Christmas Village Display Platforms

christmas village display platformsIntroducing Christmas village display platforms into your Christmas scenes can go a long way to enhance your traditional festive decoration. When a selection of Christmas village building ornaments are strategically placed on these platforms they create a life like scene in miniature.

No matter where the display is situated having different elevations will make everything much more lifelike.

Winter scenes are more associated with terrain that is hilly and less flat and snow lying in crevasses creates a more realistic view. As you will no doubt have noticed almost all these Christmas village platforms do feature a rocky and craggy landscape.

They conjure up thoughts of Alpine mountain village areas with sledging, skiing and ice skating activities going on in this winter wonderland.

Once you have a few of houses, churches etc, in your collection moving them around in trial positions will ensure all the main features of these buildings are in full view. This can take a little extra time but will be well worth it.

For example when using fiber optic Christmas village buildings in your display, the lighting effect deserves to be prominent as they help bring everything to life.

Places to position your Christmas village display, could be in the window, a table top, an alcove in the wall or underneath the Xmas tree. Not only the normal tree either, these still look great under a red artificial Christmas tree.

If your theme includes your favorite color and it is pink for example, then you will find a pink artificial Christmas tree suitable for that purpose as well.

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Christmas Village Platform Base Selection

I have picked out 3 Christmas village display platforms as examples that I think would be ideal candidates for creating a Christmas winter scene. They are all from Lemax, good quality, and will last year after year.

They are very reasonably priced being affordable for most folk. Probably the selection could be a bit larger, but who knows maybe next Christmas this we have increased.

There are others of course, although they are dearer in comparison.

Lemax Christmas Village Display Platforms

 Number 81016

Lemax Christmas Village Display PlatformsThe Lemax number 81016 Christmas display platform features a raised rocky snow covered surface where you could place a building of your choice. All the faces are steep and rocky with snow lying on the less steep surfaces. On top is a selection of 7 evergreen bristle trees of varying sizes with a dusting of snow.

In order to fit these platforms into tight areas of your landscape design, the platforms are made of Styrofoam that can be cut easily to any size to suit.

The measurements are 3.74 inches high x 11.42 inches wide x 9.06 inches deep. See more details

Large Lemax Christmas Village Platforms

Lemax Christmas Village PlatformsThis larger sized village platform again covered in snow creating a typical Christmas winter scene and is another item from Lemax.

Situated around the perimeter are boulders and 15 bristle trees. Situated around the perimeter are boulders and 15 bristle trees and again manufactured from Styrofoam.

There is no indication of the size of the Christmas platform other than the title that states that it’s large. So I would image it is bigger than their other versions.

Get the details here

Lemax Platforms for Christmas Village Display #81015

Platforms for Christmas Village DisplaysThe Lemax 81015 at first glance is very similar to the first model we looked at, number 81016.

The sizes of this version are 3 1/2 inches high x 11 inches wide x 11 1/2 inches deep and it features nine bristle trees.

If necessary, cut areas from the base to enable it to fit into your allotted space.

Find out more here

Remodeling Christmas Village Styrofoam Platforms

Styrofoam is an ideal medium for making miniature Christmas village display platforms due to its light nature and easy modeling capabilities. Here are a few tips if you need to cut pieces off of your platforms to fit your landscaped area.

Cutting this material is easy only as long as you’re using sharp tools, plus they will leave a smoother and tidier cut face.

Ideal tools would be a craft knife, hacksaw or a serrated knife such as a bread knife. Drilling new holes to locate trees can be performed very easily and the rough edges sanded to pretty things up.

Find more Christmas village display platforms at the link below.

Click Here to See More Choices

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