Best Bike for 2 Year Old

Best Bike for 2 Year OldChoosing the best bike for a kid of any age can throw up all sort of questions and choosing the best bike for 2 year old kid is no different. The main problem is that kids off all ages are different builds and sizes for their age.

The bike that’s too big for one kid at 2 years can be fine for another kid of 2 and it can be to small at 2 and fine at 2 1/2. In other words there isn’t a one size fits all where kids are concerned.

Manufacturers and retailers will often give guidance on their sales material to help consumers make sensible choices. Although the above scenarios still need to be taken into account when picking the most suitable bike for a kid of 2 years or any age.

What may help you as much as anything is to visit the online store of Amazon with their huge choices available. When I say huge I mean really huge and can be mindboggling as well as time consuming when performing searches for your chosen model of bike.

Lots of kids bike accessories, such as bike helmets are also found on that site and are well worth considering when buying your bike. Especially the safety helmets which can save you a lot of problems and worry.

Not to worry, help is at hand via yours truly as I have already gone through a lot of these bikes and have created a short list which you might just find helpful. At least it will give you a good start and enable you to pick up some ideas of what to look for.

For the more grown up kids in the family or indeed the parents, more suitable bike information can be found at our Cyber Monday bicycle deals page.

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Best Bike for 2 Year Old Kids List

My short list consists of a total of 5 bikes with quite a few different characteristics that give you loads of choices as well as ideas.

Balance Bikes for 2 Year Old Boy 

Fisher Price Rock Roll n Ride Trike for 2 Year Old Child

Radio Flyer 2 Year old Toddler Bike

Collapsible Fly Bike for 2 Year Old Toddler

Radio Flyer Pink Tricycle – Bike for 2 Year Old Girl

They also have quite a bit of track record and been around long enough to have stood the test of time regarding public opinion about them. Yes there are newer ideas coming out all the time, new fancy designs with fancy prices but are untested. So let’s get started with the first model in our list of, which is the best bike for 2 year old?

Best Balance Bikes for 2 Year Old Boy

Balance Bikes for 2 Year OldStrider balance bikes are probably the most common bikes of this type with a good selection of colors of balance bikes for 2 year old kids that will suit most tastes.

Strider as the name implies lets the child sit astride the bike and propel themselves forward with their feet. This does away with the training wheels that acted as stabilizers to help the kid gain their balance. The thinking now is that this can be done using their feet and soon they will be freewheeling ready for the next stage of cycling, using pedals.

The Strider 12″ Sport Bike is suitable for kids from 18 months old going up to children of 5. I’ve got to say here that I think while the no-pedal bike is a good idea for the young kids I just think that at 5 and even before it, I think most kids prefer to pedal. It gives them a more grown up feeling and experience of creating speed.

By that I’m not saying that they are not suitable for a 4 or 5 year old it probably would be if it was their first bike and would make an ideal candidate for learning purposes. I’m just saying that kids, as we are aware, are adventurous and will always want to move forward to the next stage quickly.

Strider balance bikes are designed to be lighter and as they claim, by as much as two thirds of the weight of the traditional 12 inch bike fitted with stabilizing training wheels. Picture the problem with a toddler attempting to drag a heavy bike around, difficult yes and the lighter versions make the best bike for 2 year old kids anyday.

Possibly another plus point for the Strider is the removal of many dangerous components of the traditional bike. Things like pedals that can spin and smack tiny shins, ouch!!! Do you think it is an easy task to try and explain to a youngster of 18 months to 36 months the dangers of sprockets and chains and to keep their tiny fingers away from them?

While talking about safety it might be a good time for you to also take a look at some helmet and pads which would help protect the youngsters if they did take a tumble.

These balance bikes for 2 year old children allow them to gradually build up their confidence very quickly due to the close proximity of their feet to the ground. Thanks to the adjustable seat and handlebars it makes it suitable for the wide range of child ages mentioned earlier.

