Cyber Monday Bicycle Deals

Cyber Monday Bicycle DealsIf you have been looking forward to picking up some Cyber Monday bicycle deals it makes sense to have a check list of exactly which bikes you plan on purchasing. As I write this, Cyber Monday is just a few days away and if there are other items you also intend buying, you need a plan ahead even more so.

Often items on these special sales days are limited to specific amounts and when they are gone they’re gone. To avoid disappointment you need to be in early if you have set your heart on specific bicycle models and more so if its bikes for the kids you’re looking for.

You know how disappointed they can be when they have their mind set on a model that they may have seen and dream about owning. Especially the young kids, they just don’t understand that Santa could possibly run out of the bike that they have set their heart on. Or how could this great guy called Santa deliver similar bikes to other kids in the neighborhood and not to them. After all they have been exceptionally well behaved in the run up to Christmas.

Any kids bike accessories would make great Christmas presents and could be made into a list then used by other family members who plan on buying Junior a Xmas present. Extras are very often offered when you buy your bike which could be items such as, bike helmets of varying ages or perhaps Hello Kitty accessories if a Hello Kitty Bike was on the shopping list.

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Cyber Monday Balance Bike Deals

The bike opposite is a Strider balance bike which is just one example of a balance bike available from a number of manufacturers today. To see a selection and choose from my list of best bikes for a 2 year old kid, visit this link.

cyber monday bike dealsThey come in varying sizes to suit all kids in their younger years which gets them ready for their first peddle bike.

If your young one has been asking for a balance bike, have they given you any idea which model they preferred?

Very often they will have seen it being advertised or perhaps their friend has the model that they would also like to have.

Being well prepared before these big sales days is always a good idea and will save a lot of disappointment.

Right now is as good a time as any to add your preferences to your list which will ensure even more savings on the day of the sale.

Choices of Cyber Monday Bicycle Deals 

Takara kabuto Road BikeWe have covered the kids balance bikes and the other suitable bikes for 2 year old kids and around that age at the link above. In this section we will delve into the other varieties available for older children and adults.

As you would imagine the range is huge for these age groups. From road bikes, BMX and mountain bikes as well as the more specialized bikes. There is always something to suit everyone and their cycling tastes.

Vilano 21 Speed Road BikeMost come in a selection of sizes to cover a wide range of ages. The styling of bikes is another factor that the cyclists of today demand, as are the selection of colors. Thankfully a lot of manufacturers have provided these features for their buyers .

Choose your type of bike from the subsections below.

Road Bikes Selection

GMC Denali Road BikeI have listed 3 examples of road bikes which are popular models used by many road bike enthusiasts. They range from the Takara models (Top Image), the Vilano models (2nd Image) and the GMC models (3rd Image). To get more information about each individual model click the appropriate link.

Road bikes are generally fitted with drooped handlebars and more upright in shape. They are designed more for speed with the rider having to lay down lower towards the handlebars which creates less wind resistance.

Gearing can be derailleur or hub gears depending on the required use. As you can imagine, in order to get up these high speeds a bike needs to be as light as possible, a characteristic built in to many models.

Mountain Bikes

Diamondback Sorrento Mountain BikeThen you have the mountain bikes that are more generally used by the younger more energetic cyclists among us. The 4th image shown opposite is the blue framed Diamondback model.

The Diamondback bicycles have an aluminum frame that has undergone heat treatment to provide a more robust frame.

With the double walled wheels you can ride this bike just about anywhere. On or off paved paths or the toughest of mountain trails. Read more about these Cyber Monday bicycle deals and in particular the Diamondback Sorrento mountain bike at this link.

Mongoose Men's Montana Mountain BikeChoose from a wide range of sizes to suit many age groups.

Mountain biking has certainly moved along a bit from the original idea of the downhill sport that it used to be seen as.

Nowadays they could easily be classed as trick bikes with all the maneuvers these riders can perform on them.

Not to say that they are not used for downhill sports today, they most certainly are. They are also used in competitions in the Olympic Games due to their popularity internationally. The 5th image is the orange framed Mongoose model.

For more information about the Mongoose Montana men’s mountain bike visit this link below to learn more about the discounted prices.

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Unusual Bikes

Giordano Viaggio Tandem Road BikeThen there are the more unusual bikes such as the Giordano Viaggio tandem road bike (6th Image). Ideal for encouraging any couple to exercise more together.

