Battery Operated Portable Heater

Although the battery operated portable heater that many folk seek out might disappoint, there are options that will do the job intended very well. For example there are outdoor types using hand and body heaters and are very happy how they perform at keeping them nice and warm. Even battery powered coffee heaters can be great

White Christmas Tree Skirt

I have decided to treat our Xmas tree with a Christmas present this year and that is a new white Christmas tree skirt. My old I have been keeping for sentimental reasons, but this year we are treating ourselves. There are plenty to choose from although not that many in white and the right size. I

Red 4 Slice Toaster

Attempting to keep all the kitchen appliances in the same color scheme can be a challenge although a challenge that’s worthwhile. The red 4 slice toaster is just one example of the problem. Not only finding the right color of toaster, but also one that will do everything you want. This post features a selection of 4

Fire Pit Coffee Table

Find advice about what to consider when buying your first fire pit coffee table and reviews about the HOT models that we recommend. Makes and models such as the Outdoor Greatroom Montego and Naples to the Strathwood ST. Thomas and Strathwood Whidbey. These models would make great starters for anyone thinking about creating their fire pit

Battery Powered Leaf Blower

The battery powered leaf blower can be a great power tool to have to hand when tidying up the yard. This go anywhere leaf blower is lighter and cleaner to use than the gas version and provides the freedom to use far from a power point. Models featured on this post are the Earthwise Model 24322,

Best Portable Car Heater

Funny how you just take things for granted. This is what I found while researching for what the best portable car heater was. My friend had asked me the question and I thought, no problem I will have the answer in a day or so. I had never thought how difficult it would be to attempt

Snow Shovel for Car

Without doubt, a snow shovel for car driving in wintery conditions simply makes sense. Having it tucked away in the trunk for an unforeseen emergency such as being stuck in heavy snow will prove a blessing. Nowadays we can find versions that are compact and collapsible although care must be taken when buying to ensure that