Starting with just sitting astride the bike the next natural movement is to push forward progressively until they have mastered the balance. You know the rest, we have all experienced it. Both the feet are lifted from the ground and freewheeling takes place for a short distance at first and then!!! Find out more about it here.

Balance Bike for 2 Year Old Reviews

I spoke earlier of using the experiences of others to our advantage. The Strider 12″Sport Bike is an excellent example of this. With well over 11,000 reviews left by users who have taken the time and trouble to leave a review for our benefit, make it worth listening to.

When you consider that those reviews work out at an average of 4.8 from 5 stars, which is a very high rating. It then gives you a good idea whether to spend your money on one of these Strider balance bikes or go for a new maker that has less user history. Read the reviews.

My advice, if you choose to go for one of these balance bikes for your 2 year old then stick with the tried and tested models by makers who have a reputation to look after. I would therefore recommend the Strider ST-4 as the best balance bikes for a 2 year old and over.

Fisher Price Rock Roll n Ride Trike for 2 Year Old Child

fisher price rock roll n ride trikeFor value for money I just had to add the fisher price rock roll n ride trike to my list of the best bike for 2 year old kids. When you you will see for yourself the value that comes with this bike as you are actually getting three items in one and from a reputable company.

Similar to the Strider ST-4 balance bike above the rock roll n ride trike is suitable for ages of 18 months up to 5 year olds. The various adjustments from one type of use to the other and to suit age changes make sure of that.

If you have visited the site you will see that they refer to this bike as XL and like myself may be wondering what the XL stands for. As far as I know it simply means that this version has a longer rocker base which becomes the handle when pushing the trike.

The previous version was found by some users to be too short and a bit uncomfortable having to stoop a little when pushing along. Obviously this would have depended on the height of the person doing the pushing, so the extra height has hopefully solved this problem.

Getting back to the main features of the product and choosing the best bike for 2 year old kids. Starting with the rocker, which will be used in the earlier stages of the child’s development. In this mode the handle is lowered to form the rockers of the trike by bolting it through a hole in the front wheel and locking it in the process. This familiarizes the child with the feel of the bike seating and handlebars etc in preparation for the next stage.

Basically the bike grows as the child grows into the various modes. When you feel that the kid is ready for the next stage, unlock the wheel and bring the handle up to the parent push position. The toddler now has the choice to either pedal the bike or, have the parent pushing the handle and the toddler lay their feet on the foot rests.

Great for learning to handle the bike via the handlebar steering while still under the control of an adult before moving on to the last learning stage.

When both you and the toddler are happy with the progress made, it’s time to set them free by dismantling the push handle. Congratulations, your little one will now have completed the Rock, Roll and Ride course and ready to face the next challenge that life wants to throw at them.

Fisher Price Rock Roll n Ride Reviews

The first thing we notice is that there is a ton of Fisher Price Rock Roll n Ride reviews available to us. And bearing in mind what I mentioned above, this is all good news for us the consumer. It avoids us making similar mistakes and helps us make better choices when searching for the best bike for 2 year old children.

The reviews once again are very favorable for the bike which has been left by 642 users who have rated it at 4.3 from 5 stars.

On the whole the largest majority are delighted with their purchase and even more so with the low price paid for such a versatile toy. The only couple of disappointments I see are about the seat being possibly to far back making pedaling difficult and the wheels being plastic.

Regarding the pedaling problem I think once the kid grows up a bit the problem will solve itself. The plastic wheels I believe may be more irritating if the wheels were just spinning on a slippery floor.

One way to overcome this problem which was volunteered from another reviewer, suggested that once the bike had been used outdoors on rougher terrain it helped to alleviate the problem. With that suggestion, possibly roughening up the wheels a bit might help.

So there you have my second choice, the fisher price rock roll n ride trike which I think is an excellent buy for the money outlaid. Watch as the kids grow up with the various functions of the bike and also have as much control as you want until you feel happy with each stage of the progress made.

Radio Flyer 2 Year old Toddler Bike

Radio Flyer Toddler BikeSo your little toddler needs a bike if nothing else just to be the same as the rest of the local kids, but you think that they are too small just yet. A common enough scenario.