Tandem bikes are even used for mountain biking these days. Surprising yes, although they would have to be well constructed to absorb the treatment on these downhill courses especially when there are 2 folk on board.

It’s not just the frame that will need to be extra strong, the wheels chains and gearing too need to be able to take the strain.

Get all the details and the current discounts for the Giordano Viaggio tandem road bike at this link.

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Torker Unistar CX UnicycleThe Torker Unistar CX Unicycle is for the clever cyclist or for the budding circus performer perhaps.

Training to become a mono-wheel rider takes a lot of effort although once mastered, it’s as they say just like riding a bike, and you’ll never forget how to do it. Well that’s just for starters because then comes the tricks that can be learned on these unicycles.

The Stowabike compact folding bicycle makes a great bike for commuters who want to drive into the outskirt of town, park the car and complete their journey by bike.

Stowabike Compact Folding BicycleThe bike can be folded up and stored in a small space such as cupboard as well as the car trunk with ease. Carrying a bag or other goods is performed via the attached rack.

For further details about the Stowabike compact folding bike check out the Cyber Monday bicycle deals at the link below.

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Family Bargains at the Cyber Monday Bike Sale

Lots of fun can be derived from a family cycling group day out as well as the education the younger members gain while out on the road when accompanied by parents. If the family needs to renew any of their bikes then taking advantage of the Cyber Monday bicycle deals could shave a huge amount from their bill.

Similar to Black Friday, as soon as the minute hand on the clock moves past midnight many stores both offline and online will set their sales in motion. Cyber Monday will be no different with these same stores, as this is all part of their marketing strategies and definatly something we should be taking advantage of.

With a bit of luck and depending on the types of stores that start their sales after midnight, it’s possible to have purchased any bikes and other listed items in an hour or so. Failing that, getting up a bit earlier in the morning again will allow you to check out the early morning offline and online openers.

Shopping for your Cyber Monday bicycle deals online will certainly have many benefits over standing for long periods out in the cold winter elements. Plusn the rush when you eventually do get into the store and being pushed all over the place by other not so polite bargain hunters.

Not for everyone I’m sure and certainly not for me. There are nowadays a breed of people which you could only refer to as smart shoppers. From the peace, tranquility and warmth of their own home they have their list of items and their plan of attack all prepared well in advance of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Finding Bicycle Deals Online on Cyber Monday

If you’re contemplating purchasing large or heavy items be aware of any exorbitantly high delivery charges that could be added. Again it’s all about doing your homework well before the big day. Keep an eye out for free delivery options that could sweeten the deal.

Bicycle Deals Online on Cyber MondayWhen shopping for bicycle deals online on Cyber Monday will mean that delivery is the only option available.

Online companies realize that this charge could mean the difference of getting the sale or not getting the sale. To overcome this they will often give free delivery or free delivery on items over a certain price.

Many millions of online shoppers will be browsing on Cyber Monday and as you might expect many of them will be looking for similar items. As usual the best bargains get snapped up first and the hardened bargain hunter will be very well prepared.

That’s why as I stressed at the beginning of this article the importance of having your list made up prior to the shopping spree. Another idea might be to also have a reserve list in place.

In the event that the items you are after get sold out, which happens at this time every year especially so with kids electronic games. Have a reserve item noted in your list just in case. Only, please be sure that those reserve items you buy are not the bicycle deals your kid is expecting for Christmas.

7 Steps to The Best Cyber Monday Deals

the best cyber monday dealsBelow are my 7 quick steps to bear in mind and ensure you get the best Cyber Monday deals available.

These tips will stand you in good stead every year in future once used a couple of times no matter what you intend to buy.

1) Have the models of bikes that suit your family needs all picked out.

2) Add to your list all other items you would like to buy apart from the bikes.

3) Make up a substitutes list for out of stock items (DO NOT add kids bikes on here unless theyare in agreement )

4) Stay up for an hour or two after midnight for earliest available deals.

5) If shopping is incomplete an early rise could be the answer.

6) List any bicycle accessories needed for further savings

7) Watch out for those delivery charges – free is always best

Good luck when Cyber Monday arrives. I hope you have everything prepared to make the biggest savings ever this year on your Christmas season shopping. For more Cyber Monday bicycle deals why not visit the site where you will find their bestselling bikes. Click Here to See More Choices



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