Stainless Steel Grill Set

stainless steel grill setWhen shopping around for some BBQ grilling tools make sure your final choice is a stainless steel grill set. Stainless steel will outlast any other tools you care to mention.

Of course there are many options available and you will need to check the quality out if you want to avoid disappointment.

There are even combinations using stainless steel such as stainless steel with wooden handles, stainless with soft handles and stainless with Thermoplastic Rubber TPR, non-slip handles.

Whichever you plump for just bear in mind that grill sets should be substantially made with a bit of weight about them.

Apart from these choices of handles there are also a good few different makers to choose from.

As we go through the finer details of what to look for in a stainless steel grill set, I will add examples throughout of what are my top picks for each tool or tool set.

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Essentials of a Stainless Steel Grill Set

There are 3 main tools used by keen BBQ cooks. The spatula is used for lifting and turning the lighter food ingredients. Tongs are great for steaks, hot dogs, burgers and vegetables and is probably the most used tool. The fork is the ideal tool for maneuvering around the heaviest items you plan on cooking. Things like large cuts of meat, chicken and any other poultry you prefer.

Cuisinart CGS-5014 14-Piece Deluxe Stainless Steel Grill Set

This is a cased set comprising of stainless steel grill tongs, spatula, corn holders, basting brush, cleaning brush and an aluminum case. It has a good many customer reviews and has been rated highly.

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bbq grill tool setIndeed most kits that you will come across will consist of these 3 main grilling tools. Most folk when purchasing their outdoor grill will more than likely also purchase a set of tools to get them started.

Often they find out that their buying decision might have been a bit hasty. These tools might be made of the wrong material, not long enough to keep hands away from the heat or to flimsy to use with confidence.

Just ask any seasoned barbecue chef how important they rate quality grill sets. Whether the menu on the backyard barbecue were to be fish, tasty steaks, mixed vegetables or whatever, tools are of great importance.

Weber Grill Tool Set – Model 6630 3 Piece

weber grill tool setA good example of a 3 main component grill set. No case this time, just the tongs with lockable handles, spatula which has a convenient neck feature with an angle and tines.

But don’t be dissalutioned with the fact it doesn’t have a case or those corn holders as in the model above. You can read my “summing it all up” area at the end of this post for more about this set.

Handles have a soft touch to provide more comfort. They are 18 inches long which keeps the hands further back from the grill heat

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Producing Better Food with the Right BBQ Grill Tool Set

Don’t fuss too much over the food being cooked. Often you’ll see the main chef at a BBQ standing over the grill on tenterhooks while constantly turning the food over and over again.

Certainly not the way to do it and turning the food only once is the ideal method. Those experienced in outdoor food preparation will be more aware of the pitfalls of continually turning food. Which causes it to break up into a mess, making it difficult to lift and serve when ready. Not to mention having a more difficult time cleaning the grill up.

While the fork, tongs and spatula are often referred to as the Holy Trinity by the outdoor cooking fraternity there are others that are required to complete the grill set for BBQ food preparation.

Sooner or later you’re going to get some good old barbecue ribs on the go and more often than not treat them with a tasty sauce. To do this you’ll certainly need a good quality brush.

Elizabeth Karmel’s 15 inch Super Silicone Angled Barbecue Brush

A basting brush of good design which has non- stick silicone bristles which importantly are heat resistant. Applying sauces will be performed much easier with the angled head on a good length handle of 14 inches.

Click here to read more about this barbecue brush.

15 inch Super Silicone Angled Barbecue BrushThere are those who will readily use a brush that was never meant to see a barbecue other than to give it a smart coat of paint. These brushes are not heat resistant nor were they meant to be, so a proper barbecue brush will be required.

When choosing your BBQ brush make sure it’s sturdily built and be able to take a lot of use. Also ensure it has bristles that are flexible and created to form an angle. You’ll never regret the extra expense involved in buying these specialized brushes and neither will your guests.

While on the topic of brushes, don’t forget to get yourself a grill cleaning brush. After all we need to scrub it clean ready for the next time we go to use it. The brush needs to be able to easily scrub away any built up gunk and burnt on grease from your cooking session.