How do you ensure they have their own fun style transport while at the same time, feel comfortable enough with the situation? “Make a Compromise” and that compromise is the Radio Flyer Scoot-About toddler bike. While still providing a bike for the kid that they will be delighted with, you will also feel contented knowing they are safe when playing on a very stable bike with four wheels.

One of the questions asked regarding this particular Radio Flyer toddler bike was, “My daughter is 20 months, and is quite small (like trike right away?”. Now personally I think that’s a great question and I fully understand their concerns. Read the full question and the answers here if the topic interests you.

At the start of this post we did touch on the problem of trying to choose the right size of bike for the kids and the above question is typical of the problem. The answers given are equally good and indeed the Radio Flyer Scoot-About would make the ideal candidate for such a situation and was my reason for adding it to my list.

If indeed this bike was the one suitable for your kid let’s see what it will provide, apart from the 4 wheels with broad front wheels giving safer stability.

The 180 degrees steering will allow good easy maneuverability with is bike plus the bumper on the front will help protect the rider and the furniture in the early learning stages of riding.

The seat is easy to adjust to allow for the various heights the child will experience while growing up. This will allow it to be used for years to come while at the same time have the toddler gain the confidence and skills of bike riding. Learn more here

In the event that there are any careless parents around the home who are incapable of seeing this brightly colored red bike coming cruising towards them, then fortunately enough, the rider has a bell to ring to warn mindless parents.

Go faster streamers on the handle bars will give the illusion of speed for the kid, hopefully it is just an illusion and a good juncture to point out that all of these bike examples “DO NOT HAVE BRAKES”. Care should be taken when toddlers are playing outdoors that all possibilities of them being able to freewheel out of control onto a road should be eliminated.

Since the recommended ages for the Radio Flyer Scoot-About is from 1 to 3 years it would make a great candidate for the best bike for 2 year old kids list and more so if the child is small for its age.

Reviews left for it from almost 2000 users rated it 4.7 from 5 stars which are high marks. Find out more about the Radio Flyer toddler bike reviews for yourself.

Best Collapsible Fly Bike for 2 Year Old Kid

collapsible bikeWhen do you wish you had a collapsible bike? When taking the kid’s over to the grandparents of course or even nipping across town to visit friends. I’m sure you can conjure up your own situations where such a toy was available never mind a kid’s bike.

So for my number 4 candidate in the best bike for 2 year old toddler is this foldable bicycle which has the funny name of “Fly Bike”. Don’t know why they gave it that name unless they mean, take it with you when flying off on vacation with the kids. Sure I can see that being the case.

Quite a few reviews I have read about the fold up Fly Bike mention that they wish they had bought it sooner, that’s how happy they were with it. Plus they thought that the toddler could have ridden it easily enough way under 2 years, possible around 18 months.

Riding this small 3 wheeled bike is easy and great for building the kids motor skills. There will be no need to dig out the tool box with this small folding bike as it simply needs unfolding and is ready to go.

How many times have you seen an independent toddler struggling to carry a bike over obstacles? I have and if you ever have the opportunity to see this for yourself, you’ll know that it’s time to grab the ornaments and anything else that may be in the road. The image of the kid carrying this folded up bike is safer by far and a whole lot easier.

Reviews for the Fly Bike Portable Bicycle

As with the others in my best bikes list the reviews left for the Fly Bike are again excellent having ratings of 4.5 from stars coming from the 253 users. I don’t see another similar collapsible bike for kids around and do think that the makers (Chromo Inc) have come up with a great little product here.

There were some questions about the sizes of the portable bike and I did notice quite a bit of differences in the dimensions given by reviewers. Possibly the product sellers didn’t have the sizes on the page at the time because they are clearly stated now.

They are – Folded Size; 18 inches x 6.5 inches x 3.5 inches.

Open Sizes; 18 inches x 20 inches x 13 inches.

The Weight is; 3.75 Lbs.

