Oster Kitchen Center #4125 Review

oster kitchen centerThe Oster Kitchen Center has certainly left its mark with those who have been using this food processor over the years and with little wonder. The manufacturers state, this is the kitchen appliance that can virtually do anything. With statements like that, I simply had to do a review, to see what this kitchen aid could really do.

Apart from being a versatile workhorse, two great benefits of these processors caught my eye when browsing through the Amazon site. The good selection of attachments provided and the availability of replacement parts, should anything go wrong with the appliance.

These benefits coupled with the fact that the Amazon stores at this moment in time, offer a discount of around 40% plus free shipping, on the face of it makes it an attractive looking purchase.

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Oster Kitchen Center Food Processor 4125 & 6-Piece Attachments

Old friends of Oster processors keep referring to it as being the shape of a beehive. One purchaser of this product even warns us not get this model, “The Oster 4125 Kitchen Center” mixed up with other lesser machines which even include other Oster processors.

Seemingly the Oster 4125 has been the choice of professional barmen as well as chef’s from all corners of the world. The heart of the 4125 Kitchen Center comprises of a 500 Watt motor coupled with an all metal drive.

A simple to operate blender using the 3 speed control which will chop up the hardest nuts you can find. Oh, and the “virtually do anything bit”, that refers to being able to process anything from “baby food to froth your favorite chocolate malt”.

Get more details here.

Oster Kitchen Center Attachments

oster kitchen center accessoriesAs mentioned earlier, the Oster Kitchen Center attachments is a major plus factor regarding this device.  The image gives you a better idea of what the six piece attachment pack which consists of:

  • Dishwasher safe and scratch resistant 5-cup glass jar
  • Mini jar used for the purpose of grinding and for storage
  • Food processor attachment
  • Blade for making those frothy milkshakes
  • Additional stainless steel jar
  • stainless steel blade used for crushing ice

Dimensions of the Kitchen Center are: 16 inches tall and 14-1/4 by 9-1/4 inches

Oster Kitchen Center Replacement Parts

One of the main benefits of owning an item from a well established company such as Oster is that you will be able to source spare parts for your kitchen gadgets very easily.

Having access to some Oster Kitchen Center replacement parts means you will be using your blender/food processor for many years to come. No need to go searching for a new model and having to splash out more money yet again for a new one.

Being able to fit a new o-ring, a drive pin or a drive coupling will be sufficient to keep your appliance running for much longer.

See the video below for an example of how simple a repair to your food processor can be.

Making a Repair To a Food Processor

This video shows just how simple it is to change the drive coupling on a food processor. Although this is not specific to the Kitchen Center, it does demonstrate the simplicity of some of these repairs.

Helpful Video For Any Oster Beehive Kitchen Center Repair

If your about to do an Oster Kitchen Center repair, would you agree that having a component blow up chart might come in handy before starting. Well we can do better than that, all thanks to this little video.

This has got to be one of the smartest videos that I’ve come across in a long time. If you were doing a repair on your Oster food processor this would show you exactly what goes on where and what’s involved in replacing components.

To read all about the Oster click this link.

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