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helmet for kids There is no shortage of bike helmets for kids available to choose from if you have just decided to purchase a bike for your kid. Just as we do with all good lifestyle habits we teach our young ones getting them into the habit of wearing their bike helmet every time they jump on the bike will help to form good habits for all those years down the line.

Like when the grow up and move onto a mountain bike, its good to know that they have learned the proper procedures at this early stage. Mountain bikes and more adult bikes are foud on the Cyber Monday bike deals page.

Apart from just knowing within ourselves that it makes sense to get into the habit of helmet wearing, there are some frightening yearly statistics regarding children’s head injuries that you don’t want to add to.

In my previous article which was about choosing the best bike for a 2 year old kid, I think this makes the ideal time to talk about choosing the bests toddler bike helmet. Not only that, but I know that there can sometimes be resentment from the youngster about wearing a helmet.

So before going on to provide help with selecting the best helmet I have a few tips that would help encourage them to wear it.

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Why Wear a Bike Helmet – Tips on Teaching Kids

Bike Helmets for KidsFist tip I would suggest is to start them of wearing the helmet as early as possible and with their very first bike would be ideal. At this early age you stand a better chance of getting the message across and the toddler accepting helmet wearing as a good habit.

What would also help is getting them involved with the helmet wearing conversation as well as picking something that they like, provided it meets the right safety standards of course. Knowing that kids like to mimic, makes a strong argument for ensuring that all bike riders in the home at least, wear helmets when going out on their bikes.

Watching sports involving bike riding and indeed many other sports will help ingrain the message and reinforce the benefits about helmet wearing. Make them understand that their bike helmets for kids are just the same as those worn by these sportsmen and sportswomen. Even going for the full sets of helmet and pads will allow the youngster to emulate these sports personalities even more.

There will come a time soon, no, very soon, when they will be asking for other biking items that kids in the neighborhood might have. With the large number of bike accessories that are available, take Hello Kitty range as an example, the above scenario will indeed happen.

Your answer, as you will already have guessed will be, “Since you don’t wear the last accessory we bought you (the helmet), I don’t think we will be buying anymore”

Soon they will be in the habit of wearing their helmet as a norm and you will have earned a bit more piece of mind for yourselves. In the event that in spite of everything you have tried, they insist on avoiding wearing the helmet, explain that the consequences will be the removal of the bike. If it comes to that, follow through with the threat.

Hopefully it won’t come to the bike being removed and your young ones take part in complying with the household rules. Rules that can be strengthened by example and when they become of age, road training carried out by all members of the family suitably kitted out with bike helmets.

Helmet Sizing Guide – Getting it Right

You could do the same as I have done and go through each listing and try and work out what the sizes of the helmets are. Let me assure you that it will take time and effort and in most instances you’ll find folk just like yourself asking these same questions.

To give you an example if you see Schwinn bike helmets, forget looking for any size information. That is unless you go down the pages to the “Customer Questions & Answers” and you’ll find there will be more than likely, someone else asking the same questions. What size is the helmet? What age group will it fit? Does it fit head size? And believe me they are not the only one guilty of supplying little or no information regarding sizes of bike helmets for kids.

Kids Helmet Size Chart

how to measure head for bike helmetI have added a few snippets of information about how to measure your head for a helmet then carry out the same procedure for your child. Using a tailors measuring tape measure your kids head.

Take a metric measurement of the head diameter with the tape held slightly higher than the eyebrow level.

The chart below will give you some ideas of measurements and the terms used by some companies to gauge the size of helmet you will need for your kids. It is provided by the Giro Company who do try to help parents with the problem associated with working out toddler bike helmet sizes.

The chart found at the link will help guide you through the terms used and the size ranges.

XS and S are the most common sizes found that refer to kids head sizing which are approximately 45 to 53cm and 53 to 58cm in metric equivalents.

Best 5 Bike Helmets for Kids

Here is my list of the best 5 bike helmets for kids that I think will help to make your selection so much easier. They all have areas on the page where you will find information to help with matching up your child’s requirements to the helmet sizes available.

Another qualifying factor that I have included regarding my best 5 helmets selection is that there has been reasonable feedback from users regarding each helmet. Meaning that, enough users have tried and tested out each model which gives us some way to gauge those selected. Newer models don’t have this history so they are not included.

1) JOOVY Noodle Bike Helmet – 4 colors

2) Giro Me2 Toddler Bike Helmet – 9 colors

3) Razor v17 Child Helmet – 4 colors

4) Bell Fraction Multi-Sport Helmet – 20 colors

5) Giro Kid’s Rascal Bike Helmet – 13 colors

Each bike helmet has been reviewed and most of the important points listed below. The all important helmet sizes will be stated or directions will be given on where to find them on each product page.

JOOVY Noodle Kids Bike Helmet

Kids Bike HelmetThe JOOVY Noodle kids bike helmet comes in a selection of 4 colors ranging from Black, Green Orange and Pink. They recommend it will fit kids from age of 1 to 4 years of age with head sizes ranging from 18.5 inches to 20.5 inches.

