Kitchen Cart with Trash Bin

Kitchen Cart with Trash BinThe main benefits attained from a kitchen cart with trash bin is having a unit that is compact, while being  multifunctional.

By compact I mean that it won’t over crowd the available kitchen floor space. A large cart in a larger uncluttered kitchen should pose no problem.

Today it’s possible to have a kitchen fitted to your own specifications with this type of cart designed in.

Custom kitchen installs don’t come cheap and these add-on kitchen cart versions do the job adequately.

As is usual with most products, some carts have more features than others and it’s a simple matter of choosing the most suitable for your particular needs and kitchen type.

Listed below are a few features found in kitchen carts that have a trash can included in the design.

They will give you some ideas of what to look for when choosing your cart although functionality might be the most important.

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Features You May Want in Your Kitchen Cart with Bin

  • They can be wheeled to the most suitable area of the kitchen to carry out any work needing to be done.
  • Have shelves to store items needed to carry out each particular task.
  • May have a drawer included for storing knives and other utensils.
  • More often than not they have a butcher’s block surface to do the cutting and carving.
  • The trash can is located in a handy position.
  • Easy removed trash can for emptying.
  • Can be used as a serving cart. Think of how handy it would be stationed next to the fire pit coffee table and used to cart any cooked food around to be served to guests. Plus the handy trash bin feature for disposing of any scraps and other waste to keep the area clean and tidy.
  • Serve up the food i.e. turkey and goose etc during holiday festivities.

In many situations a kitchen island would make the ideal situation for food preparation. These could be costly to install, that is if your kitchen was even large enough in the first instance.

The only space that a kitchen cart needs is a small area of workspace to fit into when not in use. I have provided details of a few that I reckon would be suitable for most kitchens.

Rolling Kitchen Cart with Trash Bin

Rolling Kitchen Cart with Trash BinMy first example is a rolling kitchen cart with trash bin made from laminated wood composites. The top surface which can be used for carving etc is made from solid hardwood.

The storage compartment holds the trash bin for food scraps and waste which the company states will hold a waste basket of 13 gallons. The trash bin isn’t included with this cart and in some reviews I have read a 13 gallon bin is too big and you would be better to buy a 12 gallon one instead.

On the opposite side of the storage compartment is a 3 tiered shelved area for holding pot, pans and utensils you will need to carry out the intended chore. At the back of the unit is a holder for paper towels.

Assembling the kitchen cart was a simple task as one of those who have left a review states. Read more about this review here.

The measurements are;

The cutting area is – 36″ wide x 18″ deep

The shelved area is – 15+” deep x 13″ wide

The overall size is – 35 high x 35″ wide x 18 deep.

Out Of Stock

Extendable Kitchen Cart with Hidden Trash Bin

Extendable Kitchen Cart with Hidden Trash BinThe second version I have chosen as a good candidate, is this extendable kitchen cart from Coaster Furniture. It’s made from solid rubberwood which might be a bit more solid than the previous model and being extendable might suit a lot of people with a smaller kitchen.

The top surface has a butcher block area to work on and the cart body is white colored. There is a trash can with this item which rolls out on runners.

Further food preparation could be carried out using an Oster Kitchen Center for example with all the tasks that it performs. Peelings from vegetables and fruit plus any pulp from juicing can be quickly disposed of into the trash bin.

The other cupboard area is used for shelving or whatever you might have in mind for it, such as another bin or dishes etc. On the same end is a spice rack and roller for paper towels.

As mentioned the kitchen cart with hidden trash bin is extendable, which I can only guess is at the opposite end from the spice rack. There is no explanation about where or how it operates other than to state, that it has an “extendable work surface”.

This review is referring to the flip up board and you can read about it at this link.

Below the work top are 2 drawers for cutlery, towels and napkins etc. The castors will allow it to be wheeled into any area of the kitchen or dining room with ease.

The measurements are – 42.75″Long x 21.5″-31.5″Wide x 35.5″High.

Currently Unavailable.

Butcher Block Kitchen Cart with Trash Bin Area

Butcher Block Kitchen Cart with Trash BinMy third choice is this kitchen cart from Catskill Craftsmen which has almost all of the features you would expect from this type of cart. It has a hardwood top as the butcher block and a white lacquered base of cabinet and shelves.

The cabinet area comes with a shelf, although if you preferred to use this space for a trash bin just don’t install the shelf. Immediately below the work top is a long drawer for cutlery etc and the end has a rail for towels.

Many people already have a granite top kitchen cart which is also ideal to be used for cutting up meat although it may not take a sharp blow so well. Another use would be for storing a food processor that wouldn’t have to rely on electric power.

This would come in real handy especially if you were planning to prepare food out in the yard. See the hand crank food processor and chopper review for more ideas.

The sizes of this butcher block kitchen cart with trash bin are;

Interior Cabinet – 15 in. wide by 12.5 in. deep by 23 in. high.

Interior Drawer – 25.25 in. wide by 14 in. deep by 3 in. high.

Open Shelf – 13.675 in. wide by 15.25 in. deep by 11.25 in. high.

Overall Dimensions – 29.5 in. wide by 17.375 in. deep by 34 in. high.

Currently Unavailable.

You can read more storage carts on wheels reviews that will serve many more purposes at this link. Or to see another kitchen cart with trash bin page, click here for more choices.

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