Snow Shovel for Car

Snow Shovel for CarChoosing a snow shovel for car or truck emergency use needs to be done well before winter arrives. You need to have made your choice, shopped to buy it received delivery before the snow arrives. You wouldn’t believe the number of the people caught out each winter that are unprepared.

Starting with the first activity mentioned above, choosing the shovel is often the most difficult part of all due to the large number of choices that are available. Just break the choices down into what will suit your needs best.

The snow shovel will have to fit into the car without taking up to much room which conjures up an image of a collapsible shovel. Good thinking and there are collapsible shovels available. But what you must keep in mind is that it will do the job required as it may well be used in an emergency situation.

That means it has to be reliable and the last thing we need in such situations is a collapsible shovel that’s to flimsy to do the task. Unless you’re sure the collapsible shovel of choice is up to the task go for a fixed shaft that will still fit into the car.

Emergencies need to be planned for as it’s too late if your caught unprepared when these situations arise. If a tire needs blowing up and your miles away from a filling station, don’t you think an air pump for tires in the car would be handy. Same applies when preparing for snow.

Another good example regarding emergencies in the car is adding extra car heaters. Agreed they are not all that great due to only having a 12 volt battery to provide the power. But having the best portable car heater available in the car might just give enough heat to avoid a very serious situation.

I have added some snow shovel options below that would be suitable and more importantly, work well for you when required if an emergency should crop up.

Snow Shovel for Car

Collapsible Snow Shovel for Car Trunk

Collapsible Snow Shovel for Car TrunkAs mentioned above a little thought needs to be put into choosing a collapsible snow shovel to fit a car trunk and this particular model has proved popular with those who have made the decision to buy it.

The Lifeline red aluminum sport utility shovel  collapsible comes in 3 easy to assemble and disassemble parts to create a compact snow shovel.

The aluminum construction is lightweight although strong and weighs only 1.6 pounds. The bright red color ensures that it doesn’t get mislaid in the snow.

The adjustments that can be made are from 26 inches to 32 inches that will facilitate many uses that I’m sure your imagination will conjure up.

Although not necessary the size you would choose to clear the drive when at home, this shovel although compact will do a great job in the right situation.

With a hefty number of 1,847 users who have left a review for the aluminum snow shovel they give it a good rating of 4.4 from 5 stars which speaks for itself. Details here.

Emergency Folding Snow Shovels

Emergency Snow ShovelThese shovels are really small in fact some of these folding snow shovels would fit into the palm of your hand. Immediately I thought they would be too small, but on reflection I could see it being really useful to slip under a car seat if space were very limited.

At least that would get rid of the excuse for not including a snow shovel for car use. There are so many other uses this small snow shovel could be put to and many of them I can think of could be in an emergency.

Most of us know people who do a lot of outdoor activities such as backpacking and going into some of the more remote areas. The smaller versions of these little shovels could fit into a pocket and could end up being the means of surviving unforeseen accidents and freak weather conditions.

Compact Snow ShovelOn the edge of some there is a saw that could come in handy, in fact some claim that they could cut down trees.

These items would even make an excellent gift for someone you care for, if you already have one that is. See them here.




Seymour Heavy Duty Metal Aluminum Snow Shovel

heavy duty snow shovelYou might be surprised to see that I have added what is probably more recognizable as a grain shovel. But the Seymour SV-SDA14 will also make an excellent heavy duty snow shovel.

With a head size of 15-1/2 inches it would make short work of a heavy fall of snow as many metal snow shovels can do and the 29 inch length would fit into a car trunk with ease.

Being an aluminum snow shovel means that although the head size is large the total weight is only 3.8 pounds.

As with all my recommended items the feedback rating of the Seymour snow shovel is pretty strong. Plus a good many of the 10 users who left a review also recommended it for snow clearing and rated it 4.7 from 5 stars.

Last time I checked this item was out of stock. If that is still the case when reading this, read more about the other versions.

There are other items that anyone caught out in an emergency would wish to have to hand which are, a good torch. Read the coast HP21 LED torch light review for more information regarding my own experience. A battery operated portable heater may also come in useful in certain situations.

If after reading my review you still haven’t found the right snow shovel for car winter motoring, click here to see more choices.

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