Hello Kitty Bike Accessories

Hello Kitty Bike AccessoriesThere is a good selection of Hello Kitty bike accessories available that the young hello kitty fans are always on the lookout for.

Adding other accessories that match their bike takes them to another level.

This hunger the youngsters have for all things to match their bike doesn’t stop there as it would appear to apply to all hello kitty toys for girls.

The products I have reviews for are probably the 4 most popular bike accessories that Hello Kitty bike fans would like to add to their bike.

They would also make great gift ideas for folk wondering what to buy some of the younger family members.

Kids are learning to ride bikes at early ages today and there are some models that are better than others for learning on. See a selection of some of them in this example of the best bike for a two year old child and even more bike accessories here.

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 My Selection of Hello Kitty Bike Accessories

All of the accessories mentioned below have been chosen from each particular category with the following criteria. 1) they a fair number of reviews and 2) They have the best rated reviews in their category.

The Hello Kitty Helmet

The Hello Kitty Water Bottle

The Hello Kitty Bike Basket

The Hello Kitty Bike Bell

We have gone into each in a little more detail below.

Hello Kitty Helmet

Hello Kitty HelmetCute, cute, cute would describe this Hello Kitty bike helmet which has been designed to the model the Hello Kitty theme right down to the bow in the hair.

Bell the suppliers; have named it the Adventurer Multi-Sport Bike Helmet. Meaning that it will be suitable for other activities the youngster wishes to undertake, that requires a helmet to be worn such as performing roller skating tricks and skateboarding.

I have mentioned before about some of these Amazon listings not supplying enough information about the sizes in their descriptions of bike helmets and I see the same think applying to this Hello Kitty helmet. Read about it here where I go into it in more detail and also see my other bike helmets for kids reviews.

To complete the kid’s protection from a fall, the Hello Kitty pads for protecting the knees, elbows and hands could do the job. The link below will take you to the best rated pads to match the theme. Find out more here

hello kitty girls bike padsOr go here if you want to discover more about toddler helmet and pads that give them even more protection.

Anyway I can tell you that this particular Hello Kitty bicycle helmet will fit from 4 years and up. Others who have purchased the helmet have volunteered the information regarding the size and state that it’s for ages 5+. So a large 4 year old may find that it fits them fine. Go here to read the full review

These Hello Kitty helmets are constructed with hardshell protection which makes it suitable for many sports as mentioned above with vent cut outs to the rear and the top to keep the wearer cool. Find details here about the first item on my list of Hello Kitty bike accessories.

Hello Kitty Bike Basket

Hello Kitty Bike BasketIn this package not only do you get the Hello Kitty bicycle basket but you receive a pair of streamers in pink that fit onto each end of the handlebars.

The basket is in a white openwork and has the Hello Kitty logo on the front surrounded by a group of hearts.

With the front taken care of, but it surprises me that Hello Kitty hasn’t as yet come up with a doll carrier attachment to add to their Hello Kitty bike accessories range. When reading through reviews etc, this does seem like a popular product that they could provide for their fans.

The 3 users who have left a review for the Hello Kitty bike basket rated it with 4.3 from 5 stars and have been happy with their purchase. Get more details here

Hello Kitty Bike Bell

Hello Kitty Bike BellI have chosen this Hello Kitty bicycle bell from Nirve from the 2 versions listed on the Amazon website due to it having more, as well as better ratings.

The bell will fit handlebars with a diameter of 7/8 of an inch = (22.2mm). The color is black and has the Hello Kitty face on it.

When reading the reviews I see that the Hello Kitty face is made of paper with a plastic covering. Users thought that it might not last too long with rain exposure and with wear.

However with 65 users who have left a review they are generally happy with their purchase and have shown that by rating this Hello Kitty bike bell with 4.0 from 5 stars.

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Hello Kitty Water Bottle

Hello Kitty Water BottleDuring hot spells your kid would be delighted to pop open their Hello Kitty water bottle and have a refreshing drink from it. The sports bottle is one of many water bottles from the large Hello Kitty range you can choose from.

The bottle could easily be stored in the bike basket or in one of the purpose made bottle holders available with the Hello Kitty theme.

Good reviews about the Hello Kitty water bottle with possibly the only fault being that it can be a little difficult to open and close which I suppose ensures that it won’t leak. Possible this version is not for the very young due to the difficulty of opening.

From the 13 reviews left it was rated 3.8 from 5 stars.

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Of course there are other Hello Kitty bike accessories available that I have not covered on here. Click Here to See More Choices

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