Crystal Christmas Tree Topper

Crystal Christmas Tree TopperNo doubt the most famous crystal Christmas tree topper sits on top of the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree. Known as the Swarovski crystal star this has been the chosen Christmas tree topper for the tree since 2004.

Yes we would all love to own one, if we only had both the space and the money. Until then we just have to make do with what we can afford. That being said, there are some pretty decent options available to us. OK not all are real crystal, but who will know the difference!!!

When looking through shops and websites who are selling this type of tree topper many titles state crystal although they are really just made from plastic/acrylic and wire etc. We don’t mind this as the prices are usually OK and they do the job we want pretty well.

Of course there are exceptions, such as glass reproductions of toppers from a gone-by-era that are available. On the whole by far the most widely available are the man made plastic/acrylic types. I have listed a selection below of some of the best I have come across on the Amazon web site and also a couple of Swarovski crystal stars for those who must have crystal.

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Real Swarovski Crystal Tree Toppers

Believe it or not, you have the chance to see and perhaps own your own Swarovski crystal Christmas tree topper in the form of a star.

Have your own interpretation of the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree topper that you can give pride of place when displayed atop your tree.

Having a beautiful crystal Christmas tree topper such as this one will provide many years of pleasure providing care is taken in storing it from one year to another. One way to ensure its safety would be to put it into one of the pockets in these Christmas tree bags for storage.

Swarovski Crystal Christmas Tree Topper 632785

Swarovski Crystal Christmas Tree TopperThe first is this gold tree topper by Swarovski number 632785 which is now a retired model. There are multi Swarovski crystal elements mounted to form a star.

Created from elements of Swarovski crystal to form the shape of a snowflake is then attached to a gold colored point that mounts it on the tree. The snowflake is strong symbol we associate with Christmas as can be seen with the wide variety of Snowflake Christmas lights available to us.

Those who purchased this crystal Christmas tree topper seem to be highly delighted with the item.

There has been 7 reviews left by users and they all rate it 5.0 from 5 stars, pretty impressive. Visit the site.

Swarovski Crystal Star Christmas Tree Topper

Swarovski Crystal Star Christmas Tree TopperThe second features a silver-tone metal star that has elements of Swarovski clear crystals added to the structure.

On the base of the star there is a metal spiral spring like feature that is used to twist the star onto the top of the tree.

As an alternative to using this as a tree topper, the metal spiral can be removed. The crystal star can then be used as an ornament to hang from the tree.

There is a white satin ribbon supplied for this purpose as well as a book of instructions.

Read more about the item here.

LED Color Changing Crystal Star Christmas Tree Topper

led color changing crystal star christmas tree topperThe reviews left by the owners who have purchased this tree topper with pulsing LED, simply speaks for it. This topper has one of the biggest numbers of reviews left by users that I have found for this type of item. With 89 reviews left and with an average rating of 4.5 out from the 5 stars maximum is really pretty good.

The tree topper from GKI Bethlehem Lighting pulses through a brightly lit variety of colors to appear as though it were a crystal star shining brightly.

Made from a sturdy acrylic the star is mounted on a 24 inch flexible arm which you can clamp on to your tree. No matter what type of tree you have as this will still work with both artificial and real trees.

The approx total dimensions are: 36″ tall x 8″ wide x 5″ deep.

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Lighted Star Topper for Christmas Tree

Lighted Star Topper for Christmas TreeLike the GKI Bethlehem Lighting model above this lighted star topper from Kurt Adler Company has some really good review feedback – (122 reviews left and rated 4.3 from 5 stars).

When I initially read about this tree topper I understood that it was a gold color and my first impassion was that it would be ideal for those who like gold Christmas tree lights.

Reading up on some of the reviews I find that some people have stated that it is a silver color and not gold. I’m not certain if they are referring to the wire or the color of the light. The image does have a slight tinge to it and not absolutely bright white but images may not always be true.

Anyway as far as I can make out the bulbs can be changed, so this topper would also suit those who prefer the golden glow rather than bright white light in the event this shade of color didn’t suit.

It’s suitable for indoor use only and measures 8.5 inches. Included are 2 fuses, 4 spare bulbs and the lead wire of 48 inches long.

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Red Crystal Glass Christmas Tree Topper

Red Crystal Glass Christmas Tree TopperWith these crystal glass Christmas tree toppers positioned on your tree top, you will be stepping back into history and indeed that’s exactly what many people want to achieve with their home and tree decorations.

They like the atmosphere of a time gone by or being remembered of those happy times in the past, perhaps memories of when they themselves were children,

These toppers are made by the age old method of hand blowing glass, are vintage in style and measure 10.5 inches tall. These glassmaking skills are still being used today, similar to how they were performed many hundreds of years ago. No doubt the original antique versions of these will be far too expensive to put on the tree today.

If these reproduction should accidently fall from the tree, it wouldn’t be to serious of a matter compared to the originals.

For anyone with a red artificial Christmas tree the topper would really show at its best or even a pink artificial Christmas tree which are popular today. Even a real tree would be great with the combination of red and green.

Each item is painted to give it even more individuality and each crystal Christmas tree topper will be unique.

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