as the above list.

Cuisinart DLC-2ABC Mini Food Processor in Brushed Chrome

Cuisinart DLC-2ABC Mini Food ProcessorBy far the biggest choice of these processors available from any manufacturer comes from a company named Cuisinart. This is a well-respected kitchen appliance manufacturer, so we should expect a processor that does the job like it says.

This particular model Cuisinart DLC-2ABC is a 250-watt powered processor in a brushed chrome finish and meets the electrical specification for North America.

The bowl and the lid can be washed in the dishwasher if required and the blade, which is made in stainless steel uses a patented reversing technique for various processes.

There have been 1,451 reviews left by users who rated it at 4.2 from the 5 stars maximum. Apart from seeing a lot of positive reviews I also like to see a lot of users who left a review and the Cuisinart DLC-2ABC Mini Food Processor has that.

Cuisinart does a great job of providing us with a good variety of colors. Visiting the site will give you the opportunity of picking the color that matches the rest of your kitchen appliances and decor. Visit the link below.


Cuisinart SG-10 Mini Processor for Grinding Spices and Nuts

Cuisinart SG-10 Mini ProcessorFood preparation these days has become a breeze with these small kitchen appliances.

Specialized models such as the processors made specifically for grinding spices and nuts are also available. The aroma produced by these nut grinders is a delight in itself.

The blades used are designed to grind any tough nuts and spices you might have via the push-down lid.

The grinding is performed with blades made in stainless steel and controlled by an easy to use ON and OFF switch. The bowl will take up to 90 grams and is fitted with rubber feet to avoid slipping on the work surface.

Reviews for the Cuisinart SG-10 processor are not as strong as the previous model although this one does a more robust job. It is rated at 3.2 from 5 stars by the 337 users who took the time and trouble to leave a review.

The included video below will demonstrate the spice and nut grinding Cuisinart SG-10 mini processor in operation.

Cuisinart SG-10 Food Processor on Video

Kidco Babysteps Mini Processor Model F900

Kidco Babysteps Mini ProcessorNo list of mini food processor reviews would be complete without having something suitable for the young babies in the family. The next listing is the Kidco Babysteps mini processor a well-established model used for babies.

If you would like to ensure your baby starts off with the best and freshest ingredients then these baby food processors are the ideal solution.

Using the Amazon star rating system from customer reviews, we see that the Kidco Babysteps Mini Processor is rated 4 stars from 5 from 181 users.

This is a two cup non-skid blender which has a turbo button that provides a pulsating rotational motion.

Product dimensions are: 5.2 inches by 5.1 inches by 10.5 inches high and weighs just over 2.3 pounds. Easily wash in the dishwasher after use.

Although the information is not listed by the vendors I think it should be brought to your attention that the processor is rated only for 110 (US and Canada). Just something I was wondering about myself and I see someone has volunteered the information in the Q & A section.

Good to know if you were planning on taking it on holiday to counties with different voltages than in the US and Canada. If so then a transformer/adaptor would be required. Good to know rather than be caught out, especially with a hungry youngster.

Ninja Express Chop Mini Food Processor

Ninja Express Chop MIni Food ProcessorUsing patented technology the Ninja Express Chop mini food processor will process mostly anything you want to mention. It Blends, chops, minces and grinds away at zest, crumbles, cheese, nuts, garlic and onions with ease.

After processing simply rinse out the base container and stick it in the dishwasher, “NOT THE TOP SECTION, WHICH CONTAINS THE MOTOR” only the base.

The dimensions are 9.8 inches high x 5.5 inches wide and weighs only 1.75 lbs. and will not take up much space on the worktop.

The 67 user reviews rate this mini food processor highly at 4.6 from 5 stars and there are quite a few raves among them. This is the first of two I have added to the mini food processor reviews list.

Ninja Master Prep Food Processor Model QB900B

Ninja Master Prep Food ProcessorI have added the Ninja Master Prep food processor to the list because apart from it being a 6 cups = 48 oz. processor it can also can be used with the bowl attachment which is a 2 cups = 16 oz. size.

So in effect you have two processors for the price of one, a mini and medium sized version.

The Ninja Master Prep QB900B does much the same as the previous Ninja processor mentioned earlier with more capacity if required. Probably this version would suit better someone who doesn’t have a larger processor at the moment.

The power pod as the vendors listing refers to it, is the motor section which attaches to either the (6 cups) 48-ounce pitcher or the 16-oz (2 cup) chopper bowl. Whichever one you choose can be rinsed out and final cleaned in the dishwasher if preferred. Again I stress, only the bowl/pitcher and not the pod electric motor section.

The power is applied by a one-touch pulsing button which is large and easy to use. The bases are non-slip and have a splashguard fitted to both the pitcher and bowl.

The Ninja Master Prep food processor uses what they term as “stacked blade technology”. What that simply means is that the blades revolve at different heights. The attachments are: 4-blade and 6-blade sets.

Comes complete with a 1 year Warranty.

Similar to the Ninja Express Chop review just above, the Ninja QB900B model has excellent review results. From a massif 2,944 user reviews they have rated it at 4.5 from 5 stars. Not too shabby figures and one well worth considering.


These processor models are mini versions, but if you’re looking for a processor that’s a lot more powerful, then take a look at the Oster Kitchen Center review or  the Robot Coupe R2N which takes food processing to a new level.

Hope you found the mini food pros of some help in making the right choice that suits you best. If you still need more information click here to see more choices.

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