Christmas Tree Bags For Storage

Christmas tree bags for storageIt’s around the 6th of January when we start to dismantle the Xmas decorations we wish we had bought ourselves a Christmas tree bags for storage. Yes we meant to buy one last year as well and forgot.

Building the tree and adding all the decorations can be a time consuming activity and all this in what is a busy time of year anyway. That’s when these Christmas tree storage bags can be really useful.

Depending on which type of bag you have or choose to purchase, will determine whether you will need to dismantle the various sections.

Some will even allow you to store the tree still erected without having to dismantle it depending on the size of the tree.

This is the best option although they can be that bit more expensive but they will help to save more time next Christmas. Apart from being able to keep a Christmas tree intact they also keep all the parts together and dust free for the forthcoming year.

Covered in this post you will find reviews on the various bags available and provide choices that will suit each individual. Find information about Christmas tree bags on wheels for storage, extra large bags, vertical upright storage bags etc.

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Artificial Christmas Tree Bags for Storage

The first in the selection of artificial Christmas tree bags for storage is the GKI/Bethlehem 9 foot storage bag. When I first started to research this bag everything looked great with the review figures from 30 users rating this 4.5 from the 5 stars possible.

It was only when I started to try and qualify their statement about “Fits trees up to 9 feet tall” that I ran into problems. Nowhere could I find bag sizes that confirmed this statement. You would think that they would explain exactly how this would be done.

I have not recommended this storage bag due to a lot of confusion about the sizes and have gone into some detail about this at the foot of this page if you want to read more.

Recommended Artificial Tree Storage Bags

Artificial Christmas Tree Bags for StorageWith this example, although the review figures are not as good it at least clearly states the sizes and you know what you’re getting. It is a green bag from Vickerman and simply numbered S-A-TBAG1.

Made from heavy duty poly-propylene, it will hold a tree up to 9 feet and measures 29 inches x 56 inches long, which would suit the red artificial Christmas tree or the pink artificial Christmas tree versions.

Cost of this item is very low and cost only around a quarter of the price of the aforementioned that can’t even tell us the sizes properly. Read more about it here.

Elf Stor Premium Christmas Tree Bag

large christmas tree bags for storageAnother bag worth taking a look at is the Elf Stor Christmas tree bag which has review feedback from a large number of users (451) who have rated it at 4.3 from 5 stars.

Again the sizes are clearly stated as being 30 inches x 65 inches x 15 inches and will hold a tree of 9 foot when disassembled.

If you have a pre-lit tree or indeed wish to pack the tree past without stripping the tree down, then take a look at the upright bags that fit the bill further down the page.

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The Best Choice of Artificial Christmas Tree Bags

Best Choice Artificial Christmas Tree BagsThe CoverMates Christmas tree storage bag gives us lots of choices where you can choose from:

A 48 inches long x 20 inches wide x 20 inches high wheeled version.
A 48 inches long x 20 inches wide x 20 inches high without wheels version.
A 60 inches long x 24 inches wide x 24 inches high wheeled version.
A 60 inches long x 24 inches wide x 24 inches high without wheels version. Visit this link to see all these tree bag variations.

On the sales page, CoverMates states that they are always listening to what their customers want in order to make improvements to their products such as Christmas tree bags for storage.

The choice of having the wheeled version will suit a lot of people and the choice to fit their particular tree sizes is excellent. Although these might be that bit more expensive I think that the construction of heavy duty polyester is that bit more robust and will last longer. See other choices of wheeled versions further down the page.

Christmas Tree Bags on Wheels for Storage

Without a doubt storing away the Xmas tree each year is so much easier using a bag rather than fighting with a box that is disintegrating more and more each year. And for anyone not perhaps as fit as they once were, using Christmas tree bags on wheels for storage would be a better choice.

After going through a number of these Christmas tree bags with wheels these are my shortlist of recommendations.

