Fiber Optic Christmas Village

Fiber Optic Christmas VillageWhen it comes time to start putting up the Christmas decorations will you also be setting up your fiber optic Christmas village? As I write this review about these little gems which are full of beautiful colored lights, Christmas is fast approaching.

If your anything like myself, I always make a point of topping up my decoration stocks with a few new fresh items.

More often than not the choice is influenced by the younger members of the family. Ah well, suppose that’s what it’s all about anyway and on the list this year are some snowflake Christmas lights to set the scene.

There is a growing number of collectors of fiber optic decorations and Christmas scenes is just one of these fields. A new entry which has now started to gather a new set of fans is the Christmas village collection made by Banberry Designs.

Due to their superior quality I have decided to review Banberry Designs versions which I think will be most helpful for collectors. I have now added information about Christmas village display platforms to the site which will help those who want to add some height and different levels to their display.

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Fiber Optic Village with River Christmas Scene

Fiber Optic Village with River Christmas SceneThe first model I have chosen to look at is named “Main Street” from the “Northern Lights Mountain Village Collectible”. This intricately decorated fiber optic village with river scene features a brightly lit house and mountain stream with color changing lights.

Across from the house stands a church complete with steeple which is again lit up. In the foreground we see a frozen river crossed by an old stone bridge and stone built banks. Children are playing in an area close by lit by a brightly lit lamp.

The background consists of a view of distant mountains lit by a bright starlit sky. The ground, building roofs and shrubs are all covered in a realistic looking heavy covering of snow and icicles hanging from the roof eves.

The clever use of the fiber optics provides a warm glow to the idyllic scene which when you see the other models available its little wonder they have become collectable. Even just adding one of these winter village models to a collection would soon build the village up into something that little bit different. Read more here.

The dimensions of this model are 11 inches wide x 7.25 inches high x 7 inches deep. All of these models come with 2 lamps. These fiber optic lights are A/C powered.

Fiber Optic Christmas Village Houses

Fiber Optic Christmas Village HousesThis Christmas village scene features the “Santa House and reindeer” and again part of the Northern Lights Mountain Village collection. In this version we have a large house and a 2 smaller houses with a rocky foreground and evergreen trees in the background.

As with all the other models and keeping with the winter theme all the house roofs and ground is covered in snow. In between the houses there is a snowman complete with hat and scarf.

As the title suggests we have a Santa and reindeer leaving the house to go on to the other houses as he delivers his toys to the children of the village. The warm glow from the LED fiber optics creates a life like image and would go well under the tree or with other models in the series.

An excellent feature of these fiber optic Christmas collection is how well the packed for dispatch. They come in Styrofoam packaging which not only ensures that they arrive safely but will also keep them in safe condition while stored away till next year.

To read more about this version click here.

The dimensions of the fiber optic Christmas village houses model are 7.5 inches wide x 10.75 inches high x 6.5 inches deep.

Fiber Optic Log Cabin Christmas Village Ornament

Fiber Optic Log Cabin Christmas VillageThere’s no mistaking the Log Cabin which is part of the Christmas snow village collection and named “Welcome Home”. It has a typical alpine look with heavy snow and icicles covering the cabin.

A great winter scene which fits in well with the Christmas festive spirit and other festive lighting ideas. Ideas such as battery operated outdoor lights and Xmas tree lights all add to the overall theme.

The log cabin could either be displayed on its own as an attractive centerpiece or added to the other fiber optic Christmas village ornaments to form a larger village scene.

The cabin has 2 floors and the front view has a set of steps leading to a balcony. The ground floor entrance features a snowman and 3 Christmas trees decorated with lights.

The rear of the building has 2 balconies with dripping icicles and a rear entrance. All the windows have shutters and are lit with a warm glow provided by the fiber optic lights including LEDs. Discover all the details at this link.

The cabin measures, 5.5 inches wide x 7.25 inches high x 5.25 inches deep.

Fiber Optic Village Toy Store

Fiber Optic Village Toy StoreWhat is Christmas without toys, can you imagine the situation of a world without toys. There would certainly be a lot of disappointed kids around. So its little wonder that the Banberry Designs company have added the “Toy Store” to the fiber optic Christmas village collection.

The toy store sits in front of a background of pine trees and snow covered mountain peaks. Standing on the steps leading into the store stand a big white rabbit and a teddy bear with a scarf tied round his neck to keep him warm.

To the right of the entrance standing to attention on top of a drum is a toy soldier in full uniform. The windows to the left and right have brightly colored awnings and warm glowing windows created with the fiber optic and LED lights in contrast to the snow covered ground.

The dimensions of the village toy store are, 10 inches high x 10 inches wide x 7inches deep. See other views of the toy store here .

See the Other Christmas village Options

TThere are many more fiber optic Christmas village ornaments to choose from, eleven in total that you can choose from. Not just Banberry Designs versions. There are other makers on the page, who knows you might even prefer some of those.

There are many more fiber optic Christmas village items at the link below. Click Here to See More Choices

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