Fire Pit Coffee Table

fire pit table and chairsSince we as humans learned how to control fire way back in history, things have moved on a bit with the introduction of the fire pit coffee table. Conversation and storytelling can still be carried out amid the flickering flames of an open fire.

As outdoor living increases in popularity more and more people are looking to install an outdoor fire pit table along with and often to compliment their other garden accessories.

With the right lighting as well as comfortable and suitable seating, these can all be instrumental in helping to create the right mood, leaving you to just add the right company.

Battery operated outdoor lights are easy to install and they make an ideal lighting choice in the darker evenings. Another option would be to have a Coast torch to hand as they give great lighting when needed or a lower lighting option if desired.

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What to Consider When Buying a Fire Pit Coffee Table

Fire Pit Coffee TableThere are a few things to take into account before jumping in and buying a fire pit that will also help to make your choices easier. Bearing in mind that what you can afford to pay for one may well reduce your options.

There is a good selection of outdoor fire pit tables for sale in a multitude of shapes and sizes that burn every sort of fuel. Prices vary to suit most budgets and can range from $100 up to many hundreds of dollars.

Consider whether a static or a portable fire pit would be most suitable for your needs. Will it be a feature, will it be built to fit in with other landscaping or to match a barbecue for example. Or would it have to be more portable and be moved from one area to another more suitable area of the yard.

Local rules along with considering if the fire pit would be an annoyance to neighbors need to be thought out. If you don’t know your local rules for outdoor burning then its best to find out before committing yourself to one.

Other common sense things like placing the fire away from overhanging branches and wooden fencing for example should be kept in mind. Adding things like storage carts which are handy for storing useful items such as any emergency equipment you have.

Strathwood ST. Thomas Cast Aluminum Fire Pit with Table

strathwood st. thomas cast-aluminum fire pit with tableThe Strathwood ST. Thomas fire pit is 22.5 inches high and suitable for use as a an outdoor coffee table. The scrolling vine pattern created in cast aluminum makes it ideal for outdoor use as rain would simply run through it.

The fire bowl which is made of copper measures 22 inches across and is 7 inches deep sits in the center of the table and can be covered with a matching aluminum lid when the fire pit is not in use.

In the interior of the copper bowl sits the fire grate that is made of a black metal. To cover the fire when lit there is a mesh dome that will eliminate any sparks from flying around the seated area.

Although light enough to be moved around, the fire pit coffee table is still sturdy and durable enough to give good wear.

You would need to do a little assembly work with this item which doesn’t amount to very much and is pretty straight forward. The overall measurements you need to take into account are – diameter of 42 inches and a height of 22-1/2 inches high with the weight being 44 pounds.

What I like about the Strathwood St. Thomas cast aluminum fire pit with table is the other Strathwood patio furniture available to match up with each other, such as the table complete with ice bucket.

No Longer Available

Whidbey Fire Pit from Strathwood Patio Furniture

strathwood patio furnitureVery similar to the previous model from Strathwood is the Whidbey model featured here. The main difference is in the cast aluminum pattern.

This unit would also fit in well with other items of Strathwood patio furniture in the cast aluminum range. The range of other items is very attractive and also compliments the table with ice bucket mentioned earlier.

Items you could add to the collection include the deep cushioned Loveseat which can double as a 2 seated bench, coffee table, 2 versions of chairs and a chaise lounge which has a 6 position back adjustment.

The Whidbey fire pit again needs some simple assembly and is more or less the same dimensions of the previous model. Review ratings for the Whidbey fire pit are pretty good with 12 reviews left giving it 4.8 from 5 stars.

No Longer Available

GreatRoom Naples Propane and Natural Gas Fire Pit Table

Natural Gas Fire Pit TableThe outdoor GreatRoom Naples is both a propane and natural gas fire pit table and features a rust free aluminum frame with resin base which has been outdoor rated.

The table top is made of tempered black glass rectangular in shape and measures 48 inches long by 36 inches broad.

The Crystal Fire burner is made from stainless steel and 20 inches in diameter. The 60,000 BTU burner comes with all the usual hose and regulator fittings to provide a clean burn fire.

When not using the fire there is a matching glass lid that fits over the fire pit bowl allowing it to be used as a normal coffee table.

Reviews that have been left for this natural gas fire pit table are all very good with ratings of 4.6 from 5 stars being the average from the 8 users who left a review.

Assembly was easy so there are no concerns there. The only confusion regarding assembly was from one user who felt that the pieces were poorly marked for propane tank or natural gas. Read more about the review here

Complete with 1 Year Warranty and 10 pounds of fire glass.

No Longer Available

Outdoor Greatroom Montego Part Fire Pit Chat Set

Fire Pit Chat SetFor anyone who is pondering building up their own fire pit chat set the Greatroom Montego fire pit coffee table would make the ideal central focus item. It would fulfill most of the needs for this type of outdoor living.

Starting with the fire pit and expanding to the other items suitable to your own particular needs makes a great option and a lot of sense. Simple to set up as it is to switch on by pushing the ignite button.

The flames leap up through the colored Diamond glass to the level you prefer to provide your fire glow level requirements.

the Montego is similar in many ways to the Naples listed previously with the main difference being the larger 88,000 BTU burner that will provide that little extra when required.

The review figures for the Outdoor Greatroom Montego fire pit coffee table is almost 100% and rated by the 9 users rated at 4.9 from 5 stars, this is about as good as it gets.

Its more normal for me to be pointing out problems found with item descriptions not being very accurate and being to the detriment of the buyer. In this case it would seem that the opposite is true as one user has made the remark about the glass fire pit cover AND a canvas cover being included without any reference made to it on the product page.

Well I do see that there is a Vinyl cover and the glass fire pit burner cover mentioned as being optional accessories. This information may have been added but is a little unclear. Going to the company’s main sales page tells me that “The black tempered glass top comes with a glass cover for the burner when it’s not in use, to make a beautiful glass top table”.

Also included are – Diamond colored fire glass, you receive 16 pounds of fire glass plus the one years warranty.

Sizes are – 21 inches high x 59 3/4 inches long x 30 inches deep.

No Longer Available

More Coffee Table Fire Pit Options

There are other models available although the ones featured on here are those that I have found with good review figures coming in from users.

This is not to say that a new version coming out is inferior in any way, it does mean that the ones with reviews at least have been tried and tested and rated by users.

Click here to see more choices of the fire pit coffee table selection available.

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