TreeKeeper Tree Storage Duffel Bag – Fits 6 to 9 Foot Xmas Trees

Christmas Tree Bags on Wheels for StorageThe TreeKeeper uses an expansion flap that can be opened up for larger Christmas trees of 9 foot. This larger compartment measures 57 inches x 21 inches x 22 inches, so obviously larger trees still have to be disassembled.
Smaller trees could be fitted in using the tree bag unexpanded which measures 42 inches x 21 inches x 21 inches.

Reviews are on the whole pretty good for this rolling Christmas tree bag although some thought it to tight to hold a 9 foot tree. Other complaints were that the handles would tear of. Perhaps a bit of care needs to be taken when carrying this one around, although the wheels should help a lot. Read the comments at this link.

Taking these comments into account perhaps the CoverMates Christmas tree storage bag wheeled version mentioned above might be the best choice of bag.

Christmas Tree Bag for Upright Storage

Christmas Tree Bag for Upright StorageProbably the best tree bags are the vertical Christmas tree storage bags. In many situations they can accommodate a tree without stripping it down completely. As more and more of these pre-lit trees are being used covering it up in one of these upright versions makes sense.

I have 2 that I would recommend you to take a look at, one with wheels one without and both from the TreeKeeper company.

Starting with the one without wheels, this measures 9 foot high x 32 inches wide x 32 inches deep and will store an artificial tree in an upright position safely from one Xmas to the next.

With the extra pockets in these versions it provides a handy area to store small things like your crystal Christmas tree topper or your white Christmas tree skirt.

These tree bags are made of a green nylon and after the removal of the Christmas tree decorations simply attach the tree storage bag to the tree stand as you would a tree skirt and feed it up to cover the tree.

This will gently pull the hinged tree branches in, then pull on the draw cords and tie. Quick and simple to put away and quick and simple to set up again when next Christmas comes around again.

These jumbo size tree bags are capable of storing Christmas trees up to 9 feet high in a vertical fashion. See more details.

Upright Christmas Tree Storage Bags on Wheels

Upright Christmas Tree Storage Bags on WheelsThe second of these bags from the TreeKeeper company is a Christmas tree bag rolling version again made in a green nylon material.

The bag is non adjustable and will be suitable to store trees of 6 feet to 7.5 feet and accommodate trees up to 55 inches in width.

Don’t forget those battery operated outdoor lights that will need to dismsantelled and stoed away,

When the tree is safely tucked into the bag just roll it to the storing location till next year.

To see how simple it is to cover the tree using this storage bag I have added a video that does a good job of describing the process.

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Video About Fitting Christmas Tree Bags For Storage

Confusing Description of Bags for Storage

This is a good example of a product that has been poorly described and can often lead to disappointment when descriptions can be confusing.

Continued from above:

Confusing Description of Bags for StorageCertainly the bag doesn’t look long enough to fit a 9 foot tree without disassembling it. The only reference I can find regarding the size of the bag is in the product details section and it states that the dimensions are – 19.3 x 1 x 15.9 inches.

If 19.3 inches is the largest length then a 9 foot tree would need to be built in 6 sections to fit this bag, so something is clearly wrong here. My thoughts are that this must be the packaged sizes when shipped.

The actual size of this bag seems to be a secret proving my assumption of the above sizes is correct. Researching further I find someone who has asked the question “Do you have to disassemble the tree or can you put it in assembled?”

There are 7 replies to this and the most helpful ones are:
1) “My 9-footer is huge and fits (in three pieces)”
2) “I believe the bag is about 5′ long”
3) “In my case we had to dis assemble the tree because it is 12 feet tall, If your tree is smaller say 8 foot it may fit”. Read about it here.

Maybe not as helpful as we hoped, kinda contradicts. It would have been a whole lot easier if the people selling these Christmas tree bags for storage stated, what is after all the most important information folk are looking for, like “What size is it”? And “Will it hold my tree”?

Maybe this is not the poorest example because when looking into the “Dyno Seasonal Solutions St. Nick’s Choice Artificial Tree Plastic Storage Bag, 7.5-Inch” it states, “Holds up to a 75 foot artificial tree”. Whew, that is a big tree and believe it or not, it fits into a 7.5-Inch bag. Who is responsible for these totally useless details?

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