Golden Vantage Range Hood Review

wall mount range hood

Made from stainless steel the Golden Vantage range hood is a 30 inch wide model. Model, number GV-R01-75 is an under cabinet range hood and is rated highly among range hoods at the Amazon shopping site.

Being a wall mount range hood it will make a good fit for many kitchens and in particular for those who like the modern European styling.

Read more of the Golden Vantage GV-R01-75 review.

DS1303 Air King Range Hoods Review

air king range hoods

The Air King range hoods number DS1303 are contemporary models. the DS1303 is an under cabinet hood that has a powerful motor which is well priced.

It’s from the Designer Series and is one of their most popular range hoods that are currently for sale. Read the review for a more in depth report.

Cool 2 Blade Ceiling Fan Review

sparta cool ceiling fans

View a selection of 3 reviews of the 2 blade ceiling fan complete with a comparison chart with all the relevant information and itemized side by side.

Not sure how to install a fan? No problem. Video goes into every detail in well explained stages.

Storage Carts On Wheels Reviews

Five Tiered Wire Cart on Wheels

There are many versions of storage carts on wheels that could be added to this list. In this selection there is something for most members of the family, although I’m sure it could be added to.

Storage carts suitable for gardeners, work and home office, members of the family who are of the Arty type, carts suitable for home storage and even to suit the mechanic or home handyman.

Check it out and see if what you’re looking for is in there.

Robot Coupe R2N and Robot Coupe CL60 Food Processor Review

robot coupe r2n

What a combination with the Robot Coupe R2N and the Robot Coupe CL60 food processor we have in this review.

If it’s a more heavy duty type of food processor you require more information on, take a look at whats on this page.

Whether it be for commersial use or for the larger home, these two items would fit the bill.

Coast HP21 LED Torch Light Review

Coast Torches

A Led torch light will have come to the rescue of many who have found themselves in an unplanned tricky situation.

Whether it is having had all the electric power cut of through a storm, or as can also happen, when the car decides to breakdown in some dark out of town area.

The Coast HP21 flashlight is what you would want to have by your side in just such a predicament.

Mini Food Processor Reviews

Ninja Express Chop MIni Food Processor

Listed here are 5 mini food processor reviews that will prove useful to anyone planning on buying one. The models featured are the:

Cuisinart DLC-2ABC Mini Food Processor
Cuisinart SG-10 Mini Processor Spice-and-Nut Grinder
Kidco Babysteps Mini Processors
Ninja Express Chop Mini Food Processor
Ninja Master Prep Food Processor (QB900B)

The review figures from those users who have decided to leave a review are way above average for these models and should be on your short list.