Battery Operated Outdoor Lights

battery operated outdoor lightsDon’t you just love modern technology and how much easier and convenient it can make our lives. Modern day battery operated outdoor lights is just one example of these new technology ideas that I certainly appreciate the arrival of .

Of the many things that conjure up Christmas in my mind are the bright shiny lights decorating not only the tree in our home but also the whole neighborhood during these dark winter evenings. Although the tradition of adding lights goes way back, my earliest memories were of the old incandescent bulb type.

These were painted glass of all colors and would fail to work every year we brought them out to decorate the tree. We would all sit around taking each one out in turn to try and locate the one bulb that had failed by replacing it with a know working one. Or sometimes more than one bulb, as with this type of lighting if one failed nothing worked.

Not so today with all the options we have using these new LED lights that can appear to dance and hypnotize us and it happens all over town. We have nowadays managed to create what the original creators of the very first Christmas lights could only have dreamed about, thanks to LED and batteries.

I have added a selection of Christmas lights that would help brighten up any neighborhood.

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Battery Operated Outdoor Lights for Christmas

Battery Operated Outdoor Lights for ChristmasMy first suggestion comprises of this set of 100 LED outdoor as well as indoor string of lights. You can choose between the colored set or the bright white set, or even create your own Christmas patterns and themes utilizing both sets.

The great benefit with using battery power rather than mains is it overrides the problem of having to feed power cables to these outdoor lights. With these batteries which are 4 “AA” batteries and designed to last up to a full 30 days (switched on for 6 hours daily)which suits fine for the Christmas period.

They can be set to display various combinations of Slowly fading, slow glowing, a chasing and flashing pattern, to slowly fade, create waves, provide a sequential array, stay on at all times and of course twinkle. Altogether there is the opportunity to create 8 different patterns via the buttons.

The 100 lights are strung along a 34 foot cable ready to be hung up in your chosen location be it indoors or outdoors. Switching off is done by simply holding the control button for 5 seconds. Get more information here.

50 Outdoor Battery Operated LED String Lights

Outdoor Battery Operated LED String LightsIf you think that 100 of these lights are too much I’ve found an option where they offer sets of 50 battery operated outdoor lights of quite the same type. They can also be used indoors and have a variety of 8 different settings that can be set to work automatically.

The settings allow you to have the lights alternate from multi color to clear, clear lights only and timing settings of on for 6 hours and then off for 18 hours. Suit yourself if you want them to turn on themselves when dark.

Follow this link for information about the 50 light set click here.

The length is 17.5 feet and requires 3 D batteries which are not supplied.

Mixing and matching LED string lights along with other Christmas ornamental decorations such as fiber optic christmas village scenes can all add to better and fresher display.

Battery Powered String lights for Outdoor Use

Starry Battery Powered String lights for Outdoor UseThe uses for the Starry Lights Mini are many, not only for Christmas as they are often seen being used in gardens for parties and weddings etc. They can set of craftwork creations and create attention grabbing displays. Even used for decorating kids bikes and their bedrooms.

The bulb color is an ultra bright rich tone in a row of 20 strung out on a thin soft wire which is although thin, is strong and easy to bend into the shapes you require. The total length is 6 1/2 feet or 2 meters.

Some people prefer to have warmer tones such as gold Christmas tree lights which they feel is more welcoming. Then you have a number of people who have snowflake Christmas lights in their decoration theme which gives a cooler feel, its all down to taste.

Brought to us by the Qualizzi Star Lights Company who provide a hassle free 100% guarantee with no questions asked, sounds pretty solid. Read more about these battery powered string lights here.

Just looking at the reviews left by happy users of their battery operated outdoor lights speaks volumes for the Starry Lights Mini. They have achieved ratings of 4.5 from the 5 stars possible, something very few products can reach. Not from only a couple of reviewers, but comes from a good figure of over 70 which you find here.

The batteries required are 3 X AA and the battery holder has an On/Off switch.

Outdoor Battery Lights for Security – Mr Beams MB390

Outdoor Battery Lights for Security - Mr Beams MB390It’s impossible to talk about Christmas and outdoor battery operated lights and not mention about keeping everyone who visits and those in the home both safe and secure. This light as you will see will work for you all year round and is a breeze to install.

One of the biggest put-offs when thinking about installing security lighting around the home is the expense associated with buying the products and hiring an electrician.

The Mr Beams MB390 300-Lumen battery powered spotlight has a motion sensor that picks up the movement of those approaching the doorway or leaving the home. Lights come on and off automatically and great for lighting up the yard when carrying things around to avoid tripping up.

Carrying a torch can help you find your way around the yard OK but then it wont disturb intruders when they arrive in the night. If you would like information about which LED torch I would recommend visit the link.

You will find these battery operated outdoor lights to be durable as well as reliable. They are also weatherproof units that will work in any weather providing an area of 400 square feet of light using 4 X D Cell batteries.

The Mr Beams MB390 has good review ratings from almost 600 users and well worth taking a look at for yourself if this is a product that would be of use to you. There is a cheaper model available which you could see on the Amazon site although the light is not as strong. Personally for the price difference I would recommend the MB390 as being better value. See it here.

I hope you find some fantastic battery operated outdoor lights that fit your requirements in order to make your Christmas this year the brightest ever. Not only for Xmas if you decide to install the security lighting these will work for you year in year out. For a full selection Click Here to See More Choices that may suit your Christmas decoration plans for this year.

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