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kids bike accessoriesSourcing bike accessories for kids online can be pleasurable especially if the young one is accompanying you and following along in the search. Watching them as they become more and more excited with all the eye candy in front of them can be entertaining and even rub off on the parent, grandparent etc.

Perhaps surprising to some, but the selection available is very good with numerous ideas and manufacturers all coming up with their own versions. We have covered other accessories such as bike helmets and Hello Kittybike accessories in more detail already on the site at the above links.For older kids that are more into mountain bikes or for information on bikes for parents, probably the Cyber Monday bicycle deals page might suit better.

Apart from the more usual accessories we as parents and grandparents might remember having as kid’s such as bells, horns, basket and a tire inflating pump the options have increased considerably.

Nowadays kids can choose from a wide range of horns and some of these would never fail in providing a warning to those in the way. Some of these horns use air provided by pumping up an air container with a tire pump or using an air compressor to provide the air power.

A young girl can even have her doll travelling alongside her on a doll carrier attachment much the same as the kid can do when riding on her parents bike.

There are other things like bike handlebar streamers, led lights for bikes, and believe it or not, kid’s have the opportunity to have their very own computer on board the bike. best bike for 2 year old

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Top 6 Bike Accessories for Kids

Bike Accessories for KidsI have whittled the list down to 6 of these bike accessories for kids to avoid this post getting too long.

They include safety items which are important plus some fun items which after all is what the kid wants.

As usual I have chosen to feature the very best of each in their category which should save anyone researching any of the items a lot of time.

1) Cateye Wireless Bike Computer

2) Flashing Safety Lights – Planet Bike Blinky 1-Led Light Set

3)Turbospoke the Bicycle Exhaust System

4) Best Bike Bell – Mirrycle Incredibell

5) Bike Spoke Lights – Nite Ize Spokelit

6) Bicycle Handlebar Streamers

These accessories would suit a wide range of young bike users. Ranging from those who have just selected the best bike for 2 year old toddlers up to kids of any age that want to use the wireless bike computer.

Cateye Wireless Bike Computer

Cateye Wireless Bike ComputerYes we are in the age of computers as your kid will keep reminding you. Especially when they tell you that they want a Cateye wireless bike computer as their latest bike accessory. Well after all it’s pretty understandable when you understand those tiny eyes are taking in all the digital displays around them.

That not only includes all of the LED displays flickering away in the home but also in the car which often gets role played while on their bikes.

They get interested in the performance that they can create when riding their bike and the CatEye Strada CC-RD300W wireless bike computer can provide that.

Using the universal fitting it can be securely attached to the bike handlebar easily without the need for an array of tools the same as the wheel sensor and all without the need for wire cable connections.

8 modes are provided by the Cateye cycle computer which are:

Key Functions:

Speed functions: current, average, and maximum
Speed range: 0 to 105.9 kilometers per hour / 0 to 65.9 miles per hour
Distance functions: total distance, trip 1 distance, trip 2 distance
Total distance range: 99,999 kilometers / 62,136 miles
Trip 1 distance range: 999.99 kilometers / 621 miles
Trip 2 distance range: up to 999.99 kilometers (621 miles) or 1000 to 9999.9 kilometers (621 to 6213 miles)
Elapsed time: up to 10 hours
Clock: 12/24 hour settings
Pace arrow: Yes
Auto power saving: Yes
Auto mode: Yes
Dual tire size: Yes

If there is anything that you don’t understand about the above functions, just ask the kid and they will explain it all to you.

The unit measures 1 1/4 inches wide by 2 inches long and has an easy to read screen and digits. Simply toggle from one mode to the other using the buttons at the bottom of the computer.

The batteries (which are included) if used for 1 hour daily will provide a whole year of use.

Reviews for the Cateye wireless bike computer are very good with a rating figure of 4.2 from 5 stars which have been left be a good large figure of 696 users who have left us their reviews.

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Flashing Safety Lights – Planet Bike Blinky 1-Led Light Set

flashing safety lightsChoose between flashing safety lights mode or have steady on all the time with the Planet Bike Blinky safety 1-Led bicycle light set. The compact tail and headlight can be clipped onto most things or mounted onto the handlebar bracket and seat post using the mounts which is supplied.

