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The kitchen is probably the most important room in the home and certainly the where most of the chores are carried out. To help us out with these chores we nowadays have plenty of kitchen appliance to help us cook better food, keep our food fresh and serve it up to the family.

The list of kitchen accessories, utensils and as some would simply call gadgets has grown in recent years. All in all in their bright modern tones, they help brighten up our lives as well as the kitchen and are extremely useful into the bargain.

Red 4 Slice Toaster

4 Slice Toaster Red

Attempting to keep all the kitchen appliances in the same color scheme can be a challenge although a challenge that’s worthwhile.

The red 4 slice toaster is just one example of the problem. Not only finding the right color of toaster, but also one that will do everything you want.

This post features a selection of 4 such toasters that are very different and worth a look.

Granite Top Kitchen Cart

Crosley Black Granite Top Kitchen Cart Island

If a granite top kitchen cart is on your list of wants, the following past features 3 top models that would grace any kitchen large or small.

Models featured are by makers such as Crosley, Home Styles and linon who have brought some models to the market that have now become popular with homeowners.

Granite tops in black as well as other colors can fit in well with existing kitchen decor and having your own movable kitchen island can be a big treat.

Kitchen Cart with Trash Bin

Extendable Kitchen Cart with Hidden Trash Bin

It might surprise you just how versatile a kitchen cart with trash bin can actually be. Of course the obvious points are of being a mobile food preparation unit that will have a trash bin for the waste.

These carts can take the place of a kitchen island and save the cost associated with having an island installed.

They can be used as a trolley to take the prepared food the table in the dining area as an example. Some are even extendable to provide even more worktop.

Golden Vantage GVBI-36S Review of Wall Mount Range Hood

golden vantage gvbi-36s range hood review

In the Golden Vantage GVBI-36S review you will discover a wall mount hood 36 inches in length fitted with 3 baffles.

Made of easy to clean and hygienic stainless steel the GVBI-36S has an air flow of 760 CFM Max with noise ratings of less than 65 decibels.

Has 3 speed controls and a telescopic chimney to help fit most home kitchen situations. The non-return air flaps act to save heat when the hood is not being used.

Oster Kitchen Center #4125 Review

oster kitchen center accessories

The Oster Kitchen Center will perform a huge range of food preparation tasks due to the 6 accessories that is supplied with this food processor.

Apart from having all these facilities, finding replacement parts if anything should go wrong with this blender/processor is very easy.

Hand Crank Food Processor and Chopper Review

Progressive International Manual Food Chopper

Choose your hand crank food processor from the shortlist of 3 best rated models. These reviews cover the Chef’n VeggiChop, International Manual Food Chopper and Salsa Maker or the Kitchen King Pro.

Read the reviews to help you reach a decision for which model would suit your intended use best.

20 Inch Range Hood for the Small Kitchen Review

20 inch range hood

A 20 inch range hood will come in handy fot those of us with a small kitchen or there may be other situations where a larger size simply wouldn’t fit.

Also the fact that it is an under cabinet range hood can utilize the existing space so much better.

A basic model with the choice of 2 fan speeds and lighting control. Read more of the Summit H1620W review.