Robot Coupe R2N and Robot Coupe CL60 Food Processor Review

First of all let me say that the Robot Coupe R2N heavy duty food processor and the Robot Coupe CL60 commercial food processor are not the cheapest on the market. Indeed, there are many who state that they are the dearest you can buy.

robot coupe cl60That may be the case if it’s only the initial purchase that is being taken into account. But let me just make a comparison for a moment and explain my reasoning why this is not necessarily true.

Case 1) Where is the saving, if after buying 3 or 4 processors that did a very mediocre job and all the motors burned out or broke due to poor manufacture.

Case 2) If the same amount of money was invested into a good food processor and it done a very good job for the same amount of years and for many more to come. There are many more home and garden products that this advice would apply to.

There are certainly plenty of good home kitchen food processors around such as the Oster models, see the Oster Kitchen Center 4125 review as one example here. Even hand crank model or mini food processors can do the job that they were designed to do fantastically well, although the key here is “the job that they were designed to do”. The same with these industrial type processors, they to are designed to do a specific job.

I hope you can see my point, that a higher initial investment need not be a bad decision when making a purchase. Perhaps the fact that we have recently discarded one of the two bad kitchen purchases we recently made namely a toaster and an electric kettle.

Yes, the price looked very attractive at the time, but a toaster that requires the bread to be turned around to toast the other side properly every time we use it, becomes a bit of a nuisance after a while.

As for the kettle, this required a 6 months training and practice course to pour the water into a cup without it spilling all over the place. Simple as you might think, the same as myself, how on earth can you possibly design an item with the primary purpose to pour liquid and it simply can’t do it. So, it had to go, bye bye.

Let’s take a look at each of these two models, as although they have many similar qualities, they also sit at either end of the rainbow for other features and uses.

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Robot Coupe R2N Heavy Duty Food Processor

The Robot Coupe R2N food processor has been built with the idea of outlasting its competitors. It does have a chunky look with that solid industrial feel and will get the job done without that sickening whine from worn out components and bearing.

robot coupe r2nThe capacity of the work bowl of the R2N is a good 3 quarts size which is plenty big for most chores you will probably have in mind for a heavy duty food processor.

Root vegetables are really tough as I’m sure you’re aware, especially if you’re still chopping and dicing by hand, or have recently killed the motor of your processor. A nice feature of the Robot Coupe R2N is the shut down feature that will protect the motor if it starts to overheat. Not a feature you will find in a lot of similar processors.

Robot Coupe R2N Quick Specs

  • Bowl: Handled 3 quarts bowl with an “S” shaped blade
  • Feed: Continuous, with Vegetable prep attachment which has dual deep feed openings
  • Dive: Direct drive 1 HP motor which is fan-cooled
  • Cleaning: Easily cleaned removable attachments
  • Space Required: Unit base measures – 14 1/4 inches x 14 1/2 inches
  • Warranty:  Motor has a 3 year warranty – parts and labor is for 1 year
  • Included: One (R209 – 2mm) grating disk and the (R211 – 4mm) slicing disk

In case you’re wondering what the difference in the 3 variations of this Robot Coupe food processor being offered are, i.e. the R2N, R2N CLR and the Robot Coupe R2N Ultra, let me explain. The only difference is in the material that the bowls of each model is made from. Not very much really but the variations did take a bit of researching which I eventually found in the Robot Coupe R2N manual.

  • Standard model R2N: Has a gray ABS plastic bowl with a see-thru lid
  • R2N CLR Model: Has a clear bowl
  • R2N Ultra Model: Comes with a stainless steel bowl

There is also a large range of other processing discs that users can choose from, 21 in total that will increase the versatility of their processor.

Find more details about the Robot Coupe R2N at this link

Robot Coupe CL60 Commercial Food Processor

The Robot Coupe CL60 food processor is suitable as a commercial food processor or for the larger home that caters for large parties of guests and is certainly worth taking a closer look at. It’s designed for preparing food in large amounts, as much as up to 1,200 pounds of food each and every hour.

robot coupe food processorA wide variety of fruits and vegetables can be processed by the CL60 which is made of a stainless steel construction. Being a large food processor it  stands on 4 sturdy legs giving stability. Comes supplied with a grating disc (C446SA) and the slicing disc, part number (C450GPA).

The bulk feeding feature will allow for full heads of lettuce as well as cabbage to be accommodated in the feed assembly. Learn more here

Below you can watch a video of a similar model to the CL60 processor. This will provide you with a better idea just how well this processor operates.


More Details of the Robot CL60 Food Processor

Below are some more relevant details, some of which I have tracked down in the Robot Coupe food processor manual for the CL60.

Motor Information

First of all the heart of this heavy duty food processor is a three phase, dual speed 4 HP motor. It provides revolution speeds of 850 using the high speed and 425 RM using the lower speed. Incorporated is a magnetic safety switch.


On the control panel, which is mounted on the side of the machine you’ll find 3 buttons – LOW – High for controlling the speeds and the STOP button.

Water Resistant Unit

In a commercial situation it’s inevitably that water and juices will be getting splashed around at some point in time. The Robot CL60 meets the sanitation standards with this water resistant unit. This also means that cleaning the unit down can be done in a safe manner.


Parts and Labor warranty of one full year.

Available add-ons for this food processor include:

There are 4 heads available which will adapt the processor to accept a number of various vegetable processing procedures that will run continuously. There is even a hopper suited for bulk feeds of the production of French fries. Or the R198 which is a food cart that can be placed directly under the processed food delivery shute and wheeled away to the next stage of the process. Other processing discs can be added to the machine and there are 39 to choose from.

Robot Coupe Blades

The blades supplied with this unit are, one 3mm slicing disc and a 3mm grating disc. A further 37 Robot Coupe blades suitable for the CL60 are available to give a wider scope of food processing. See discs available below.

Other Robot Coupe Food Processor Parts

11 slicing discs are available and provide slices ranging from 1mm up to 25mm.

9 grating discs will grate ingredients from a 1.5mm size up to 9mm. These will also grate hard cheese and will even produce a fine pulp if desired.

5 dicing kits that will make 5mm x 5mm sizes right up to 25mm x 25mm cubes.

2 French Fry Kits that make fries in 8mm and 10mm sizes.

3 ripple cut slicer blades giving 1 to 5mm sizes.

7 Julienne discs that will give you 2mm x 2mm up to 8mm x 8mm.

1 Romaine lettuce kit.

As you can see, there has not much left out regarding blade selection for the Robot Coupe and they have met most culinary needs.


The dimensions are – almosts 57 inches tall x almost 24 inches broad x 18 inches. The 57 inches tall figure is when the handle is extended and around 50 inches when depressed.

The Robot Coupe food processor model CL60 is a truly heavy duty processor intended for performing some serious time saving tasks.

Get all the details about the Robot Coupe R2N food processor at this link

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