14 air vents are built into the helmet which also has bug mesh installed. The adjustable straps have a dial to assist in selecting fitting settings.

Peace of mind can be gained with the knowledge that the JOOVY Noodle bike helmet qualifies with CPSC Standards.

Review figures are very good for these bike helmets for kids with ratings of 4.8 from 5 stars left by the 32 users. More about them here

Giro Me2 Toddler Bike Helmet

Giro Me2 Toddler Bike HelmetWith the Giro Me2 toddler bike helmet you have a choice of 9 colors and designs to pick from. Designs include animal themes such as pigs, bunnies chicks etc. Lots going on with these helmets which may help encourage your kid to wear them if there is a problem in that area.

Included is a bug net and a 20 vent feature designed to prevent the toddler heating up to much. The jutting out visor of the Giro toddler helmet helps to shade the sun better and the soft interior padding provide the wearer with more comfort.

The helmet can be allowed to grow as your kid grows via the Giro’s Mini-Loc adjustments being made using easy to locate strap guides.

Sizes are suitable for toddler head sizes of between 18.75 inches up to 20.5 inches in diameter.
Although Giro don’t refer to any size charts in this listing they do provide a helmet fitting guide which I have added below to help.

“Eyes: The rim of the helmet should be up to 1 to 2 finger widths above the eyebrows
Ears: The straps should form a V under just beneath the ear lobe
Mouth: When the rider opens her mouth, the buckle should feel snug on the chin and the helmet should hug the head”

“Before using the helmet, stand in front of the mirror and grab the helmet with both hands and twist it to the left and to the right. If the helmet fits right, the skin on the forehead will move as the helmet moves. If it does not, then the helmet is too loose and is unsafe for use and you need to start over”.

When visiting the page and scrolling down to the Customer Questions & Answers you won’t find any questions here about will these bike helmets for kids fit? Etc. Just the one question about its weight.

At the time of writing the reviews have reached the 500 mark for the Giro Me2 helmet with a rating of 4.3 from 5 stars.

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Razor v17 Child Helmet

Razor v17 Child HelmetRazor V-17 child bike helmet comes in a choice of 4 colors and suitable for wearing for other sports as well as for the bike. Using the additional set of sizing pads will enable the helmet to fit many more individual head sizes in comfort.

This coupled with the 17 vents, the ergonomic designed padding and buckles which release from the sides provide even greater comfort and also allows for simple strap adjustments to be made.

Razor who I feel should be applauded, have provided a very handy chart to help you choose the correct helmet size for your kid this I have included below. CPSC standards applicable.

Helmet Size        Age                 Head Size
Toddler                 5 & under             19-21.5 inches
Child                     5-8                   21.5-22.5 inches
Youth                    8-14                    22-23.5 inches
Adult                     14+                     23-25 inches

152 reviews have been left from users who have rated the Giro Me2 bike helmet highly with 4.4 from 5 stars. This could even be due to a simple matter of helping potential customer’s select the right helmet size.

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Bell Fraction Multi-Sport Helmet

Bell Fraction Multi-Sport HelmetThe Bell Fraction bike helmet is suitable for many kids’ activates apart from bike riding and it comes in a huge selection of 20 colors. The 12 vents will allow hot air to escape while letting the cooler air to enter and keep the wearer cool. Think Dave Mirra and Tony Hawk when mentioning the Bell Fraction Multi-Sport helmet.

The shell is made of ABS hard-plastic and has a double density liner. Certificate CPSC bicycle safety as well as ASTM 1492 skate certified.

With 367 reviews rated at 4.6 from 5 stars it seems like users are happy with the Bell Fraction kids helmet and is well worth considering in these final choices.

Choose from the 3 sizes available which are – small (51-56cm), medium (54-59cm and large (58-63cm. Click on the drop down menu just above the rows of helmets to choose your size and find out more.

Giro Rascal Bike Helmet

Giro Rascal Bike HelmetThe Giro kid’s Rascal bike helmet is the second from the Giro range that has made it on to my list of the best 5 bike helmets for kids and this time is offered in 13 different colors.

They describe this helmet as being OneStep Fit Technology which is another name for a self adjustable system that creates the easier fit for child sizes.

Perhaps a novel feature, as the rear of the helmet has LED rear lights fitted to it which is intended to ensure that the kid is seen more clearly if out on the road.

Vented with 12 holes helps to keep the user cool in hot weather and with the bug net fitted will provide comfort to the Giro Rascal bike helmet user.

Use the drop down menu that you will find under the choice of helmet colors. They offer this helmet in sizes of:

Universal Toddler Small/Medium and

Universal Child Medium/Large.

Refer to the chart mentioned above where we talk about “Getting the Helmet Size Right” see the Giro link there.

This helmet has been rated 4.3 from 5 stars by the 52 people who left a review for it. Read them for yourself and read more about this bike helmet at this link.

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I hope you have found these reviews about the 5 best bike helmets for kids useful. If you still need further information, click here to see more choices.




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