Many options are available to suit your own preference and may include using zip ties. They can be removed from the clamp holders and taken with you to prevent theft. The lights can be visible for up to 1 mile and comes complete with a weatherproof case for each light.

The LED safety lights use CR2032 batteries which are also supplied and will provide use of up to 100 hours. The Planet Bike Company does give a limited lifetime warranty with their Cateye wireless bike computer.

They are a company with a reputation that it appears they wish to keep unlike some others that I have certainly come across while writing up some of these types of reviews.

A list of bike accessories for kids couldn’t be complete without having some safety items in it and training kids to get into the habit of using lights is always a good idea. Just as the other posts on our site offer information on wearing helmets and pads, it’s all down to how we start.

Reviews for this led safety light set number a total of 513 to date and they have left a good rating of 4.3 from 5 stars for it.

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Turbospoke the Bicycle Exhaust System

Turbospoke the Bicycle Exhaust SystemAs I mentioned earlier on this post that kids love to emulate the activities of adults and pretending to be driving cars and motor bikes is one such activity. The Turbospoke bicycle exhaust system makes their bike imitate the sound as well as the looks of a motorcycle.

An acoustic exhaust pipe is attached to the rear of the bike close to the rear wheel spindle with an easy clamp fitting taking less than 5 minutes to fit.

There are 3 plastic motocards supplied with the Turbospoke bicycle exhaust that will provide the various sounds required to imitate the motorcycle through the megaphone exhaust. There is a video giving you a better idea of what the item does, watch the video here.

To further enhance the motorbike image you will have 15 decals that will let you customize the Turbospoke bike muffler. All fittings are included in this package including the fitting tool.

Turbospoke the bicycle exhaust system will suit 95% of bikes which have wheels that are 16 inches or larger.

Reviews from 187 users have given a rating of 3.9 from 5 stars for these bike accessories for kids who are 6 years and older as recommended by the sellers. Get more details here.

Best Bike Bell – Mirrycle Incredibell

Best Bike BellThe Mirrycle Incredibell brass duet bicycle bell gets my nomination for the best bike bell in the bike bell category I have found on the Amazon site. The dome of these cool bike bells are made of solid brass.

Clamping it to the handle bars is simple using the 25.4 millimeter clamp which will fit handlebars that are 21.7 mills to 24 mills which is the equivalent to (.86-Inch – .95-Inch).

It’s little wonder then that the best bike bell has received good ratings of 4.5 from 5 stars from a large number of 328 users. Find out more about it here

Bike Spoke Lights – Nite Ize Spokelit

Bike Spoke LightsKeeping kids safe while riding their bike is always in our uppermost thoughts and bike spoke lights are a fun way of achieving that. Being highly visible always gives any cyclist young and old alike a far better chance of avoiding an accident.

Kids love anything that is novel and the Nite Ize Spokelit bicycle light is surely that with the colored patterns it creates when the bike is in motion.

I like things that are quick and little trouble to install and these LED lights can be fitted in jig time. Simply slide it into the spokes pushing upwards to the outer rim of the wheel until you feel it is a tight enough secure fit.

SpokeLit is designed to withstand shocks and water which are part of normal biking and will still create those circular patterns no matter what the conditions.

Choose the pattern of LED glow by either selecting continuous flash or steady glow, your choice to keep it the same or even alternate it. Obviously the battery will last longer on flash mode which is 25 hours and 20 hours on steady glow.

This will suit kid’s bikes of any size and adult bikes to for that matter and comes in 4 colors.

These bike spoke lights have received ratings of 4.0 from 5 stars with 617 users having participated in leaving a review.

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Bicycle Handlebar Streamers

Bicycle Handlebar StreamersMy final choice of the 6 bike accessories for kids is the bicycle handlebar streamers that are always popular with the kids.

This particular pair have an attractive bow with polka dot design which would keep any young girl happy while bike riding.

These multicolored streamers with red and pink would match some of the toddler helmets and pads that we covered in previous posts.

Simply fit into the holes in the ends of the handlebars.

Reviews rate the bike handlebar streamers 4.4 from 5 stars from 22 user reviews.

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Hope you have found the list of 6 bike accessories for kids useful and better still have managed to find the ideal product for your kid. Like or bookmark the page for future reading or pass it onto a friend. If you still haven’t found what you’re looking for click here to see more choices

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