Battery Powered Leaf Blower

battery leaf blower with vacuumWith a garden and yard of any size and the arrival of fall, the battery powered leaf blower can be an indispensible tool. When things start to get a bit untidy around the yard with fallen leaves a concerted effort is required to maintain a tidy look and keep things healthy in the garden.

These blowers are great for keeping areas around the fire pit and barbeque area leaf free. The wind often blow leaves into such corners and dried up leaves can catch fire easily.

Tidying up after mowing the lawn with a lawn mower for example is another good use for a leaf blower. Just blowing away all traces of mowed grass from paths and driveways will contribute to that finished look.

Summer is the time to get the leaf blower out and check everything to ensure that it works OK. Apart from checking out the physical condition of the leaf blower a battery check would be in order.

Once fully charged give it a spin. Generally everything should be alright but better to check that it works in case you have to order a new battery. That may take a bit of time and why you need to do the checks before the heavy leaf fall kicks in.

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Best Battery Powered Leaf Blower List

For anyone who doesn’t have a battery leaf blower you might find the following list useful.

If you don’t like using gas powered yard tools and you have a long yard to maintain, then battery powered tools will be your best option. Long runs of extension cords would be an option although not the choice for everyone.

One point to bear in mind with battery leaf blowers is that they won’t do the same amount of work as a mains powered or a gas version. Larger battery versions will do more work obviously before requiring to be recharged.

Battery Powered Leaf Blower

WeedEater Battery Powered Leaf Blower and Vac – Dual Speed

Cordless Battery Powered Leaf Blower with Dual SpeedWith the WeedEater leaf blower you have the choice of 2 speeds thanks to the dual speed feature. These are 80mph for low speed and 125mph for the high speed setting.

The low speed could come in handy when control is needed to blow the leaves into piles ready to be gathered; too much blower power at this stage is inclined to scatter the leaves more. Full power is great when leaves are a bit damp and stubborn to remove them from hard surfaces etc.

The battery used to provide power is a 20v LI-Ion battery which is compatible with their 20v LI-Ion string trimmer as well as their hedge trimmer. If you happen to have these already you will be able to interchange the batteries ensuring you always have one or two on charge while using another.

This blower is lightweight and would suit any member of the family although as one of the reviewer’s mentions, particularly for women. They state

“This is essential for every woman! I love the ease of use…” Read the full review here.

There are 37 reviews left for the WeedEater cordless battery powered leaf blower giving it a good rating of 4.3 from 5 stars.

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Greenworks 40v Leaf Blower with Vacuum – Model 24322

Cordless Leaf Blower with VacuumA unit with a bit more power is the Greenworks 40v cordless leaf blower which also has a vacuum option to collect the leaves as you work along the yard. One of the benefits of using the vacuum to bag the leaves is if you use them for composting.

The vac chops the leaves up into smaller pieces at a ratio of 10:1 which makes the ideal medium when mixed with other green waste for creating your own compost for use next year.

By sucking up the dead leaves from around your garden plants that you carefully planted, when composted they can then be fed to your plant  next years, makes sense.

As you would imagine, the G-MAX 40V Li-Ion battery fitted to the Greenworks battery powered leaf blower will be that much stronger than the previous model, the WeedEater.

It would also last longer before needing to be recharged. Things like that would need to taken into account before buying a cordless leaf blower. Meaning you need to consider what amount of work it will be required to do each season. Other tasks could include blowing grass cutting from paths etc when finished mowing the lawns.

The product page on Amazon states that this leaf blower has variable speeds that offer up to 185 mph although they don’t give much more details about what the variables are. After some research on the page I found a review where they explain a bit about what the various speeds are.

This is what they say.

“It has a low and high setting with a thumbwheel that goes from 0 to 5 – so essentially you have 10 different speeds – 5 in high and 5 in low. I have a garden railroad”

go to this link to read for yourself.

The review statistics for the Greenworks 40v cordless leaf blower with vacuum are; 4.0 from 5 stars left by 100 users of the product.

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Earthwise Leaf Blower Battery Powered – Model CB20018

Earthwise Cordless Leaf Blower ReviewThe Earthwise CB20018 is an 18 volt version of cordless leaf blower, so it is a bit less power than the first model reviewed, the WeedEater and a lot less power than the Greenworks 24322.

A Ni-Cad battery is used in this leaf blower rather than the normally more expensive Li-Ion used in the previous 2 models. This battery can be used with other Earthwise battery powered tools that also use 18 Volts.

The charge time of the batteries range from 3 hrs and 10 minutes, to as much as 5 hrs and 54 minutes for the longest charge time. The blower speed provided is 140 mph.

Earthwise cordless leaf blower review figures from 181 users is rated at 3.9 from 5 stars. Get details

Lithium Battery Powered Leaf Blower – Black and Decker LSW36

Lithium Battery Powered Leaf BlowerBlack and Decker are no strangers in the power tools marketplace and yard tools are yet another finger in the pie. This model which is the Black and Decker LSW36 is powered by a 40 Volt Li-Ion battery.

This sweeper gives out a 120 mph of air speed and has a scraper added to the tip of the blower nozzle to loosen any stubborn leaves stuck to the yard surface.

Light enough to use for long periods with a weight of only 4.7 pounds and is fitted with a comfortable handle that has a soft grip.

Review numbers read favorable for this battery powered leaf blower from Black and Decker with 308 user reviews ratings of 4.3 from 5 stars. Pretty good I think you’ll agree although the first 4 that I see are Vine reviews.

Not to say that these reviews are not valid but I have to point out that if you look at the green writing strip is states “Vine Customer Review of Free Product”. Not the same as user reviews from those who purchased a product.
A good full description of the product you can see here sample vine review.

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18-Volt Black & Decker CCC3000 Battery Powered Lawn care Center

Cordless Electric Lawn care CenterFor my last selection I have added in the Black & Decker CCC3000 which is an 18 volt combo set of 3 yard tools. These include the 18 Volt leaf blower model NS118, the 18 Volt string trimmer edger model NST2018 and the 18 Volt hedge trimmer model NHT518.

Probably this trio will not be for everyone if they already have a hedge trimmer and string trimmer. I have added them in for those who are just starting out building up their yard tool stock. Buying the set of 3 items will work out cheaper than buying individually.

Also with the Lawn care Center comes 2 Ni-Cad batteries complete with a 2 port charger and mount to fix to the wall. To top it off is a 3-year warranty.

One battery could be put on charge while the other is in use can be a handy feature. That and if the property were not to big could result in a good buy, for what is a realistic price for a starter kit.

Reviews left for the cordless electric lawncare center are at 415 just now witch has been rated at 4.2 from 5 stars. There is one reviewer who recons that you would be better off buying the items separately due to losing out on 1 battery. See the review here.

But as I mentioned above, this set would suit the smaller garden where 2 batteries should complete the task at hand before requiring to be recharged. Or carry on the next day when batteries are ready to go again. It’s a bit of a trade off and each individual will know their own needs best.

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After going through the best battery powered leaf blower list I hope you have become a little wiser and closer to your most suitable model. If not Click Here to See More Choices

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