Pink Artificial Christmas Tree

pink artificial christmas treeAlthough definitely not for everyone but the pink artificial Christmas tree has many fans.

Yes these fans have been buying everything in pink for a long, long time and even wore pink since childhood.

And of course, the fans I speak of are the young and not so young ladies of the world.

They have not only pink Christmas trees around them but all sort of items from skates to hair bands in pink.

What other color would you realistically put in the princess’s bedroom adorned with pink? A red artificial Christmas tree?

Below I have put together a selection of these artificial Christmas trees in different sizes to suit the many purposes a pink tree could be put to.

They range in sizes of 2 foot, 4.5 foot, 6.5 foot and of course mini sizes of 12 inches, 18 inches and 24 inches.

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Small Pink Artificial Christmas Tree

Small Pink Artificial Christmas TreeLet’s start with the smallest sizes first which are the 12″, 18″ and 24″ trees by the Vickerman company. Vickerman have a wide selection of trees as we will see later on but this is there Tree Set 391T B883318.

No doubt one of the main benefits of a mini tree is that they can be placed on window sills, on top of furniture and just about anywhere in fact. They are referred to as hot pink artificial Christmas trees from the decor series and hot they certainly are.

They have 391 tips ready to be decorated with some gold Christmas tree lights or snowflake Christmas lights or any sparkle to your taste or even leave it plain pink. The tree comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty. If you want more information about these small pink Christmas trees, visit the site here.

Artificial Christmas Tree With Lights

Artificial Christmas Tree With LightsAnother pink artificial Christmas tree again from the Vickerman company although this time is a single tree 2 feet high. It has 87 branch tips and is pre-lit. A pink chord 30 inches long supplies power to the 35 small pink lights.

There are spare bulbs that do come with this set to use as replacements if required, although if one bulb should happen to fail the rest all stay lit.

The site at Amazon states that “Light sets on tree are UL listed for indoor or outdoor use, however the tree itself is recommended for indoor use”.

There’s always a problem with electricity and water although depending on the system used such as battery operated outdoor lights whether an artificial Christmas tree with lights is safe or not. I think what they are saying is although the lights would be safe, the tree was never intended to for outdoor use.

If your not too sure what is meant by the abbreviations above about UL, here is what it means.

“(UL) is an independent product safety certification organization that controls and monitors lighting rules and safety regulations. A “UL-approved” designation means a product has been approved by this agency”.

Read more at the site here.

These types of artificial trees are referred to as pencil profile trees and are really easy to set up with no assembly needed as it comes in just the one piece.

Free bulbs as well as fuses comes as standard as does the 11 inch base. Discounted prices available last time I looked.

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Artificial Christmas Tree Easy Setup

Artificial Christmas Tree Easy SetupGetting a little bit bigger here with this 4.5 foot tree which has very much the same specifications as the previous 2 foot tree.

Rather than going over them again we will settle for the differences only.

The differences apart from the height are that there are 299 branch tips on this version and has 150 pre-lit pink mini lights.

Its an artificial Christmas tree and easy to setup with only 2 pieces. Just join together and stick it onto the 20 inch stand also provided.

To set the tree off you could add a nice white Christmas tree skirt to help hide the 3 feet which supports the tree and top it off with a crystal Christmas tree topper.

Get all the details about the 4.5 foot pink Xmas tree at the following link. Or if you prefer click here to see more choices.

Artificial Christmas Tree no Lights

Artificial Christmas Tree no LightsThis time we have a 6.5 foot pink Christmas tree from the DAK company, the color here is called Orchid Pink and is modeled after a Cedar Pine tree.

This pink artificial Christmas tree has no lights supplied so they would need to be added. The branches are hinged and easy to line up in the desired position. See the section above the “Small Pink Artificial Christmas Tree” where we give ideas of what Xmas lights to add.

It is meant to be used indoors only and comes with a large metal base for support. Altogether it makes a very substantial tree and sure to catch an eye.

The tree is made of PVC and easy to assemble by joining up the 4 sections and easing out the 1000 branch tips.

These larger trees allow you to place other Christmas decorative ornaments in the space below them such as adding a fiber optic Christmas village. To create different elevations Christmas village display platforms could be used for the purpose. These apart from being attractive in their own right, also help to conceal the stand or pot the Christmas tree sits in.

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Summing up

There you have it, a pink artificial Xmas tree of just about every size anyone would need ranging from 12 inches up to 6.5 feet. Some with lights and some with no lights are quick and easy to assemble and ready to go.

When it comes time to take the trees back down again and after all the family have had a glorious Christmas, tuck it up safely in your Christmas tree bags for storage. Ready to be brought out again next year, set up once again with something new added to create your next wonderful Christmas display.

If you still haven’t found the pink artificial Christmas tree that doesn’t quite suit you, click here to see more choices.

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