18″ Grill Brush Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Bristles

Grill Brush Heavy Duty Stainless Steel BristlesGrill cleaning brush made in stainless steel will clean grates of: cast iron, stainless steel or coated porcelain safely without scraping.

Good length handle of 18 inches saves knuckles being injured. Comes with a1 year guarantee which sounds good.

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Barbecue skewers

Barbecue skewers are yet another item to add to your stainless steel grill set and of course these should also be of the best stainless steel variety.

I have preferred torqued skewers in the past, you know the ones with the twist in the middle. Although nowadays I’m leaning towards those 2 pronged versions.

The two prongs stops the ingredients from spinning on the skewer and makes a better job of providing all over cooking.

Rosle 25079 Set of 6 Barbeque Stainless Steel Skewers

Rosle 25079 Barbeque Stainless Steel SkewersThese skewers measure 13” long and are the twin pronged variety.

These make a far better job of keeping everything on the skewer and ensures both sides are cooked properly by preventing the food from spinning.

The Rosle 25079 comes in a set of 6 and is one of two double pronged sets that I have eliminated my choice down to.

Click Here to learn more about these skewers that improve cooking.

Barbecue Tools Grill Accessories

Being organized is definitely half the battle when it comes to organizing a barbecue and having all accessories to hand before starting the cooking process should be the priority.

Apart from having your favorite stainless steel grill set ready, such things as a thermometer, drip pans, a barbecue mitt and cleaning brushes will come in handy.

Checking food temperatures while cooking will ensure any bugs such as salmonella bacteria are killed off before eating. The last thing your guests will look forward to will be a tummy upset or perhaps a more serious case that needs to be treated in hospital.

Keeping the grill and other work surfaces clean are the mark of a good chef. Food is less likely to stick to the grill and therefore improve food quality if all cooking debris is regularly cleaned off with wire brushes.

Most accidents that occur when barbecuing are burned fingers unless of course you have asbestos fingers. Getting into the habit of wearing a mitt will greatly avoid burnt fingers.

In order to get your barbecue of the best possible start I have added a bundle of items that would complement your stainless steel bbq tool set.

Stainless Steel Grill Set Bundle

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Summing it All Up

There you have it. These are my final choices of components that I recommend to complete a stainless steel grill set. I already have a version of all the items listed, some I will be renewing and others are working adequately well and will not need to be renewed.

Like my weber grill tool set which feels like extensions to my hands, no not quite like Edward Scissorhands, but kind of. They are just the right weight having a bit of heft and the length is perfect. And I wouldn’t change them for the world, not even for the cased set that I listed above.

grilling toolsMy grill cleaning brush is not all that old and will last for years to come no problem. That leaves me with a shopping list of new skewers and a new basting brush.

The skewers that I have listed will be my final choice simply because they match exactly what I’m looking for. There was another set that I was going to add to my list, the Charcoal Companion Double Prong Skewers CC5093. I then changed my mind when coming across the Rosle 25079.

Apart from liking the plainer design of the Rosle 25079, reading through the user’s feedback reviews I think that they are less problematic. It seems that both of these sets have a few users who have experienced the handles coming loose. That will not be a problem for me as I will pull vigorously with my set when they arrive and any that come loose I will re-stick back in again with my super glue kit.

You may be thinking, but why go to that trouble when buying now products. Well frankly, for me this is not a lot of trouble! Only a few minutes of my time and I will be re-assured that these will work well.

And most of all I will have a set of 6 skewers, or maybe two sets of 6 that I really want because they will make a better job of grilling. They won’t be on the perpetual motion of spinning around every time I simply want to turn them over

The other item will be the Elizabeth Karmel’s 15 inch super silicone angled barbecue brush. It does have all the qualities that I mentioned earlier when choosing a basting brush. I think it will do the admirably and not at all expensive as are all the products mentioned above.

If you still haven’t found your ideal stainless steel grill set yet, click here to See more choices.


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