Just one point to add to the Fly Bike review before moving on to my final choice is. Bear in mind that this bike is small and may not be suitable for a child once they are aged over 3 years. That will of course depend on their individual size as you know some will grow up quicker than others.

In saying that, at the time of writing the price is under $40, how much is the value of being able to throw the kid’s bike into the car or into a bag for carrying for that matter. Each of you will have your own thoughts so I leave it with you to reach a decision that suits your needs best.

Check out the Fly Bike here.

Radio Flyer Pink Tricycle – Bike for 2 Year Old Girl

radio flyer pink tricycleWould any list be complete without a bike suitable for the little Princesses in our lives? Would I dare to leave out what I thought was the best bike for a 2 year old little Princess? Don’t think so! For that spot and for my fifth choice I have chosen the Radio Flyer pink tricycle which I recommend to be worth looking at. Being a 4 in 1 trike it will take the kid through from under a year up to a 5 year old.

The first thing you will notice when visiting the Radio Flyer toddler bike product description page, (See it here) is a long winded story all about the “Radio Flyer” company. A lot of back slapping and all about themselves to start with. If you’re like me, then what we want to know is if their product was going to be suitable for my kid or whoever’s kid I was buying the product for.

Anyway that out of the way the bike will fit the bill of many parents and grandparents who are looking for a suitable bike for their daughter/granddaughter. In the all-time favorite color of pink (Red if you wish) the company call this the “grow-with-me trike. 4-in-1 tricycle for children 9 months to 5 years”. This makes it not just a tricycle for a 2 year old toddler but also for a baby of 9 months and a 5 year old kid ready for school.

Kind of surprised that Radio Flyer don’t provide accessories for their bikes much the same as the range from Hello Kitty that are available to their fans.

Kids do like to add things like bells, streamers, lights and even a doll carrier attachment, well the girls do anyway. Just the same as the boys like accessories that imitates vehicle sounds.

The phases of use for the Radio Flyer pink trike are:

1) – Stroller – with the child being pushed along by the rear adjustable handle while enclosed in a harness with hood for protection. The front tray holds the child’s drinking cup and is wrapped around for added protection.

2) – Steering trike – Pushed along with pedals locked as foot rests.

3) – Moves on to the learn to ride the trike stage with the headrest removed

4) – And finally the typical tricycle with push handle removed which the child can ride freely.

Throughout these stages various components of the Radio Flyer 4 in 1 trike can be removed, pedals unlocked and the seat adjusted to suit the child’s size during growth.

View more details for the Radio Flyer here.

Radio Flyer Reviews – Is it a Suitable Bike for a 2 Year Old

There have been 648 Radio Flyer 4 in 1 trike reviews left by users, giving us once again a good overview of the quality and failings of this product. It helps us to evaluate it and whether we include it in the best bike for 2 year old kids list. The ratings work out at 4.3 from 5 stars which are very acceptable.

From the 648 reviews 409 of those have given it the full 5 star rating and at the other end of the scale 33 gave it 1 star.

There are good comments and reviews such as “Well-Built and Versatile”, “Really a gem!”, “More than I hoped for” and many more with similar views. Other less favorable reviews are “We liked this trike except for the fact that you can’t really fit it in the trunk of the car” and “lost one part trying to put it together …useless, and even the radio flyer website the part isn’t available to replace”

The first complaint about the size perhaps could have been avoided if the sizes were taken into account before purchase. The sizes incidentally are (19.9 x 35 x 40.8 inches). A good case for the Fly Bike portable bicycle mentioned previously which could also be purchased and used when travelling.

The second refers to the Radio Flyer Company not being very helpful with supplying a missing part. Not very good especially after all the backslapping on the product description page that I mention earlier.

So basically the choice is yours alone. From the two negative reviews we learn two things. Measure things up first and make sure you don’t lose any components when carrying out the assembly.

Now I’m sure you have a good idea of what to look for when choosing the best bike for 2 year old kids. If you need to do more research, Click Here to See More Choices

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