Snowflake Christmas Lights

snowflake christmas lightsThe snowflake is to Christmas and winter as the butterfly is to summer. Which means that snowflake Christmas lights are one of the most popular style of lights on peoples shopping lists at Xmas time.

Whether they live in an area of the country where snowfall is traditional or not, the image’s association with Christmas time is so strong, that it always appears among the decorations.

To help those considering choosing some sets of these snowy Xmas lights to complete their winter decoration theme, I have listed a few below that will suit most tastes.

These include Christmas snowflake lights for windows, twinkling and flashing snowflake Christmas lights and blue snowflake Christmas lights and battery operated outdoor lights

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Large Snowflake Christmas Lights

Iridescent Snowflake Ornament HangingLighting up the window can easily be done using these big Iridescent snowflake hanging ornaments. They do a great job of adding to the festive welcoming scene.

The star comes with velcro for easy assemble and a sling for convenient hanging. The item requires no assembling and can be stored away when the festive season is over.

These Christmas star decorations do not light up as such, but I just had to add them in here due to their good large size of 15.5 inches, colorfulness and the fact they could be used for many other occasions.

They are highly decorative and could be used for birthday parties, baby showers and for weddings.

Users who have purchased this snowflake shaped Christmas ornament have left good reviews on the Amazon site. The 58 reviews that have been left averages out at 4.5 from 5 stars which is a very good rating. See it here.

Blue Led Snowflake Christmas Lights

Blue Led Snowflake Christmas LightsPerhaps these could be described as blue and white snowflake Christmas lights because although the snowflake covers are blue, the bulbs are actually cool white.

The bulbs are micro version and LED super bright bulbs which are highly energy efficient which saves 90% of energy. There a total of 50 bulbs on each string which are spaced out 6 inches apart.

Measuring a full length of 30 feet with the lead cord measuring 6.5 feet. Take a look at them here.

The lighting mode is, Steady On of Flash and is solar powered.

The fact that they are waterproof makes them ideal for outdoor use on the lawn, patio, arbor, porch roof or fence.

Of course a Xmas disply can be mixed up with many colors and shapes such as gold Christmas tree lights.

The sizes of the snowflakes which are made of plastic are – 1.7 inches.

Twinkling and Flashing Snowflake Christmas Lights

Flashing Snowflake Christmas LightsWith this set of twinkling and flashing snowflake Christmas lights you have the opportunity to also have them set to steady on all time mode, perhaps just for a change.

Create the illusion that it’s snowing indoors all ads to the festive theme, while at the same time being eco-friendly with these power saving LED bulbs.

These battery operated snowflake Christmas lights that use 3 off AA batteries which are not included incidentally.

The set comprises of 30 LED bulbs on a string length of approximately 10 foot and spaced out at 4 inches apart. These receive good reviews of 4.7 from 5 stars from the 3 users who have left feedback. Read more.

Snowflake Curtain Christmas Lights White

Snowflake Curtain Light Plug in String LightGreat idea not only for Xmas time but also for Wedding and Garden Parties are these snowflake curtain Christmas lights. They are fully adjustable for the whole 8 settings via a control box.

The curtain contains 96 LED warm white snowflake Christmas lights with the combination of – Steady On – Slo-glo – Twinkle – Chasing Flash – Slow Fade – Twinkle Flash- Sequential – In Waves.

The lights could be used anywhere to brighten up backgrounds, in the home, in windows, clubs, hotels, karaoke, buildings or dance hall just to name a few examples. See here.

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