Stout Backsaver Grip Attachment

stout backsaver grip attachment

Being well into my retirement and still enjoying gardening as one of my pastimes I just had to take a closer look at this Stout Backsaver grip attachment. Not being as supple as year’s gone bye, picking up some of these labor savers is something I have been concentrating on recently.

After reading through this review you won’t be surprised why I finally decide that it wasn’t just 1 of these little back savers I needed, but actually it was more like 3. And the clue is “Nut Gatherer”.

The main point of this back saver is that it acts as an extra handle that can be attached to any point of any long handled work tool you have. The purpose of the Stout Backsaver is to save you having to bend over and putting a strain your back.

When we use a spade, a shovel, rake, brush as well as a great many other tools around the home and garden, our left hand for (right handed users) is always placed lower on the shaft. We use the left hand to help lever, lift and push which is what puts pressure on our backs and causes us to experience pain. Which could be either then and there or later that evening.

Here’s what one person uses this attachment for. When you look at it, it does certainly resemble these Grass Hog string trimmer handles, good thinking. Read the full review here.

With the grip attachment it saves us having to lower the left hand so much and allows us to stand more in a more comfortable upright position.

Now rather than your back taking the strain it brings the legs into play more to save your back. The handle can be attached at the position that suits each individual’s height.

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And the Stout Backsaver Grip Attachment Has Other Uses

stout backsaver handleWith regards to my reference of why I would need 3 Stout Backsavers, here we go. Definitely one for my spade. My soil is light type, with added humus which has been well worked over many years and this attached handle will make turning over the soil this spring a breeze.

Another definite will be for my rake which I use a lot. I use it to rake level my soil after turning it over when preparing beds for seeds and vegetables etc. Plus the rake gets used for all sort of chores like raking up debris, grass and hedge trimmings.

These are areas I recommend where the Backsaver grip would be permanently attached. My third will be a non-permanent fixture and shared with some tools that are less often used. I had thought that they would make ideal little gifts for other friends and family but they will just have to wait till next Christmas.

Garden Weasel Nut Gatherer

Oh and yes, that clue I gave you earlier, “Nut Gatherer”. Well having got myself a Garden Weasel nut gatherer that would help clear the lawn, I found that it needed a bit more downward push when operating it.

Some more downward force that would force the nuts through those wire. That is where my third Stout Backsaver grip attachment will come in really handy. To see what these nut gatherers look like go here to see what I’m talking about.

garden weasel nut gathererSince the nut gathering is purely a seasonal chore I can remove the Backsaver and make use of it on other long handled tools as and when required. It only takes a couple of minutes to make the handle changeover so that’s not really much of a problem.

Topical use due to the heavy snowfall experienced recently in many parts of the country will be attaching the Stout Backsaver to snow shovels and extendable snow brooms.

The grip attachment is made of ABS plastic which will take a good bit of abuse and is guaranteed for 2 years against breakage. Inside the package along with the mounting nuts and bolts comes a piece of packing which can be used for thinner shafts to stop the handle from slipping around.

Stout Backsaver Reviews

With a total of 83 Stout Backsaver reviews to browse through you will find a large majority of the users have left very positive feedback. Indeed this averages out at 4.4 from the 5 stars maximum.

As with most products there is never a 100% rating and this product is no different. Apart from the good reviews left by the large majority there are also a few who have experienced problems. This has been with the grip attachment breaking when lifting a load.

Two things come to mind here. One is perhaps they are not meant to lift heavy loads and smaller shovel fills might be the answer. The other point is one that was made by another unhappy customer who made this statement. “Buy from to avoid getting old product from 3rd pty sellers. No lifetime warranty as stated in accompanying literature”. Here’s a link to their review.

The links to the product on my page here goes to Amazon main supplier of this product and has it reached the #1 Best Seller spot in the Amazon Garden Tool Sets. That’s a pretty hefty award and as you can imagine not a great many product will achieve this.

Just to make a point about the image on the site here. Although it shows 3 attachments there is in fact just one Stout Backsaver grip attachment per order. I mention this for complete clarification since I have been talking about uses for 3 off these units in my review and don’t intend to cause any confusion.

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